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How Does The Series Of Unfortunate Events Books End

What happened at the end of the book series: A Series of Unfortunate Events.

I never read the last few books, is it worth reading the last few? How did it end?

If I were you, I would read the last few, because almost everything gets explained.Here’s what happened:1.) Count Olaf dies after being shot with a harpoon dart. Before he dies, Count Olaf kissed Kit Snicket, saying that he had always loved her.2.) Quigley managed to get to his siblings, the Quagmires. However, eagles sent by Count Olaf destroyed their mobile home. As the siblings spiraled to the ground, the Great Unknown, represented by a large question mark, swallowed them up. That’s the end for the Quagmire’s. No one knows if they were either rescued or killed.3.) The Incredibly Deadly Viper came with Kit, and rescued the Baudelaires the antidote to the Medusoid Mycenium, which is an apple.4.) The whole series ends with the Baudelaires, after being stranded on an island, decided to return to the mainland after spending about a year on the island. The story did not cover them actually landing, just that they were deciding. It is unclear if the Baudelaires survived the trip or taken by the Great Unknown.I really hope you read the end, because it’s really amazing and well written.

How many of the books does A Series of Unfortunate Events the movie cover.

I really want to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events but I am currently reading the 7th book and do not want the ending to be soiled for me.

You are certainly free to watch it. It covers the first 3 books. The one wierd thing about it though is that the ending of the first story is the overall ending of all three stories in the movie, The movie is only okay. You can’t really compare it to the books, but Jim Carey and Mereyl Strepe were good in it. Free zane books online

A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Can anyone give me details about the ending of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ because I don’t understand what happened in the end. Like:Who is Beatrice?Do the Baudelaire’s names ever get cleared?What is V.F.D really about?Do they ever see the Quagmire triplets again?You don’t have to answer these…

Most things at the end of the book were not answered because I think that’s how Lemony Snicket wanted the series to end. He wanted us to think of what happened to the Baudelaire’s, what VFD means, etc.Beatrice was the Baudelaire’s mother and the woman that Lemony Snicket loved, but for reasons unknown she left him. They named Kit’s baby after their mother.There were references before that hinted that the Baudelaire’s lived to be adults. This website might also help you: hope some of this helps…

Who was upset about the ending of the thirteenth Series of Unfortunate Events book.

I really felt like a lot was left hanging. I was hoping for some answers. True, a few things got answered (like now we understand who Beatrice is… and perhaps why Lemony Snicket “researched” and wrote the stories in the first place), but overall, I was pretty disappointed when I finished the book.How…

I agree, it leaves ALOT hanging… it doesnt explain what happened to the Quagmire triplets, all it says is they were either swallowed up or rescued by the “mysterious thing.” it also doesnt say what the mysterious thing is, it just says it looked like a big question mark… it also doesnt say what happened to the other people on the island that left the Baudelaires behind, it says Ink swam to them with an apple, but it doesnt say if they were saved or if they died…But, a page after the end of the 13th chapter, it has that little thing about Brett Helquist and Lemony Snicket, and under Lemony Snickets, it says “Lemony Snicket is the author of all 170 chapters of A Series of Unfortunate Events. He is almost finished.” He is almost finished could mean there might be another book on the way…Also, at the end of the 14th chapter there is a picture of the ocean, but in the ocean is a black question mark… it could also indicate something else coming…But, i was a little dissappointed in the ending..

How does “A Series of Unfortunate Events” end.

I was always a big fan of the movie, “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. I know it’s based off of the first three books of a thirteen book series, and I’m upset they never made other movies. Well, I don’t want to read them all, because I’m sixteen, and I know those books are not considered…

A Series of Unfortunate Events is as real “literature” as any other book. And who cares if someone sees you reading it? Why not read at home then? As for being “so old and stuff”, so are every book you’re forced to read in English class, so that doesn’t really make sense.Anyway, the ending of the series won’t really make sense to you because it incorporates a lot of content that was introduced and revealed way beyond the third book. I guess I could summarize it like this:The Baudelaires and Olaf get stuck on an island after the events of the 12th book. After a while, Kit Snicket (Lemony Snicket’s sister, who met the Baudelaires in the 11th book) washes up on shore and it is revealed she is pregnant.Stuff happens, and near the end, Ishmael, the island facilitator, shoots a harpoon through Olaf’s stomach, also shattering a helmet of Medusoid Mycelium (an extremely deadly fungus, featured heavily in the 11th book) he was using to disguise himself as Kit. Everyone on the island is infected.Only horseradish can cure those infected, and the Baudelaires learned that their parents cultivated hybrid apples which contained horseradish on the same island many years ago. They cure themselves, but cannot give one to Kit, because throughout the book it’s mentioned that eating it has an unhealthy effect on unborn babies. Olaf dies from the harpoon wound, and then Kit dies from the fungus, just after giving birth.At this point, the islanders have already left (long story), so the Baudelaires raise Kit’s baby, whom they name Beatrice, alone on the island for several years.In the very last chapter (the special “Chapter 14”, where every other book only had 13 chapters), the Baudelaires and Beatrice finally leave the island, heading into the seas unknown.

how did a series of unfortunate events book 13 end.

