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How Many Books Does Audible Have

Mp3 help. Do they all play audible books and voice record.

I bought a mp3 player last night for 43.00 but i found some on the internet for 25.00 with the same size memory. So do all mp3s play books and voice record? Should I tak emine back and get the one offline? Also how do i delete songs off the mp3? Sometimes the songs skip and other times the dont. Does that mean…

Same size memory and price is not the same.If your player has bigger screen or other features , it meansyour player is good for this price.Open your manual and you can find out about how many files your player supported.If your player skipped some files it means you accidently pushsome button or battery is low.If battery is OK and button is not pressed your player is BAD.It happened many times with cheapest players.

I’m reading the Book of Judges right now. And in it, many times, it has a person talking to God and God replying. My question is, how did.

they hear God? Was He present like when He was with Moses? Or was a voice from above? Or in dreams?

We just don’t know. God could have spoken in an audible voice (such as when you speak to someone face to face or on the phone or via “Skype” or something like that. Otherwise, God spoke to the person’ spirit or soul, kind of like when you remember the words of something or someone you heard before. They aren’t speaking now, but you still hear the voice.The thing to remember is that there was very little Scripture in those days, and very little respect for God or the Law of Moses at times. There were few if any prophets or seers to bring God’s message to the people. God didn’t seem to speak very much or very often unless there was a need. So if anyone actually heard the Voice of God in those days (and I’m leaning towards that position) were blessed beyond measure.Today we have the entire, complete, Bible, the Word of God. We also have the Holy Spirit living inside us, speaking to our souls/spirits what the Father wants us to hear and understand. Believe me, those of us who have been Christians any length of time will tell you, we know the voice of our Father and we know when someone else is trying to imitate or emulate Him!

Free urban books app

How reliable is

I just got a new mp3 player and I would like to buy an audio book to play on it. After doing a google search, almost everything pointed to using How does this process work? I have the complete harry potter books on cd, so I know there are many tracks for those books on just one cd, let alone 21cds! Do…

I have used it for a long time and never had a problem. I would describe the books as just one track, but divided into chapters.If I were you, I would just give Audible a try. You can sign up for a free trial and download two audiobooks for free. You would just need to remember to cancel if you don’t want to keep the service. I’ve included a link to the trial below. I hope this helps. All the best.

what are audible books like.

I’ve been searching the website for information about it and i still don’t quite get it, so you pay for a membership for a month/year and get your free book(s) but is that it for the month and you have to pay full price for the rest of the books or do you get the membership discount…

Hey, my mum is legally blind so she gets audio books. my mum doesn’t pay anything because she gets thtem from the library, I live in Australia, and i obviously don’t know where you are, so i can’t give you a good enough answer. Talk to you local or trusted librarian aout audio books. In Australia, they are quite expensive, around $40 – $100.sorry, babbling on…to answer your actual question, I have no idea sorryhope this at least helped :))

How do audio-books work.

I have a 6th generation 80gb ipod and I wanted to get an audio book (book on tape) kind of program.I’m interested on being able to listen to books on the go, as I spend hours on the subway each day.So I’d like to know:How do audio books work? I saw on the website you have to pay a monthly fee. Do you…

I think the way Audible works is that you pay monthly and get credits to use to buy books. You can buy many of the same books from iTunes and only pay for what you buy without a subscription or commitment. Audible has some additional features like bookmarking, but I don’t know if that makes it worth it.On a Kindle, most e-books are audio enabled, so you might want to check that out at Amazon.Many local public libraries are great sources for audio books. You can borrow the discs free and import them to iTunes to sync to your iPod. And some libraries belong to consortiums that lend digital copies of them. Free, safe and legal — what better use for our tax dollars? BTW: it’s also a great source for music.

How does work.

So, you pay a monthly membership fee of $8 – $15 and you get 1 book credit each month. What if you want to read more than one book? Also, can you keep the books forever or do they get deleted from your system or account or whatever.

here is a link from for a free book with trial (at bottom)you keep the books there is some DRM they work with most mp3 players you might want to look at with free audio does have a great selectionemusic also has books… no DRM but not as many books as audibleI am sure they are willing to sell as many books as you wish to buy.

How many books did you read in 2009.

Which were the best?

107 altogether, all my books are listed on does include how may times I listened to some of the books I have from which would bring the total up even more! I can listen to a book many times over.

How does audible work.

Do you pay per month and for each book you buy? Or is it just you pay for every book and there is no month fee?

yes both are options, you can either buy a certain amount of credits every month or you can buy a la carte (one at a time) sometimes there are sales that you can get a low price on the audible book if you also pay for the ebook. There are some free. You might also be able to borrow audio books using your local library if they have the right lending program for it.The first credit of the monthly plan if free likely one of your favorite youtube channels or podcast has an audible sponsorship that gives them a few pennies if you link the free trial from their website.I tried did the free trial but now get the one book at a time.Also check out and many of the podiobooks authors and LibriVox narrators who I like also have work on audible dot com

How does Audible work.

