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How Much Does Books A Million Pay

how do i get pay to publishing a book.

I am a writer, and I what to publish a book for a living. How Do I Get Pay To Publish A Book. I check the web, all I see is how much do I have to “Pay For A Book to get publish.” I don’t what that answer. Can any writer who can help me get some money.

Honestly, and I hate to be a bubble burster, but nowadays that is really really hard to do. In the past, publishers would give a really good author an advance on their work and after the work was done, would print thousands of books to deliver to the stores. The Internet has changed the game quite a bit. It is very very hard to get picked up by a publisher. And I wouldn’t recommend planning on feeding yourself and your family from a “career” in writing books. As a fun hobby, on the side of a real job, with the potential always there to make it so that your dream is still alive, that may be more realistic.Why do I say the above? Because I just finished writing a book myself. It went like this… self published through, spent $500 on 50 books or so to give to friends and family and then nothing. So I then converted it into a Kindle ebook, and still nothing. I created a free audiobook version and a website and still only friends and family to this point. Honestly, 1 year of my life is gone and that was the least rewarding experience of my life LOL. I mean I know that there are success stories out there, but they are few and far between and these people push their works non-stop. They do podcast interviews, write posts on everything out there, do book readings in local establishments, etc. etc. etc. I was not willing to do those steps as it was just a hobby for me.The problem with today’s technology is that a book or a compilation of music is nothing special anymore. Literally ANYONE can do it and there is a sea of millions of amateur books and songs out there that nobody really cares about except for their creators.If you are going to write the book, do it from the heart, and if you make money all the better. But by all means do not expect to make a living from it or I think you will be highly disappointed and be out a lot of your money and time.

how much does a book writer make.

i was just woundering how much a person gets paid to write a book. Because i was just thinking about writing my own book. Its always been a passion of mine.

Author’s get contracted advances on their books depending on a number of factors – genre, print run, marketing, country it’s published in, exposure of author and/or topic, etc. An Advance is essentially a prediction of how much the publisher feels the book will make. For example – book is going to retail @ $20.00 – author signs standard royalty agreement at 10% (which is high for first time authors, but low for established, veterans). The publisher estimates the book will sell 20,000 copies in it’s first year.So the math works like this 10% or $20 = $2.00 per book. $2.00 x 20,000 = $40,000. So the author is given a cheque for $40,000. Should the book sales exceed the initial advance (in this case 20,000) than the author collects royalties based on individual book sales over what they were advances. The Royalty payout could be monthly, quarterly or yearly, depending on the agreement with the author. 3 years goes by and the book has sold 50,000 copies in total – this means the author has earned $100,000.If a book does well, authors can negotiate better advances and royalties for their next project – if not, the may have their advance reduced.The country the book was published in makes a big difference as well. In Canada, 5,000-10,000 copies equals a bestseller, so if a publisher estimates your book will sell 7500 in it’s initial run, that shows you they are confident about it. In the US, it takes roughly 50,000-100,000 sold to equal a bestseller. The UK, 30,000-60,000 sold, etc.Harry Potter is a phenomenon that no one predicted. At the time, the first book came out, the publisher was predicting it to be a modest success in the UK with some possible carry over to North America. She was advanced for I believe about 30,000 copies. And then it takes off like wildfire – the rest is history. I remember reading in that in 2002, in the US alone, she made close to $10 million in just book sales, let alone all the spin-off productJK Rowling, etc are the exception – proving that runaway success is possible but no where near a guarentee. Stephen King wrote 6 novels and dozens of short stories before his first book, Carrie, was published – and even that one was rejected by most publishers. It’s much more common for a new writer to get a standard contract and then through hard work and proper marketing, build their career to the big money level.Hope this helps – good luck

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If you sold 1 million books how much does it cost to publish a book.

