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How Many Books Did Rachel Carson Write

Another name to go with……….

I’m not having aa baby or anything i just need advice.Here are the names I likeSarah Grace (Girl)Leah Rose (Girl)Ryan Thomas (Boy)How do you like my names? Can you suggest any other names that go with these names? Girl names need to be up to 12 letters combined (First name and Middle) and i don’t...

Abigail: “Father is rejoicing.” Abigail was a wife of King David.Deborah: “Bee.” Deborah was an important prophetess and judge.Delilah: “Delicate.” Also the name of Samson’s mistress. She cut off all his hair and rendered him defenseless in the face of the Philistines.Dinah: “Judged” or “vindicated.” She was a daughter of Jacob and Leah.Esther: From the Persian word for “star”. Esther was the wife and queen of Ahasuerus who saved her people from the evil Haman.Eve: “Life.” The name of the first woman in the Bible.Hannah: “Gracious” or “full of grace.” Hannah was the mother of Samuel.Jemimah: “A dove.” She was the first of Job’s three daughters.Judith: This name is the feminine form of the male name Yehudit, meaning “He will be praised.” Judith was one of the wives of Esau.Leah: “Gazelle” or “wild cow.” Leah was the oldest daughter of Laban and became Jacob’s first wife.Michal: “Who is like God?” Michal was the first wife of David, who cast aspersions on him after she saw him rejoicing in the streets following his recovery of the ark of the covenant. The resulting division in their marriage is what is believed to have kindled David’s desire for Bathseba.Miriam: This name is thought to mean “bitter” or “rebellious,” although no one knows for sure. Miriam was the sister of Aaron and Moses.Naomi: “Joy” or “delight.” Naomi was the wife and mother who lost her family; her story is told in the book of Ruth.Rachel: “Ewe.” Rachel was the younger daughter of Laban, who was also given to Jacob as a wife.Rebekah: “Noose.” Rebekah was the wife of Isaac and the mother of the twins Esau and Jacob.Ruth: “Friend” or “companion.” Ruth was Naomi’s daughter-in-law, who took care of her after the death of her husband and children.Sarah: “Princess.” Sarah was the half sister and wife of Abraham.Tamar: “Date palm.” There are two Tamars in the Bible: one was a daughter-in-law of Judah; the other was a daughter of King David.Rachel – (Hebrew) meaning “Ewe” or “Lamb.” The biblical Rachel was the wife of the patriarch Jacob. A famous Rachel was Rachel Donelson Jackson, wife of U.S. President Andrew Jackson. Another famous bearer of this name is naturalist Rachel Louise Carson who wrote the book, “Silent Spring.”Combinations:Abigal KateDeborah LeeDelilah RoseHannah Naomietc…Remember though: your child will have this name their whole life.Aaron: “Exhalted one.” Aaron was the older brother and spokesperson for Moses.Abraham: “Father of many.” Abraham is considered the patriarch of both the Hebrews and Arabs.Adam: It comes from the Hebrew adama, meaning “red earth.”Amos: You’ll find the book bearing his name near the end of the Old Testament. Amos was a minor prophet who prophesied in the eighth century B.C.E. The name in Hebrew means “burden.”Benjamin: It means “son of the right hand” and was the name of Jacob’s youngest son, who went on to lead one of the twelve tribes of Israel.Caleb: Caleb, along with Joshua, bears the distinction of being the only adult allowed to enter the Promised Land after the Hebrews wandered the desert for 40 years. The name means “faithful” or “a dog.”Cyrus: Cyrus the Great, who liberated the Jews from Babylonian captivity, was the founder of the Persian empire.David: It means “beloved,” and it’s a fitting name for one of the most beloved characters in the Bible. David, the greatest of the Israelite kings, began his career with the dramatic slaying of the giant Goliath. His story is one of the many examples of redemption given in the Bible.Eli: “High” or “scent.” Eli was a high priest of Israel.Enoch: “Dedicated.” A common name in the Old Testament, borne by the oldest son of Cain and a son of Jared.Ephraim: “Fruitful.” Epharaim, the second son of Joseph and Asenath, was the father of the tribe named after him.Gideon: “One who cuts down,” “slayer.” Gideon was an Israelite judge who helped defeat the Midianites.Hiram:” Exalted brother.” One of the Hirams in the Bible was a king who helped build David’s palace.Hosea: “Salvation.” He was the first of the minor prophets.Ira: “Watchful.” Ira was a Jairite priest and adviser to King David.Isaac: “Laughter.” Isaac was the much-loved son of Abraham and Sarah.Jacob: “Supplanter.” Jacob was the younger twin brother of Esau who purchased his brother’s birthright. He was also the father of 12 sons who became the patriarchs of the 12 tribes of Israel.Jesse: “Gift” or “wealth.” Jesse was the father of David.Jonah: “Dove.” Jonah was the fellow who ended up spending three days in the belly of a whale because he refused to follow God’s orders.Jordan: “To flow down” or “descend.” The Jordan River was the chief river in Palestine.Levi: “Joining” or “adhering.” Levi was the third son of Jacob and Leah and the head of the priestly Levite tribe.Mordecai: “Worshiper of Marduk” or “a little man.” Mordecai was the cousin and foster father of Esther and helped to save the Jews from Haman.Moses: “Taken from the water.” Moses, the great partriach and leader of the Jews, was given his name by the Egyptian princesses who found him. Sadly, after bringing his people through 40 years of exile in the desert, Moses was denied entry into the promised land because God felt he hadn’t been faithful enough.Nathan: “Gift.” Nathan was the prophet who held David accountable for the death of Bathseba’s husband, which left her free to marry.Noah: “Rest” or “comfort.” The human race started all over again with Noah and his clanReuben: “Behold, a son.” Reuben was the oldest son of Jacob and Leah and the head of a tribe that bears his name.Saul: “Asked for.” Saul was the first Israelite king.Seth: “Appointed.” Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve.Solomon: “Peaceful.” Solomon was the son of and successor to King David, noted for his wisdom.

