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How To Make Paper Books

how do you make a paper book.

You fold the book then like cut in the middle then twist it so it is a book? anyone know what i am talking about? what r the steps?

If you can’t get to a library, here’s an online resource: can also make your book out of folded groups of paper that you sew together. Basically, you fold 2 pages in half lengthwise, then sew them together. Make groups of folded, sewn together pages until you have a book with the number of pages you want. Sew the groups of pages together as well.I think it would be better for you to have instructions, so here’s a video:…It’s part 1 in a book binding series. You can find other parts on Youtube as well.HTH!

How to make paper orchids.

I’m looking for instructions on how to make my own paper orchids for my wedding reception. I’ve only been able to find instructions for origami orchids, but I’ve seen pictures of orchids made with crepe paper, and tissue paper and think these look much nicer. Does anyone know where I can find…

I was watching martha stewart on paper roses person she had on to show has a website and I came across a kit and them came across your question. I just had to let you know.I know you are looking paper orchids and she has a kit you can purchase on her website: Luck

Free online books for kids

Does anyone know any paper crafts that don’t look tacky and childish. Or how to make pop up books.

I am doing an art project in which I want to change the expressions of the person in my project. I was thinking of putting velcro on the backs of eyes and lips, and having different moods and emotions but I think this would look tacky. Is there some kind of folding technique I could do, where I could pull down the…

How to Make a Pop-upThis is an excerpt from my book How to Make Pop-ups, written by me and illustrated by Barbara Reid. Follow the instructions and drawings below to make a talking mouth pop-up card.1 Take two pieces of paper, each 21.5 cm x 28 cm (8.5 in. x 11 in.). Fold each paper in half. Put one aside. 2 On the other, put a dot in approximately the centre of the folded edge.————————————–…3 Draw a 5 cm (2 in.) line from the dot towards the outer edge. 4 Starting at the folded edge, cut on the line.————————————–…5 Fold back the flaps to form two triangles. 6 Open the flaps again. Open the whole page.————————————–…7 Now comes the tricky part! Hold your paper, so that it looks like a tent. Put your finger on the top triangle and push down. Pinch the two folded edges of the top triangle, so that the triangle is pushed through to the other side of the paper. 8 Put your finger on the bottom triangle and do the same thing. The top and bottom triangles will now be pushed out to form a mouth inside the card. When you open and close your card, the mouth will look like it is talking. When your card is closed it will look like this:————————————–…9 Draw a monster, a person or an animal around your mouth. 10 Glue the inside and outside cards together. Do not apply glue in the area of the pop-up mouth. You now have a cover for your card.————————————–…Other ideas:Your card can also be a centrepiece for a table, if you use heavy paper. Draw a jagged line, instead of a straight line, for the talking mouth. Your figure will now have teeth. Draw a head and body around the mouth. Make sure the body is wider than the head, so that your figure can stand. Cut around the figure’s head and body to make a centrepiece.

How to Make a Paper Book Cover.

my mum used to wrap my new books with colored papers. I forget how, does anyone know?…thats the way i did it with paper bags, sunday funnies, aluminum foil, and wrapping paper.

how to make a paper book to make a manga.

im making a manga but i want to make a paper book to draw the manga in

You don’t have to make a paper book. All you have to do is buy a pack of papers, draw your manga, sort the pages accordingly and go bind them. If you’re making more than one copy, just photocopy the original copy or save them in your CD / DVD / whatever and send them for printing.Drawing then binding is way easier than making a blank book then drawing. 😉

How to make a book ….

How to make an actual book, like I have the pages I’ve printed of my story, how do I make an actual book, and how do I make the cover.