You obviously don’t understand how the traditional, legitimate publishing industry works. The publisher pays the author, not the other way around.If the author is paying the so-called “publisher,” then it’s not really a publisher; it’s a printer or a vanity press or a flat-out scam.

how much does a bestselling author get paid like overall for a book.

because i heard that even bestsellers get a poor salary. **** man

This is a hard question to answer because it is such a wide field, but I will attempt to do so…You mentioned bestsellers. Bestsellers get 6-figure amounts or higher. Bestselling authors are generally millionaires.Jo Rowling who wrote Harry Potter, is the first Billionaire author, but Steven King is not far behind.**Yes, I said Billionaire, not Millionaire**I have seen different figures on Steven King’s income and net worth, but they are all in the hundreds of millions (or higher).So, if you have a bestseller, you are sitting pretty.Now the average writer is another matter. Your first book might only sell for $5,000 to $10,000, but a good agent can often get you $40,000 to $50,000 to start. Of course if your book sells more than the initial estimates, you still get a commission on all sales, so for a book that sells well, a low starting offer does not mean much. You will eventually make a good living on a book with good sales.This morning I read a blurb that Sarah Palin’s book, “Going Rogue” had 700,000 sales in the first week of release. If she only makes a dollar off each book, she will have $700,000 for this past week’s sales and of course, I am sure she is making more than a dollar a book… minus agent’s fees of 15%, of course.If you are a writer, good luck with your future sales, and may you become a millionaire in your first couple weeks of print. (Only a few authors, those with bestsellers, really make the big money, though.)I hope I have answered your question.

How much do first-time or new authors get paid when they publish a book.

A novel for example.

Well when you are going to get published you sign a contract where the publishers give you an advance usually ranging from like 2,000 dollars when you first start to millions (which is very unlikely-nearly impossible-for a first time author). Once you’re book sells enough copiers to equal that of your advance you get royalties, money for every book you sell, but it varies for each publisher beause some give royalties even before you sell enough copies to equal that of the advance

How much do first-time or new authors get paid when they publish a book.

Assuming it does well.

First time authors barely if ever make bank with their publishers, as they often sell under the advance. You see, when your publisher takes you on, they give you an advance, for a first-timer, it will be under 10 thousand dollars. Your book must sell enough copies so the publisher makes that amount back, if it doesn’t, don’t think that publisher will be publishing you again. If it does, you make a royalty, which is most likely .05-5% of what the book sells for. Or, not very much money at all. If you sell a couple thousand books after breaking even, you’re not going to get much money from that. But, your publisher will probably take you on again. That’s what you really want.Let’s say on the off chance your book sells a million copies, and it sells for 7 dollars, and you get 3%, you would make 210,000 dollars. That’s a lot for a first time author, as most authors who have been publishing books for twenty years don’t make that much a novel. If that happens, congratulations, but it most likely won’t, in fact, you likely have a 75% chance of not even breaking even. I’m not saying this to discourage you, unless you’re just somebody looking for an easy way to make big bucks, than I am saying this to discourage you. If you truly want to get published for the art, you won’t care how much you make, because odds are it will be liveable if you have a partner or second job. And remember, odds can mean nothing, the odds were stacked against JK Rowling too and look at her.Best publishing houses? Any one that will take you, provided they are legitimate.

How much does an author get paid for a book.

How much does he get paid per a book, or it depends on how much it does sell? If it’s the last option then how much does he get paid for every million copies get sold? 🙂

The author gets a royalty for each copy sold. This is a percentage of the price of the book. (It varies as to whether the price the publisher uses is the recommended retail price or the price that the copy actually sold for, but that’s probably outside the scope of this question.)The royalty percentage depends on the format of the book – for paperback, it’s around 8%, for hardback around 12%, and for ebooks it’s hovering around 20%. That’s with traditional publishing. With self-publishing, the author gets to set the retail price, and therefore controls how much money they earn per copy. With self-published ebooks, the author gets between about 35% and 85% of the price. With self-published print-on-demand books, the printing company charges a certain amount to print the book, depending on the page size and number of pages, and then the rest of the price goes to the author.With traditional publishing, the publisher gives the author some of the royalties in advance. This is supposed to give the author money to live on until the book starts selling, but nowadays it’s not really enough. It’s usually around $5,000 to $10,000. The author doesn’t get any more money from the book until it’s sold a number of copies equal to the size of the advance divided by the per-copy royalty. Getting to this point is known as earning out the advance, or just earning out. A lot of traditionally published books don’t manage it – the size of the advance reflects the publisher’s estimate of how many copies they’ll sell.

How much does books a million pay for my DVD.

Well it all depends what’s on that DVD. However, it ranges from just a few pennies to maybe a dollar if they pay you in cash and maybe 2-3 times that much if you take it as a store credit.

How much does Books a Million pay per hour starting off.