I just downloaded Audible on my iphone but I have no idea how it works. I had an audiobook from itunes and from some reason I can access it from there?I need to download a book but I can’t find where to search for it. When I click on ‘more books’ it says:More BooksAudible is home to a vast catalog….

Audible has several membership programs, but you don’t have to be a member to buy from them. With a membership, you pay either a certain amount per month or per year. Prices vary depending upon the plan. In exchange, you get credits. Most audiobooks cost one credit. This can be a substantial savings. The cheapest plan is something like $15 per month, which gets you one credit per month. That means you can buy a $30 audiobook for $15. Membership also gives you a 30% discount on all titles, plus access to sales. For example, they often have sales where you can buy two books for one credit or three books for two credits. This lowers the average cost per book. They have info on their plans at…Also, Audible is part of Amazon. If you have an Amazon account, you can use that to sign in to They offer a lot of books that they call Whispersync Ready for Voice. Basically, if you buy the Kindle version, you can get the audiobook version at a discount. I’ve purchased Kindle books on sale for under $5 and the matching audiobook for under $5 as well.

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28 thoughts on “How Many Books Does Audible Have

  1. I believe even though we cannot hear tge audible voice of God, we do hear his intentions, desires and challenges from his in HIS Spirit into us. Think of it like an open cell line whet e e can communicate with God. The only Time we are put on DISCONNECT is when God is correcting us or warning us (time out), and we are ignoring his warning to remove ourselves from a sin or sins…..If you want to pay as you go, I would recommend iTunes. They have a good selection and it can be synced with your iPod easily.

  2. As for the website, if you have a monthly subscription then you should be allowed to download as many as you want without paying for them individually. Make sure that you double check this.Does Itunes Sell Audio Books

  3. there is a sort of wacky psychological theory from a while back called the theory of the bicameral mind, which holds that the human mind in its present form (in which god is not heard to speak) is a relatively recent development, and in ancient times, when these stories took place, more people had minds developed in such a way so that there was a sort of natural schizophrenia, so to speak, going on, with a “godlike” component of the mind speaking to the consciousness, as if from “above”

  4. What company is allbooks?

  5. I read at least 80, but probably more. I love to read, so it doesn’t take me long to finish a book.

  6. Television ruins your mind and enables you to bad in institution reading and hmmm is interesting and makes you smarter

  7. and iTunes both sell audiobooks by the book. I believe will be doing the same shortly.

  8. around 100. average a couple or more a week. and i don’t have a favorite. too many to chose from!

  9. Dont expect to hear an audible voice because God is an entity and not of a physical being.

  10. They didn’t. It is all fiction.

  11. Go to the website (you can sign in directly from Amazon) and sign up for a subscription/package there. After you make your purchase you can download them to your phone.

  12. I think it was just two for my own personal pleasure, how sad to because I used to be called a bookworm. 🙁 I finished Eclipse this morning and it was really good. I know what I plan to work on next year: reading more books!

  13. Just a question: Once you join, I believe you get a book a month. But is it always a book you choose yourself?

  14. If you want another book, you’ll have to buy them after you use your credit. You’ll get a members discount, but it’s never more than 10% (I think). You can keep the books forever too, once you download them they’re yours and they never leave your Library on the Audible site itself.

  15. While it’s true that some t.v. programs are better at portraying and informing than literature, books in themselves are an escape. I would take a reserve over t professionally.v.

  16. I would have to say at least 15, possibly more.

  17. Best: Their Eyes were Watching God, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, Absalom! Absalom! The Bean Trees

  18. on the other hand, if you’ve ever checked out the old 9th century spiritualists, you find there’s techniques like scrying which are quite capable of producing lucid states of what amounts to hallucination, used to acquire “testimony” from various spiritual beings. I don’t find it hard to imagine the ancients weren’t entirely without knowledge of these sorts of mind tricks.

  19. The best one was Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, and I’m reading it again in 2010 :]

  20. it’s pretty simple actually, it’s just as if you’re downloading a song except it’ll be a lot longer. it’ll have it’s own section and you can listen to it

  21. Probably hallucinations, just like fundies today.

  22. i read 20 books in 2009

  23. Maybe around 45. I didn’t record my spring reads on Facebook, so I dont’ know.Instead of being concerned about why you are not hearing a loud audible voice from God, try observing your innermost thoughts. That’s where God moves and motivates you tge most. Also, if you note your personal life is not moving forward as you feel it should be God might be telling you to clean house, (sin) before HE will allow your life to progress, thrive, succeed further. A pretty good measure of what you can expect OUT OF GOD is WHAT YOU PUT INTO YOUR RELATIONSHIP IN HIM.they read you the book!

  24. Oh wow, I’d have to say a lot! I didn’t keep count, but maybe I’ll start doing that for this coming year 🙂 Much more in the beginning half of the year than recently, though. Busy, busy 🙁

  25. Audio books work like regular music CD’s. Chapters are separated like songs. Usually one person will read the entire book. Sometimes the narrator will do “special voices” and sometimes they have different people for different characters.Just buy Audiobooks from iTunes

  26. Around 400. One of the Clive Cusslers must have been in the top 5.

  27. Do You Keep Audible Books

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