You’ll need some durable foam board, an Exacto-knife (Not sure how to spell that right), Some durable wax coated thread, a ruler, a hole punch, some book binding glue, and some kind of fabric to use as the cover plus some kind of construction paper for the inside.Step 1: Use the hole punch to punch out 4 holes up the side of your paper. About 1/4th of an inch from the edge’s. I punch a hole 1/4 of an inch from the top/side, a hole 1/4th of an inch from the bottom/side and then space 2 more holes equally apart in between the two holes. (Remember you need about 4 blank pages on the front and back. You’ll find out why later)Step 2: Sow your pages together with the thread. There are many different techniques all a bit too complicated to explain on here. Would be easy to find in google or you could email me and I could explain it better.Step 3: Cut out 3 sections of the foam board. Measure out the back and front cover. It should just a little wider then your paper. Just enough for it to hang over the sides a bit. Then sit you’re paper up on its back and trace it. That will be your spine.Step 4: Set the back cover, the spine, and the front cover on the back of the fabric you picked out. Line it up so it looks like a book that’s open. Use your paper for reference if you need to. Then glue it to the fabric using your book binding glue (You can find both book binding fabric and glue at a craft shop or online) Then spread some glue around the edges of the inside of your cover and fold the excess in neatly like you would wrap a present.Step 5. Take a thinner sheet of fabric and glue it to the spine of your paper. Make sure there is enough over lapping on each side. About a few inches. Once its dry set the spine of your paper onto the spine of the book. DO NOT GLUE IT TO THE SPINE. Glue the over lapping fabric on the back of your paper to the back of the front and back cover.Step 6: Cut out a sheet of construction paper and glue it to the inside covers of your book to hide the excess fabric from the spine/cover of the book. And there you have it!! If you need me to explain anything feel free to email me any time.

How to go about making an RPG pen-paper book.

I’m thinking about making a surprise present for something like secret Santa (it’s called Sinterklaas in Holland). I’d like to make an extremely simple rpg book that the player can play with an A5 size paper and a couple of dice. It’s probably gonna be finished in about 20 minutes. The problem is…

Various systems worked different ways.Start by figuring out the point of the RPG is it to fight with medieval weapons, duel with pistols, or a non-violent interplay of characters who will be scoring points for information?I’ll point out that the term RPG covers “Clue” style murder mystery games as well as the old medieval weapon fighting and magic games.The dice were basically used for every situation to add a random factor to things, just as with war games, although I’ve played both which involved no chance at all.Start with an introduction. Something which lays out the point of the game. The “myth” behind it.Then explain the rules of play.Like most of these games you then pad out the simple rules by having lists of skills you can pick, monsters you can fight, weapons you can use, and treasures/power items you can find.I once made a zombie survival RPG when I was bored at my first summer job. It covered the back of two place mats and consisted mostly of the various available weapons with up to 36 different results. Two multicolored six sided dice were the equipment. You rolled two dice, modified for your skills, then if you had a seven or above you hit. double six was called an ultimate hit, allowing you to claim multiple targets, double ones was a fumble, with assorted hijinks. You then rolled both dice for damage, looked at the table and pronounced the result. Players had a certain amount of hit points, that is hits they could take from zombies. The zombies required a certain amount of damage to put down, with assorted limb removals and such.Then day two I got a second place mat and sketched out our local shopping mall, identifying all the assorted weapons which would be located in the different stores.I got a lot of odd looks when three of my co-workers and I played this at lunch one day. Most likely today, we’d have ended up arrested for plotting to attack the mall. In retrospect, I should have whipped up some four color artwork and a sixteen page rule book and sold the thing, it wasn’t any worse than plenty of other such games. I guess I was even years ahead of zombie fad at the time.

who knows how to….

who knowes how to make a paper book cover for like math and science books … school books….

Just take a sheet of paper that is bigger than the book closed up is. Lay the book on the paper and cut the paper with a 2-inch flap all the way around.Then fold the flaps over the front and back covers and tape them together, taking care not to tape it to the book. The center part can be trimmed and tucked down the spine of the book… or you can cut the top and bottom section flush with the book.When finished, try opening and closing the book to ensure it doesn’t bind anywhere.

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  4. Has a wonderful book and info on that site.

  5. Just go to Microsoft Word and Make a cover page on their and then print it out, thats what I did

  6. [DELDUP()]This is a design by David Brill and is very realistic when finished. You can adjust the size of the book by using a larger or a smaller sized sheet of paper.

  7. You need a publishing company to make a professional looking book for you. If you want something amateur, three hole punch the f*ucker and keep it in a binder. I once wrote a children’s book teaching kids about the wonders of communism and I just used cardboard and staples.

  8. wow to the 1st answer, if this is not what you are talking about you could go to your local library for free and ask the librarian(?) to search the catalog for book binding book for you, if that library does not have them they can send for them for you for free.

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  10. u can use the colorful magazines too cover your book, just make sure the paper is strong and bigger than your book.

  11. Do not buy the glossy paper to cover as u can use the money to get something else more beneficial.

  12. gain some ideas from the youtube

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  14. If you are talking about an Origami book, the link to a very helpful and easy to follow video is:

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