It depends on what position you are applying for, Derek. Just a clerk position is generally minimum wage. There are a bunch of Assistant Manager positions that you can apply for, depending on where you live or are prepared to move to. They are usually open for negotiation.I provided a link to their corporate site below. You should go there and fill out one of their profile forms. Might make a difference.Best of luck to you, and hope you have a great day.

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43 thoughts on “How Much Does Books A Million Pay

  1. $25 x 10% = $2.50 per book in royalties

  2. you’ll be paying out of your azz until it sells…. (IF it even sells…)Get a real job and never write for money.

  3. Although every writer can negotiate with a publisher, typical royalties for an unknown author might be:5-10 % of the total money (no of copies *cost ) is sent to the author its called royalty

  4. I think so with their popularity dependswhen an author writes a book it is sent to a publisher who publishes the book .

  5. Get a job flipping hamburgers, moping floors, waiting tables, anything to pay your meager bills. It is going to be a long time before you can make a living just on your writing. There are a million writers out there who are already published, and of them, less than 3% make a living just on their writing.

  6. I am a die hard Science Fiction and Fantasy Fan The book that started this trend was “The Hobbit”, the precursor to the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy by JRR Tolkien. I would say that “Foundation” by Issac Assimov is up there as favorite Sci-Fi novel. I read for enjoyment and relaxation, so after exhausting most Sci-Fi, I now read a lot of Westerns. In that Genre you cannot beat “The Sacketts” or anything else by Louis Lamour. But if I had to pick one book as my favorite it would be “The Firm” by John Grisham.

  7. $8 x 8% = 64 cents per book in royalties

  8. Well depends how much the novel sells, but I’ve notice that if you’re a new author of, if you’re starting a novel for a new series. Your book comes out in paperback and its usually around 8.99 to 9.99, Like..okay I hate myself for this example but I can’t think of anything else..Twilight first came out in paperback and it was only 8.99

  9. 1

  10. Depends on if your doing self publishing or your with a book distributor.

  11. Non-fiction books tend to earn more, particularly textbooks. Genre writing (sci-fi/fantasy, YA, romance) might sell better than literary fiction.for example : First Book of Wiley, $5000usually nothing

  12. This amount plus other publishing costs are then deducted from royalties due to the author from sales of the book (might be <10% per book for new writers). Your NY Times bestseller might end up earning nothing (see to the bookstore or magazine rack and get the latest copy of Writer’s Digest.

  13. If your book was good enough to be published and earn you enough to live on, you wouldn’t be asking this.

  14. you need an agent…

  15. It depends on the publishing company. Most authors start out publishing in magazines, which may or may not pay; and never more than a few thousand dollars.It will help you see the markets that are out there for new writers and help direct you to where to send your work.

  16. It all depends on how many copies are sold and how popular your book becomes, Of course the longer you have been a author with published books the more popular your books will be therefore raising prices on how much they are sold for.

  17. No. Writers don’t get paid well. They’re not millionares.

  18. depends on how well the book sells

  19. I know several authors online and a handful in meatspace, and only three derive all their income from their fiction. Most either keep their day jobs or have another source of income, like a working spouse, a family business, or savings.

  20. More often, the unknown author gets trade paperback. They’re usually about $15.00

  21. It depends on how well you market and sell it.stephenie meyer has earned something like $50 million off of the Twilight Saga, according to the information I’ve heard going around. Then Oprah said something along those lines, too, but she’s sold like 70 million copies. If you plan on writing something with commerical potential that has a “market” and that people are most likely to “buy” then I’d be concerned with figures. But if you’re writing something without much commercial potential or appeal for the sake of pure “Art” then….have you ever heard the term “starving artist”? Well, learn what it means.

  22. A Book Writer

  23. Generally speaking though, most authors do not make enough money to rely on as their sole source of income. Which is why the vast majority also have day jobs and write more for the art of it than the money.

  24. $1.12 x 5,000 = $5,600, not a wage you could live on.If you’ve sold a million books, nothing at all. The publishing companies will be queuing up to sign you up.

  25. wow… noo! don’t pay a dime… those are vanity publishers… your book could be garbage, and they would still publish it… because you paid for it!! you need to revise you work, write a query, and synopsis, find and agent and let him do the work non of that involves more then an expense of a paper and pen

  26. derek the hippy

  27. Ultimately, it’s hard work earning a living from writing books. You might have to write three books, wait five years, and submit to hundreds of agents/publishers before you sell your book. Unless you opt to self-publish, in which case you have to write then sell, sell, and sell some more.