Count Olaf and Kit both die and are buried on the Island. There is another interesting detail that we learn, but it is such a great twist that you should read it for yourself.

How exactly does the Series of Unfortunate Events by Leminy snicket end.

My brother hid the book from me, so I can’t read it, and it was the last book 14, how does it end? Happy, or sad?

There is no 14th book, so if you read the 13th, that’s where it ends…but if you just got the numbers messed up…it’s ends happily, albeit anticlimactically.SPOILER: They go to an island…yadda yadda…Kit Snicket and Count Olaf die. The children keep Kit’s baby and live on the island, naming it Beatrice. They then leave the island and the series ends.

How did the Series of Unfortunate Events end.

I read books 1-12 and I know all that happens. The fire , Count olaf all that stuff.. I never got to read the 13th and have been putting it off.. So how did the last book go? I know that Count Olaf dies ,. But what else? Anybody read it amd want to give me a very detailed summary

Why not just read the book yourself? I read the books years ago and can’t remember exactly, but it basically ended with the kids realizing that life wasn’t always going to be happy, that bad things were going to happen and they were going to have to learn to deal with it.Also, Kit died and left her baby and the kids had to take care of it. I can’t remember much else outside of that.

How does 13th book of THE SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS book end.

Unexpectedly, Count Olaf kisses Kit Snicket, apparently for the second time. However, Count Olaf dies, and so does Kit while giving birth to her daughter on the island. After a year has passed, Violet, Klaus, Sunny, and Kit’s daughter Beatrice leave the island, not knowing what surprises the world would have in store for them.P.S. The story wasn’t the best story, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I just expected more explanations in Lemony Snicket’s mysteries. But I guess not all mysteries can be solved….P.P.S. What the person above me said is not true!! Well, half of it. They did visit his grave, but they DON’T get their fortune. Actually, it doesn’t say anything about that, so basically we have no idea.

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25 thoughts on “How Does The Series Of Unfortunate Events Books End

  1. Sad happy mixture. Kit gives birth to Olaf’s child, and the Baudelaires take care of him on the island. In the epilogue, they start planning to leave the island and look for civilization. Olaf does die.

  2. It was horrible! It gave you no answers about the fight and the sugar bowl and all the stuff. The series was a complete waste of time in my opinion.

  3. This is all from memory, it was a while ago that I read them!

  4. Beatrice is Lemony Snickets wife.[DELDUP()]

  5. i stopped reading the books. the last book i read was the story about the bird cage and twins. i would like to continue but the books became boring.sorry, can’t help you.

  6. Yeah, you should. The kids eventually leave the island they’re on, though.

  7. [/DELDUP]

  8. I hate cliffhangers.

  9. VFD is the people trying to stop the fire being set to the houses etc.

  10. This cliffhanger was good but it’s still a cliffhanger.

  11. Covers books 1-3

  12. surprisingly anti-climatic

  13. No, and i would no longer revel in it if there used to be one. Its “A sequence Of unlucky activities” so they might be anticipated to be unhappy. I have the usual replica kind, and it matches with the leisure of the books. You’ll find why its that method by way of studying “The Beatrice Letters” incorporated with the poster. It explains lots.

  14. Count Olaf dies 🙂 And I always suggest finishing a series once you read it.

  15. Their names aren’t cleared.

  16. Where do I begin? the ending wasn’t great and it didn’t explain much to finish it off.Kit has ere baby and then Olaf dies and the orphans are stuck with the baby.

  17. I felt sad that the series had ended however, there was a lot that need explaining like what was that question mark submarine and what is the fate of the Quagmire Triplets. I suspect that Lemony will write another series cause in his interview, Handler said that Lemony will still ‘hang around’.

  18. It definitely includes the first three but I don’t think that any of the other books were included in the film. Even though it would be good if they were. 🙂

  19. They don’t say whether they see the triplets again.

  20. well Count Olaf dies and the Baudelaire orphans visit his grave every now and then. they also get the fortune and there lives are basically turning around

  21. Well i don’t know i am reading the first book right now but i have seen the cover of the thirteenth book well it really don’t have one it just says this picture is to creepy or something.

  22. properly, count variety Olaf dies, equipment Snicket dies, and equipment additionally has a newborn. the toddler is named Beatrice and the infants enhance her. It replaced into so surprising I study it in 2 days, tell her to study it. it is far extra exciting that way.

  23. i read the first one, then stopped. found the books boring.

  24. No, and that i could not experience it if there was one. Its “a chain Of unlucky activities” so as that they could be expected to be unhappy. I incredibly have the time-honored duplicate style, and it fits with the entertainment of the books. you will locate why its that approach via way of interpreting “The Beatrice Letters” included with the poster. It explains lots.

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