What is an inexpensive way to get rid of bed bugs.

I just got married and we don’t have a lot of money. Everything we read tells us to call a professional to get rid of bed bugs but we can’t afford it. I just wanted to know inexpensive but effective ways to get rid of them.

You have to call a professional I’m afraid. The sooner the better because they breed like crazy and the problem will just get worse and more expensive. If you are renting just move and make sure you wash everything, take apart furniture and clean every crook and cranny of it that you can possibly get into. One pregnant female in your stuff could bring back your problem.DDT was the answer and still is the answer, but thanks to some environmentalist named Rachel Carson who wrote a book called “Silent Spring” (and none of the things she wrote about were even factual btw) DDT was banned in 1972. Bedbugs were virtually wiped out by then thanks to DDT. They were actually very common back in the day it was a normal thing to have bedbugs…people just learned to live with them! (How they did that is beyond me!) Since DDT has been banned they have come back in hordes. They’re in hotel rooms, airplanes, hostels, everywhere, and it’s all hush hush.I know this because my mother used to run a hostel and it was diagnosed with bedbugs and no matter how many times it was sprayed with insecticides the problem still came back. If your job requires you to sleep in hotels I suggest using their bedding only and washing everything when you get home, clothes, the bag you carry them in etc. Even if you think it’s overkill it’s the only way to prevent them. Watch the news…they are everywhere.Anyways one of the best way you can contain the problem is with cardboard. Apparently Native Americans used to do this. Lots of bedbugs end up in your walls in the insulation and everything, so they would stick cardboard against the walls overnight. The bedbugs would crawl into the cardboard when they were done their bloodsucking for the night and the next morning the cardboard would be burned.Some other ideas which I got from the website below are to :1. Inspect your mattress and bed frame, particularly the folds, crevices and the underside, and other locations where bedbugs like to hide.2. Use a nozzle attachment on the vacuum to capture the bedbugs and their eggs. Vacuum all crevices on your mattress, bed frame, baseboards and any objects close to the bed. It’s essential to vacuum daily and empty the vacuum immediately.3. Wash all your linens and place them in a hot dryer for 20 minutes. Consider covering your pillows and mattress with a plastic cover.4. Remove all unnecessary clutter.5. Seal cracks and crevices between baseboards, on wood bed frames, floors and walls with caulking. Repair or remove peeling wallpaper, tighten loose light switch covers, and seal any openings where pipes, wires or other utilities come into your home (pay special attention to walls that are shared between apartments).6. Monitor daily by setting out glue boards or sticky tape (carpet tape works well) to catch the bedbugs. Closely examine any items that you’re bringing into your home.7. Consult professional pest control services and discuss options that pose the least risk to humans and the environment.The Health Department warns you could still see a few of the pests up to ten days after you take all the steps, but they call this normal. If you’re still seeing the insects after two weeks, your best bet is to call in a professional to ensure they’ve been completely eliminated.Where bedbugs can be found* Seams, creases, tufts and folds of mattresses and box springs* Cracks in the bed frame and head board* Under chairs, couches, beds, dust covers* Between the cushions of couches and chairs* Under area rugs and the edges of carpets* Between the folds of curtains* In drawers* Behind baseboards, and around window and door casings* Behind electrical plates and under loose wallpaper, paintings and posters* In cracks in plaster* In telephones, radios, and clocksBedbugs can also travel along pipes, electrical wiring and other openings and come in from other apartments or dwellings.Make sure you throw out your mattress and if you move…I really just wouldn’t risk taking the couches, throw them out!Hope this helps. 2nd grade books