  28. I cite actual examples with $ figures and give links (to more data) on my Hub Page of the time, nothing. Unless it meets the standards of publishers, it won’t get published and put on bookshelves. Even if it does get published, the average author earns only about 1/4 to 1/2 of minimum wage, certainly not enough to live off of.

  29. If you intend to get published the work shouldn’t be overly long, and you should make sure you have a contract that clearly states how much you get in writing. If it’s not written down then you don’t get anything.

  30. Therefore, if you are hunting for creating jobs then I must think about the services presented by Real Writing Jobs.

  31. This site has awesome marketing tips.Normally, the author of a book signs a contract with the publishing company. The contract specifies that the author will receive a small percentage (known as a “royalty”) of the price for every copy of the book that’s sold. (The publisher pays all the costs for printing the book, distributing it to bookstores, and advertising it, so the publisher gets a bigger share of the sale price for each book.) The author usually receives an upfront payment called an “advance against royalties.” Let’s say that the author’s royalty is 50 cents per copy, and the advance is $1,000. That means that the publisher has paid the author in advance for the first 2,000 copies of the book that people buy. Once the book has sold enough copies to cover the advance, the publisher will send the author a check check for additional royalties four times a year. (The author will usually have an agent who negotiates the contract with the publisher, and takes a percentage of the author’s earning. So the author might receive only $850-900 for every $1,000 royalty payment.) Most books sell a fairly small number of copies, so the author doesn’t make a ton of money. However, a bestseller can give the author a pretty huge payoff.

  32. If you self-publish, you might earn much more (or much less) depending on how well you sell your book.Second book Wiley: $7500.

  33. Or maybe the unknown author goes straight to mass market paperback. They’re often about $8.00

  34. Writers get paid in the form of ‘advances’. This varies from author to author, publisher to publisher. New writers might get anywhere from $0 to $10,000 in advances.$15 x 7 ½% = $1.12 per book in royalties–not even half what the hardbound earns.Although my sources aren’t so trustworthy, my best guess is that an author gets 10% of the book’s price. Say, Writer gets novel published, and novel is worth thirty dollars. Novel got one sale, meaning Writer gets three dollars. So multiply that to a million, and you get a lot of moooooneeeey.Depends on how popular your book turns out being if it ends up getting published. How much an author makes depends on how well his/her book(s) sell(s).That depends on how much anyone likes it. I think you need to call publishers and ask how to get published and get a good editor to work with you. It is a very competitive business for new authors. Good luck! Make sure that you read the small print and understand what they are offering.

  35. Of course, if you happen to write the huge novel of the moment, maybe you sell a half million copies.Hardcover royalties of 10% on the first 5000 units sold; 12 ½% on the next 5000 units and 15% thereafter. (Hardcover figures are rarely different, even for authors who sell well.) Trade paperback royalties are 7 ½%. Mass market royalties are for 8% for the first 150,000 units sold and 10% thereafter.If you are one of this folks that can’t locate jobs, are underemployed, or just merely dislike his job? Do you are one of the men and women who hate doing work for somebody else? You want the freedom to earn you personal money, make a lot more cash, or earn a passive income, individuals who want to go about an sincere way of generating funds on the web – essentially, any person and everyone – then you must give it a chance to this internet site , Real Writing Jobs.

  36. $0.64 x 5,000 = $3,200First printings for the unknown author lucky enough to get hardbound are typically 5,000 units. Say it sells for $25 (because we sure like our round numbers) and it sells through–all 5,000 copies sell.

  37. Of maybe you only sell 2500.Once you have turn into a member of the Real Writing Jobs site you’ll obtain complete entry to the primary dashboard in which each and every one of the obtainable writing jobs are listed. Real Writing Jobs gives with plenty instruction that will present to you how to go about deciding on projects, the way to figure out how considerably you can be paid, how to know if you will be paid, and even a lot more.$2.50 x 5,000 = $12,500–not much considering that it probably took a year to research and write the book, and quite possibly longer. A full time minimum-wage job would earn the author more money.

  38. 20,000-30,0000 $

  39. Go to a publishers webpage and ask.

  40. Yes, it really does depend on how many they sell. You never know–there could be the next To Kill A Mockingbird out there, but no one knows about it and the author is getting nothing.

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