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How To Draw Fashion Books

how to draw a fashion doll.

how to draw a doll like in fashion designing classes like a manikin or something are there any sites on here for that?? plz help

Hi I found this site with all kinds of info and Fashion related tutorials/classes: list of all the things you can learn on that site is here:…Specifically about Drawing for Fashion:…AND their website provides some free poses to download and use to draw your own fashions on top of: are also alot of good books like:Figure Drawing for Fashion Design by E. DrudiandFashion Artist: Drawing Techniques to Portfolio Presentation (Fashion Design Series) by Sandra Burkethat you can order on if you search for “Fashion Sketching”

do you know any good illistrated books that could teach me how to draw fashion designs.

prefably the book needs to be for teens- easy for beginners!! please help- i really want to be a fashion designer . i just need to know the basics of drawing the model and outfits ,, then i could draw a perfect fashion ddesign. feel free to add links and please clearly show what the book is called……..thanks…

Check out the link below it’s an old book but it’s a real good book.

Motivational books free

How to draw fashion sketches.

Hi. I design and make clothes. I want to be the next Dior or Chanel. I’m only 15. I recently started a design sketch book and my mentor told me that when i draw it looks like im 12 drawing a candy land girl. When i look at professional sketches there lines are flowing and curvy. How can i get my drawings to…

Well, it could help you to look at professional sketches while you draw and work on copying them – you could even trace them just for practice. You could also just practice drawing curvy lines by themselves – that way you can start to develop a more flowing hand, which will transfer into your fashion sketches.. As for new ideas, you could start with a theme – say … vegetables – and come up with pieces around that theme. Eggplant-colored top, anyone? Skirt with fabric that looks like corn husks? Hehe! Well, good luck!

If you have used How to Draw Manga books.

I need books to help me with drawing:-Bishounen Boys-Bisouju Girls-Anatomy-Battles-Clothing (mainly just casual/fashion clothing)Will these books cover this? Are their any I can leave out?If you have used any of these what do you think, and which categories I listed did they help with?Manga…

I got the book called “How to draw more manga” many years ago from a book order from the elementary school I went to 🙂 . It did cover some anatomy mostly the face and was a very good book. I have no idea what bishounen/bisouju means so I can’t help you there 🙁

how to draw a fashion model.

how to draw a fashion model because i want to draw a fashion design

You’re probably going to want to start with learning how to draw the human body. It doesn’t have to be too detailed since you’re going to be putting clothes on it anyway, just make sure you’ve got the major stuff (limbs, torso, head, hands, feet, etc.). You can easily find good tutorials on the internet if you search on google (ex. human body tutorial) or look for books at your local library. Once you’ve got the body down, just draw the clothing on top. This part is best coming from your imagination, since they’re your designs. You can look for some inspiration though, or some tutorials on how to draw fabrics. Unless you want to add make-up, you don’t have to have a face (trust me it’s easier not to), but you should definitely keep the head on for things like hair and accessories. The more orignal details you have, the better it’ll look. With some practice, you should be great! Have fun!

how to draw a fashion figure.

Well I’m only 13 and don’t have much money to buy and books or anything but I’m really interested into doing fashion drawings… but I want to know how to draw the figure first. Please help???

Browse through the links provided to learn how to draw figures in fashion designing :…… — videos on the sameHere are a few sites/videos to teach you how to draw in fashion designing.… — fashion drawing for beginners – video — drawing tips & tutorials as well as fashion… — showcasing lots of designs/ — to learn graphic drawing & designingYou could try this template collection website – http://www.templatecollection.net — lots of free graphic images to download. these helpHave fun 🙂

How to draw anime books.

I’m going into the city on saturday and I would like to buy a How to Draw Anime book or something of that nature. I always thought it was Amazing how people can draw like that. What is a good book that will really teach my how to do that? I’m a pretty good drawer, but my problem is I can never just…. come…

Though the “How to Draw” series is good, you’re better off just watching your favorite anime or buying a few dozen manga and studying the lines one by one to train yourself to knowing the visual style.If you’re insistent on buying a book, I’d start with “Manga Techniques Volume 1”. It has all the basics of the manga style including what types of instruments professionals use to create their manga.Nothing’s going to replace good, old-fashioned practice, but it’s a good start.P.S. Anime = Animation style (such as the cartoons); Manga = Comic booksUnless you plan to animate it, try for a more manga-esque style. It looks better to the eye in paneling. Good luck!

what book can teach me how to draw fashion designs for a beginner.. please help…

i realy want to be a fashion designer but i need to know how excactly to draw the outfits and the model so i can make a perfect design. if you have any good links please add them . also could you tell me the title – thanks x

Here are a few sites/videos to teach you how to draw in fashion……………Learn how to sketch and draw clothes online :………Hope these get you startedAll the very best & enjoy 🙂

good how to draw Fashion design Books.