Quotes about reception of Silent spring.

Does anyone know of any quotes about how the public, government, and chemical companies responded to Silent Spring by Rachel Carson? I know there are many who disliked her ideas, especially the chemical companies, but I cant find any concrete quotes for my paper!Thanks!

Pro:One was nature writer Edwin Way Teale, who warned, “A spray as indiscriminate as DDT can upset the economy of nature as much as a revolution upsets social economy. Ninety percent of all insects are good, and if they are killed, things go out of kilter right away.”Con”If man were to faithfully follow the teachings of Miss Carson,” complained an executive of the American Cyanamid Company, “we would return to the Dark Ages, and the insects and diseases and vermin would once again inherit the earth.”Con:Edwin Diamond stated, “Thanks to a emotional, alarmist book called ‘Silent Spring,’ Americans mistakenly believe their world is being poisoned”Pro:LaMont Cole, professor of ecology at Cornell, wrote in the Scientific American: “Errors of fact (within ‘Silent Spring’) are so infrequent, trivial, and irrelevant to the main theme that it would be ungallant to dwell on them.”Con:She was labeled a “bird lover,” “cat lover,” “fish lover,” “nun of nature,” and “priestess of nature” (Graham, 1970).Con:She was accused of “worrying about the death of cats but not caring about the 10,000 people who die daily from malnutrition and starvation in the world” (Diamond, 1963).Pro:That she was a scientist as well as an author was acknowledged in the citation on the Audubon medal (Vosburgh, 1964):Distinguished scientist, gifted writer, Sensitive and perceptive interpreter of the ways of nature, Who authored a book called SILENT SPRING; Through it she alerted and aroused the public about needless and dangerous chemical pollution of our environment And sounded a timely warning that technology, run away from science, can be a threat to man.Con:The New York Times book review stated, “Silent Spring is so one-sided that it encourages argument, although little can be done to refute Miss Carson’s carefully documented statements”Con:Life magazine said, “there is no doubt that she has overstated her case” (Life, 1962),Con:Parodies of Silent Spring were written and released in an effect to counter or soften the message. One such parody was entitled “The Desolate Year” and described a bleak future without pesticides. Another called “Quiet Summer” depicted a boy and his grandfather eating acorns-as a result of lack of pesticides they had been forced to “live naturally” (Brooks, 1972). Fact kits were distributed to members of the medical profession (Brooks, 1970; Graham, 1970); one developed by the Nutrition Foundation contained copies of critical book reviews, a defense of chemical pesticides, and a letter from the president of the foundation indicating that the “book was distorted”Pro:Public attitudes and perceptions at that time are reflected in political cartoons that appeared in various newspapers and magazines, and Brooks’ biography of Carson (1972) has an excellent collection. One that appeared in the New Yorker in 1963 depicts a woman standing in front of a display of pesticides in a garden store saying to the salesperson, “Now, don’t sell me anything Rachel Carson wouldn’t buy” (Newsweek, 1963).Etc…

What did these people want to change and how did they do it.

If u kno one post it upi’m not looking for all of them at oncebut please help with as many as you canif u can tell me where i might be able to find the answeror if u straight up kno the answerdo tell=]]Following people i’d like to kno of:-Rachel Carson-Cesar Chavez-Betty…

