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How To Access Kindle Books On Amazon

download kindle books on ipad.

I just bought an ipad and got a kindle app for it, I was thinking that I could buy books on the app, but it only gives me access to my library… which contains nothing. How do I buy kindle books and then have them transferred to my ipad?


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14 thoughts on “How To Access Kindle Books On Amazon

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  3. Mi Kindle que he comprado en Amazon esta excelente y estoy muy contenta de él, tanto que también he comprado uno para regalar, un excelente regalo por poco dinero, mi amiga esta fascinada con su nuevo dispositivo, pude leer en cualquier lugar, sin interrupciones y es como leer un libro de verdad pero sin papel y peso.

  4. Kindle Accidental Purchase

  5. It’s depend upon the model and features and starting from $79 – $199.

  6. just plug it into your pc and transfer

  7. Since you are buying the Kindle, I’ll recommend you to read this review. It is the best one I’ve ever read:

  8. $139 for a brand new one.

  9. Un Kindle es siempre muy útil porque es más fácil disfrutar de la lectura sin tener que llevar demasiado peso, en Amazon hay la mejor oferta de estos dispositivos fantásticos y al mejor precio como se puede ver en este link

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    How Many Times can you read a Kindle Book.

    I am considering getting a Kindle. I read somewhere that there is a limited # of times an e book can be read on a single device. This is to discourage people from sharing books. Any truth to this? I know they can only be downloaded a certain # of times.

    No, you can read an e-book on a single Kindle device for an unlimited time. Limit is only put on how many Kindle device you can share your Amazon account (which in turn can share the e books bought in the account across multiple Kindles). You can see the answer of “How many Kindles can I use to access titles in my library?” here: own the Kindle 2, and I’ve given my opinions on whether it is worth buying in a previous answer here:, Amazon just announced a price slash on the Kindle 2 recently, and it is now $60 cheaper than the price I bought my Kindle. So don’t miss the chance.Hope it helps 🙂 Good amharic books

    Kindle books transfer.

    If I have a iPad with kindle app. And want to buy a kindle. Can I transfer them to the kindle if so how?

    You would just put in your same amazon account that you used when purchasing books on your ipad into your new kindle when setting up, and then will be able to access all the books you purchased. Some book publishers put restrictions on the number of devices a book can be on at once (generally 1 purchased book can be downloaded onto up to 5 devices).If your still in the market for a kindle you might check out the refurbished generation 2 deal amazon is offering for just $110 shipped including free 3g access:…Or you could opt for the latest kinde 3. The kindle 3 has a slightly better display, web browser and smaller form factor, but more expensive (especially if you want 3g):…Anyways good luck!

    Renting a Libary book on my kindle.

    When you rent a book on your kindle dose it go back to the Libary by itself or do you have to return it manually? And if you have to return it manually, how?

    At my library we use OverDrive, and you don’t have to return the books manually, after the checkout period the file expires and you can’t access it on your Kindle any longer. You can return it early by logging into your Amazon account, going to Manage my Kindle, and going to your Kindle library. There should be a list of books in your Kindle library and on the right there is a button called “Actions”. One of those actions is to return the library book.If your library uses OverDrive, it should work the same way. Check with your librarian to find out.

    after buying ebooks how do i tranfer to my kindle.

    I just bought a kindle and purchased books on amazon, now how do i pull them up in my kindle

    If your Kindle can connect via Wi-fi all you will need to do is to connect to your Amazon account and access your library from there. If you have one that does not connect, you will have to upload from your Amazon account via your computer (download to your computer,and then upload to your device).

    How do you return books on your Amazon Kindle.

    How do you return books for your money on your Amazon Kindle?I know that after you purchase them they ask if this is an accidental purchase, but I didn’t realize it til it was too late…How do I return it for my money back? It’s my mom’s card and she knew I accidentally did that…but it bugs me…

    “Any content you purchase for Kindle from the Kindle Store is eligible for return and refund if we receive your request within 7 days of the date of purchase. Once a refund is issued, you will no longer have access to the item. To request a refund and return, click the Customer Service button in the Contact Us box in the right-hand column of this page to reach us via phone or e-mail. Please make sure to include the title of the item you wish to return in your request.”This is the page I was on.…I hope this helps!

    How much is an amazon kindle..

    I really want an amazon kindle. I need to know about how much one of them costs in stores. I also wanted to know if anyone knows if it costs to get books on the kindle. Thank you sooo much for anyone who responds 🙂

    Kindles cost from $139 to $379 however they’re not the best eReader’s on the market now and Amazon’s book store is not the best place to get books either.Get Nook (3G or Wi-Fi) or or Nook Color (Wi-Fi) from or any Barnes & Noble physical store or BestBuy or Walmart. 3G means the internet connection is included for free for the life of the device thus you can download a new book even when you’re walking on the street. Wi-Fi means that you need to have access to wireless hotspot – one example would be any Barnes & Noble store that provide free Wi-Fi to Nook’s or at your home. There’s over a million of free public ebooks as well as over a million of ebooks that you need to pay for available through Barnes & Noble eBook store. Prices are generally much lower than for physical books.Nook wins.- Nook allows to lend books for 2 weeks to friends or to your other devices that run B&N app. Barnes & Noble allows (when you walk in with the Nook to B&N store) to read any available eBook for free while in the store via free provided in the store Wi-Fi. With Nook, while in BN store you get exclusive articles from top authors, and great offers including cafe treats and unique deals.- Nook Color is better as a color e-Reader than Kindle simply because it has color and Kindle is black and white. Content that greatly benefits from color – such as kids books and magazines – looks much better and sharper on Nook Color’s screen.- Nook Color is better as an e-Reader in general than iPad. It has a new generation screen which is anti-glare coated and is better performing in sunlight than iPad’s. Also, as it’s smaller in size than iPad, the text appears sharper on Nook’s screen. Also it has 12,000 (more soon) kids books that are built as a game with feedback.- Nook Color has been picked as the editors choice by PC Magazine while pro reviewers of other sites (CNET, ZDNet, Engadget, AllThingsDigital, etc.) mentioned that it tested to be pretty fast for apps and PDF’s, and has a beautiful screen.- Overall, Nook Color is more than e-Reader as you can also watch video and use Android applications on it. It’s a hybrid device, much more than just an e-Reader but not a full tablet as it doesn’t have a camera. If all you want is to read novels, Kindle (or the original e-Ink Nook) might be better for you. If you want something more from your device at half of the price of iPad or Galaxy tab, then Nook Color is your best bet.- Nook (unlike Kindle) can be used for library ebooks.- Nook (unlike Kindle) can be used for renting text-ebooks.

    How to access books on Audible app.

    I own audio books on kindle, but can only access them on my laptop. I’ve downloaded Audible app, but after signing in it says I own no books. How do I access my books?

    Did you register the audible app to the same Amazon account? And you have a valid credit or debit card in that Amazon account?If so, then got to your Amazon site with a browser.Pick menu Your Account… Manage Your Content and DevicesThen you see a list of Amazon content your account ownsPick SHOW: AudiobooksFind the Audiobook you purchased. Click the […] (dot dot dot) next to itPick DeliverChoose your newly registered app

    Amazon Kindle………

    Are there any books on amazon I can download to my kindle for free? Also how do I download movies on my kindle… and music. (: thanks

  11. Don’t worry. You can read as many times as you want for the Kindle book. On your Kindle you need to login your Amazon account first, then it will show all the books you bought in your account. Amazon discourages people from sharing books only by not allowing you to share books in your Amazon account to another person’s Amazon account.

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  13. you cant return it, like you cant return a song on Itunes you cant return one on here either

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