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How To Delete Books From Kindle Library

How Do I remove books from my kindle.

My library allows me to check out books through my kindle. When they are returned they disappear off of everything except my actual kindle. How can I remove these? I cant open them and read them either, they just sit there. Yes I have already tried going through amazon and deleting them that way.

On a kindle with a 5way buttons, highlight the book, and press the left arrow button, delete will be clickable under the book

How do I put deleted kindle books back in my kindle library.

I know it’s weird. On my first kindle I bought a book, that I hate now and I deleted it(It didn’t competly go away and it disappeared from my library at amazon). Then when I got the kindle fire it appeared again! I learned a great way of permentaly deleting books, but it requires for the book to be in my…

Nope, can’t get back deleted stuff to the library…Good luck!

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How do I return a library book from my Kindle.

I downloaded a book from my school’s e-library and chose the 14-day lending period. I’ve finished it but my lending period doesn’t expire for another week. I deleted it off of my Kindle but I don’t know how to return it to my school library? Help?

Don’t worry about it. Whether it’s on your Kindle or not, the book’s lending period will simply expire.

how do I delete a book from my kindle on my computer.

I downloaded a dirty book on my kindle and I didnt remember until I let my sister have it, thankfully it was dead when I gave it to her. But if anyone knows if I can delete that book from my kindle on my computer please tell me!! I reaaalllly don’t want her to see it! :'(

You don’t have to deactivate your account. If you want to do it remotely, log on to, and there’s a pull down menu on below the sign in thing that says ‘your account’. Go to ‘manage your kindle’ , then beside the book you want to delete click ‘actions’ and then ‘delete from library’. Now, this will delete it off your device, but i’m not sure if it will delete it from the cloud, so it may or may not still be in your archives and theres no way to empty that.

How do I delete the archived titles on my Kindle.

To delete books under Archived shelf, you have to go to your Kindle library on Amazon. But this will delete the books permanently at the same time.How to delete Kindle books.…

How do you delete books and apps off the Kindle Fire Cloud.

I just got a Kindle Fire and I know how to delete items from Device but I want to delete them off the Cloud tab. Thank you!

To delete most items from your Kindle Fire, press and hold the item and tap “Remove from Device” or “Delete.”To permanently remove a title from your Kindle account (this is the only way you can have an item not show via the Cloud on your Kindle Fire):1. Locate the item you wish to delete in the Your Kindle Library section of Manage Your Kindle on you PC/MAC ( Click on “Delete from Library” in the “Actions” menu to permanently remove the title.After the title is removed from your account, you will no longer have access to re-download this title unless you re-purchase it. Existing copies of this title already on your device must be manually removed. Once you delete your books/apps from your device, go to settings and select sync, this will sync your Kindle with your account (cloud) and you should no longer see what you deleted from your Kindle.Have a great day.

how do i delete from kindle cloud.

Since the Kindle Cloud is all of the Kindle books your account owns…The only way to delete from the Kindle Cloud is to fully delete the ebook from your library. That means the book will be GONE as if you never bought it but you WILL NOT get your money back. You are totally discarding the book. If you ever want it again, you have to buy it again.You go to the Manage Your Kindle page at Amazon (requires login). There you will find a list of all of your Kindle purchases. Find the ebook in the list then to the right use the dropdown menu to “Delete from Library”Here is the Manage Your Kindle page at Amazon US cases:If you bought the book less than 7 days ago you can select Refund at Manage Your Kindle (warning – do not abuse this feature – I know someone who was banned from Amazon for abusing returns)If it is a borrowed Library book, find it on the Manage Your Kindle page and choose whatever they have for returning a library book.

A question for Kindle users.

I have been trying to permanently delete some books from my archive. going to manage kindle page and clicking on action tab on right then click on delete from library….then NOTHING happens. How do I delete these things???

Turn the Kindle on. Click on the title you want to delete. Then using The button under the menu button, the one with the four arrows, press the right arrow and a menu comes up. Bottom of the list is the Delete Book command

How how do you delete books from kindle fire cloud.

It isn’t on the on the device,but when I go to cloud it is still right there.please help me cause this problem is gettung annoying.Thank you!!!!

haha, if you had a book from the library you could just return, and if you bought a book you could sell it or donate it. but if farting around with technology when you just want to curl up with the soft, sweet smelling pages of book floats your boat, then who am I to stop you?

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  1. you press delete button to delete a ebook.

  2. How do you delete books and apps off the Kindle Fire Cloud?

  3. There are many types of kindles. You have to say which one you have.

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  5. Then you go up to where you adjust volume and connect to wi-fi then you hit more. Click my account and then DEREGISTER! Then simply reregistrr and sign back in !

  6. This Site Might Help You.

  7. Throw it at a wall.

  8. If you have a non-touch Kindle, use the directional cursor or stick to highlight the book in the book list. Now press the directional cursor or stick to the left and accept the delete.

  9. I just got a Kindle Fire and I know how to delete items from Device but I want to delete them off the Cloud tab. Thank you!

  10. If you have a touch Kindle, hold down your finger on the name of the book in the book list and you will get some choices including delete.

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  12. Hey so the sync action didn’t work for me the way you can delete from the cloud first on the site go my account …. then scroll down the page where is says apps… it should list your apps…delete them

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  16. You can’t remove it from the kindle remotely. You can delete it from your amazon account, but the book stays on the kindle. You have to snatch it from her and delete it there.

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