Rachel Carson wanted pesticides banned because she thought they caused all kinds of illness. DDT was banned as a result of her book ‘Silent Spring’. The consequence of this is that malaria once again flourishes in countries where it was virtually extinct, hundreds of thousands of people must have died because of that woman. Possibly millions.Caesar Chavez founded the National Farm Workers Association, which sought to unionise migrant workers. He used strikes, pickedt and marches in the struggle to win contracts from growers an dhimself undertook long fasts to publicise the movement. In 1968 he promoted a nationwide boycott of California grapes, which led to the table-grape growers recognition of the union in 1970. In 1972 the United Farm Workers (UFW) with Chavez as its president, became a member union of the AFL-CIO.Betty Friedan wote a book called ‘The Feminine Mystique’ which said that being a housewife was a miserable and pointless existence, and that women who were at home were wasting their time and should all be in the office all day instead. So now that’s what married women do, and they’re all much happier, so I gather.Samuel Gompers was a founder and long-time president of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and believed in non-political trade unionism.Jesse Jackson founded PUSH (People United to Save Humanity) in 1971, to promote the economic advancement of black people. He was a candidate for the Democratic 1984 presidential nomination, being tghe first black American to mount a serious campaign for the office. He came second to Michael dukakis in the Democrats 1988 presidential nomination, doubling his 1984 vote share.Martin Luther King was a great civil rights leader who wanted equality for black people. He was an immensely eloquent and charismatic speaker. He was tragically assasinated in 1968.Upton Sinclair was a novelist whose novel ‘The Jungle’ (1906)horrified the world with its exposure of meat-packing conditions in chicago. His later novels were more and more moulded by his socialist beliefs, and he attempted to found a communistic colony in Englewood, New Jersey.Elizabeth Cady Stanton was one of the founders of the Women’s rights movement in America. In 1848 , with her friend Lucretia Mott, she organised the first women’s rights convention at Seneca Falls. She teamed up with Susan b. Anthony in 1850, and together they founded the National Women’s Suffrage Movement in 1869, which they ran until the end of the century.Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote the powerful anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which was published in 1850. It was one of the most influential novels ever published, and had a profound effect on the attitude towards slavery of northerners.

Fictional Books About Environmental Issues.

I have to do a project about an environmental issue or an endangered species. My problem is that we have to read a real legit novel. It can be non-fiction, but I can’t really find any novels that are nonfiction that are long enough. I also want to do something interesting. My friend is reading “The Last…

‘I can’t really find any novels that are non-fiction that are long enough’There is no such thing as a novel that is non-fiction. If it’s non-fiction, it’s not a novel – a novel, by definition, has to be fiction. Also, how long is ‘long enough’? So I’m a bit confused about what it is you need to read.Assuming that it really is a novel you’re looking for and not non-fiction, I would suggest The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch, which is a novel about a young boy obsessed with marine conservation who finds a giant squid washed up on his favourite beach.If you’re able to choose a non-fiction book, try ‘Silent Spring’ by Rachel Carson. It was written in the 1960s and it’s a classic non-fiction book that, in many ways, really started the conservation movement as we know it. It’s very well-written. It’s all about the damage that pesticides can do to the environment. The title refers to the possibility of a spring where no birds sing, because they’ve all been killed off by pesticides.A brilliant (and very funny) book about endangered species is ‘Last Chance To See’ by Douglas Adams & Mark Carwardine. They travelled the word making a radio programme about all the most endangered species in the world. It’s fascinating, but it’s also really very readable and highly entertaining.

Malaria kills millions of people in 3rd world countries every year, our Govt hands out nets. Why won’t our.

Govt just spray for the mosquitoes with DDT (that’s how modern countries eliminate them) Wouldn’t it be cheaper to do this than giving out nets? What do you think the politics behind refusing to do this is? bit of trivia, did you…

Obviously its the politics of eco-correctness. Rachel Carson was the envirinmentalist who wrote “Silent Spring”, a book about how DDT affected lots of things other than mosquitoes, and would kill off so many birds that we would have a “Silent Spring”. And it was arguable that we overused DDT, but perhaps banning it altogether was a major overreaction. After all, there was a reason we wanted to control the mosquito population.Sadly, DDT could save the lives of millions of people, especially children, in Africa. If it were happening in the U.S. and we knew that we could save our children this way, we wouldn’t hesitate. It’s the same thing with condoms (the pope had a valid point. If you lived in a country with a 20% infection rate for H.I.V., would you teach your children to abstain from the threat of H.I.V. or just hand them an unlimited supply of condoms? (There’s a one in five chance their partner will be H.I.V. positive in a country with a 20% infection rate, and condoms are 90% effective in preventing AIDS. Those odds may be more steep than say, playing Russian Roulette, but they’re still totally unacceptable.) The value of abstinence goes beyond preventing H.I.V. transmission anyway, it is in line with teaching children self-discipline and personal responsibility.It takes real compassion and a “people first” approach to solve many of the most pressing issues in Africa, instead of acting like an enormous bureaucracy trying to manage the enormous problems of an enormous continent.