So im really into drawing fashion designs. But i need some help to better my drawings. I want to know if anybody knows of any good how to draw fashion books . I really need step by step books to show me. I really need to learn hot to draw fashion figures, Clothes, and how to draw shading, and drapping. But i need…

I agree about studying the underlying figure first, but once you are comfortable drawing the figure, I would recommend books about drawing the draped figure. One book that covers that in great detail is “Dynamic Wrinkles & Drapery” by Burne Hogarth. Lee Hammond’s book “How to Draw Lifelike Portraits from Photographs” touches on this subject as well. These are not fashion design books, but they will help in understanding drapery.

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  1. Mr. Sia is quite comprehensive and you can fully follow along his entire drawing process. If you want to see each step in how his drawings are deposit, you’ll find them. There are numerous great recommendations and tricks on shading and taking down challenging pieces like hair. The procedure map gives you a birds-eye view of the drawing method and the exercises involve some extra valuable information.

  2. Drawing, even if is a fantastic hobby and a good way to spend the full time, can be quite a actually difficult job and this really is way you need this information from here , Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery so that you can begin with the right foot.

  3. Practice life drawing and still life as it’ll improve your overall drawing abilities. This will give you overall knowledge of the human body so you can easily draw those curvy lines and shapes. Then you should start looking in magazines at models etc and make up your own fashion drawing style, most styles have longer proportioned legs than a regular human.

  4. Draw Barbie..elongated legs, slender. That’s the look.

  5. Also there are a lot of art instruction online. A lot of them are on YouTube, but there are others as well. Here are a few:

  6. Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery is an ideal allied to make the perfect draw.

  7. Don’t lengthen the torso just like that. Start by making the lower leg about a headlength and a half and the upper leg about two headlengths long. And see how it looks. Learn proportion because it is very important but then exaggerate it. Even photographs are doctored these days — the girls don’t really look like that.

  8. I would also recommend How To Draw Comics the Marvel Way, but that is more cartoon based. It is very technical but still fun and very informative.How to Draw Fashion Figures. Designers use fashion figure drawings to express their ideas on paper. Generally, each designer has a signature fashion figure . Learn how to make fashion illustrations! A fashion school student explains how to draw female fashion figures (or croquis) step by step……………..figure drawing classes

  9. but models are always slightly exaggerated. Usually the legs are extended a little.

  10. You can try Barnes and Noble and/or Boaders in the Art section. They range from about 15 to 20 bucks. I remember seeing one book at Barnes and Noble with the whole art kit.

  11. http://drawinglab.evansville.eduManga for Dummies is exactly what you’re looking for. It is a primer into character design, figure drawing (of course very vague, but still good for beginners), line drawing (cartooning), and other stuff. It is really easy to follow and almost everything mentioned in the text is illustrated.

  12. That Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery eBook is composed by Christopher Sia, a Pen Face Compartment and an coach in that artwork throughout the past 5 years1

  13. The instructions from Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery guide contain 208 pages and an overall total of 605 illustrations. The essential process applied is that you begin with a photo, draw a gentle outline of the function, and then shade it in.

  14. Fashion models are generally slightly exaggerated in their proportions. They are between eight and twelve heads high. (we generally think of people in terms of proportions). I would go for eight, so, draw a line halfway between the top and the bottom of where you want to draw the model. That is her crotch. Divide the top into four boxes, put her head in the first box, her neck shoulders and nipples in the next box (the nipples should be directly on the bottom line, her rib cage and waist in the next two. Her hips should come out with this center line, and her knees should be just above halfway down (on a normal 7 1/2 head figure the knees are about 1 1/2 heads below the crotch) then the lower legs and feet.

  15. I would really recommend How To Draw Shonen Manga by Chris Hart. When I first started, it was an invaluable resource in drawing most everything manga. Here is a link so you can look for it in the library or purchase it: It has beautiful high quality example pictures and in depth tutorials. There is actually a whole line like this for different types of manga (i think there is a romantic stories one and a ninja one, but i have only used the shonen book which I like very much.)

  16. Look at the world around you, books, magazines etc. there’s so much content for ideas 🙂 or start with a word theme like “ethereal”.

  17. If you want to learn to bring an ideal image all you need is time and Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery guide from here to stay the right path.

  18. i think to draw amazing clothes you need to first learn to draw what’s under them. i suggest “drawing the female nude”

  19. Generally figure it this way. Most drawing is actually exaggeration. Heroic and glamorous figures are 8 to twelve heads high. With models it is a good idea to exaggerate the legs, to make them longer than they are in real life. This is just going to be honest, don’t be offended. Figure the distance between the top of the head and the crotch for a real person is about four heads. Between the crotch and the bottom of the feet is about three and a half heads in real life, with the knee about a headlength above the floor and between the knee and the crotch a headlength and a half. Here is a good academic drawing page:Lexie

  20. It may help to have one of these:…Good luck!

  21. Now you know how to exaggerate, here is a more realistic proportion:

  22. Hi There!I hope that helps!

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