What well known person do you admire and why.

Rachel Carson, since died, who proved with scientific research the inevitable poisoning of flora, fauna, the air and water by indiscriminate use of pesticides, and how the effects spread naturally. Her book Silent Spring caused uproar around the world, but she persisted. She was given tribute by Congress, wrote many more books, and researched until she died, forewarning of the largely quiet march toward what is now global warming.

Rachel Carson and her impact on history.

I need help finding sources about Rachel Carson and the impact she made on history. Information such as what she was going through the time she wrote her then famous book Silent Spring, what events happened because of her book, and how we live now because she wrote Silent Spring.I very much appreciate your help,ZZK

Rachel Carson brought back to modern consciousness the interconnectedness of human beings and the natural environment.”Her book, Silent Spring, published in 1962, awakened society to its responsibility to other forms of life. Carson had long been aware of the dangers of chemical pesticides and also the controversy within the agricultural community. She had long hoped someone else would publish an expose’ on DDT but eventually realized that only she had the background as well as the economic freedom to do it.”Silent Spring provoked a firestorm of controversy as well as attacks on Carson’s professional integrity. The pesticide industry mounted a massive campaign to discredit Carson even though she did not urge the complete banning of pesticides but called for research to ensure pesticides were used safely and to find alternatives to dangerous chemicals such as DDT.”The federal government, however, ordered a complete review of pesticide policy and Carson was asked to testify before a Congressional committee. As a direct result of that review, DDT was banned. With the publication of Silent Spring, Carson is credited with launching the contemporary environmental movement and awakening concern by Americans about the environment.” [U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service]The Environmental Protection Agency was established in 1970, in large part because of the concerns and the consciousness that Rachel Carson raised in her book, Silent Spring.The sources below will give you further information, as well as links to additional primary sources. Good luck.

Why does Rachel Carson begin with “there was once a town…” as though she were writing a fairy tale.

Silent Spring by Rachel CarsonAdditional Question:1. Is this a fairy tale of sorts?2. How does Carson present the town in paragraphs 1 and 2?

Most definitely not a fairy tale, Silent Spring was the foundation of modern environmentalism. That opening chapter was called “A Fable for Tomorrow” and what Carson was doing in those early paragraphs was describing not one place but a combined memory – somewhat idealized – of the way things were in small-town America before the beginnings of ecologically disruptive mass-scale agriculture. Because it is not one particular place but a realistic amalgamation of many places, she calls it a fable, which means a tale composed to teach a lesson. And, of course, that is what the book did. The language is chosen , as you recognize, is chosen to be like that most common way of opening fairy tales “once upon a time”.

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  2. I would start with Cliff Notes on Silent Spring and maybe some biographies on Rachel Carson.

  3. -Cesar Chavez–Chavez was a leader and organizer for the United Farm Workers during the 60s and 70s. He wanted to bring decent working conditions and fair pair to thousands of (mostly migrant) farm workers. He opposed making illegal immigrants legal, but today’s UFW takes an opposite view on this issue.Dylan Cedric

  4. mlk jr. ummm wanted equal rights for evryone (blacks) the same as harriet beecherLeah Maribelle…Singer Fergie.

  5. They thought both DDT and antibiotics were miracles in the 1950s, 20-30 years later we started seeing the effects of believing in miracles, and now we are seeing how wrong they were in the 1950s.I was going to list one of the answers but was too annoyed by the misspelling of know.

  6. 1 ddt has been outlawed by our government so they should not use it anywhere, other isecticides are available.Rachel Carson is seen the “father” of the environmental stream, alongside with human beings like Thoreau and Muir. She awoke the yank Public to environmental degradation, and her e book and its effect could be considered in a lot of our regulations immediately, from the national Environmental coverage Act that demands environmental effect comments on initiatives, to the Endangered Species Act.

  7. other names:-Rachel Carson–With the publication of her book (c. 1961) “Silent Spring,” Carson became the founder of the current environmental movement.)[:

  8. Clark DarylDaryl Justin

  9. ceasar chaves worked for farmer workers rights.

  10. In warm moist climates where sitting water is everywhere, all spraying with DDT does is create infestation of mosquitoes who are resistant to DDT.What ever method is given to third world countries should be appreciated. For every net we give a third world country we have hungry and sick people here. How much Does DDT cost on a mass level and what are the environmental ramifications of using it. No offense to third world countries but who’s responsibility is it to take care of their people when there are hard working tax payers in this country who can hardly afford the treatment if they got malaria. Lets take care of the third world country america is about to become first. then we can buy every one DDT 🙂

  11. Here is a site about the book:

  12. I live in Florida and the mosquitoes are out in full force certain times a year and when you get in state some away from some of the bigger cities it is almost unbearable… Africa is a huge continent and it would be impossible to get rid of the mosquitoes all together… By providing the nets we ARE saving millions of lives.I am not a total tree hugger. I am just a person with some common sense. I know that I grow my garden without insecticides, and I have enough sense to know that it is a healthier choice. However, I also know that on my collard greens I have to use an insectiside, or I wont have anything of them but the stems! I’m just saying that you have to be careful of what you spray, and where it goes because there are cancer causing agents in lots of insectisides.

  13. Kaylin Marieummm hariet be….ummm she wanted to free the slaves yea cesar chavez wanted to help organize the farmers unionBetty Freidan was a feminist who championed the “National Organization of Women”. NOW supports equal rights for women. Equal pay for equal work is one right attached to NOW.Ava Emmalineboys:

  14. Elijah Gabriel

  15. Vacuuming them works for a fast result.

  16. It’s easy to type in the names of any of these people into your search engine (Google or Yahoo)

  17. 2 it is not the american governments responsibility. if you want it done go raise money for a charity that will do it. call me for a donation when you have made the decision to start doing some thing without the government.I think they’re really cute.Jesse Jackson: Brooke

  18. Bailyn (can’t think of a middle name)(Boy)

  19. Audrey MarieRachel Carson:

  20. I like your way of thinking though… perhaps a combination of the two… There is many ways our science here in America can help many in 3rd world countries. But the good news is… Our science has and will continue to do just that. In the last 5 to 6 years look into what we have done for Africa… it will warm your heart in many ways.

  21. -Upton Sinclair–author of about 90 books in early 20th century. Considered a socialist and a muckraker. Best known book, “The Jungle” is about the meatpacking industry, and is credited with bringing about the Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act in 1906.DDT got a bad rrap with Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring as the cause of destroying every living creature. Those claims were ove blown but the effects haunt us even now.A bit of a thriller, it follows an environmental activist trying to stop illegal dumping of PCBs. It is fiction, but the science is correct.

  22. Jade Elise(Girl)Aiden Dyrksame has the other guy vacuum it

  23. Wikipedia is usually great for this kind of thing, just type each name into the search box and read away!

  24. Grace JaelynAdam JacobSarah seems kinda plain to me, and a lot of people have that name.A Google search will provide an array of resources.

  25. Sinclair: due to malaria have been reduced by using DDT in a responsible way. You create a situation where mosquitoes are resistant to it, the effect gained will be completely nulled and death toll will rise.Hannah Quinn

  26. Marrina Alexis…

  27. Rachel Carson is regarded as one of the first “authors” to write about the effects of chemicals to insect/bird life and tree life.

  28. Cesar Chavez is known for his efforts to organize a farm labor movement. He attempted to organize farm labor for collective bargaining rights.

  29. I would not say immune, but I would say highly resistant due to the duffy antigen being reduced.

  30. They have found it more effective to manage the landscape to prevent sitting water, while spraying DDT around living areas, to prevent resistance.Edit: You think I’m joking?

  31. She cofounded the National Organization for Womanyeah, but most people with it dont need to have the immunity anymore because there arent that many mosqitoes here who are carrying the malaria virus. It would be cool to spray, but then what effects does the spray have on life? How harmful is it? What you spray with, you wind up eating, and it winds up killing you anyway. Think about the stuff you are eating, and why there are regulations against it. We are what we eat.Kylie Marie

  32. Girls:Yea …

  33. good grief, guy, there are hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of books interior the worldwide. some respondents look slightly muddled – philosophy like Nietzsche’s isn’t precisely “non-Fiction” interior the prevalent experience (not that it relatively is “fiction” the two), and Jane Eyre is fiction. nevertheless, the two are worth analyzing. i don’t comprehend how educational you desire to get. i’m going to aim and persist with extra commonplace issues. considering which you point out the middle an prolonged time, Sir Richard Southern’s “Making of the middle an prolonged time” continues to be a classic, even though it relatively is slightly previous. it might desire to be thrilling to aim Hodges and Whitehouse’s “Mohammed, Charlemagne, and the Making of Europe,” or Richard Bartlett’s “The Making of Europe.” basically for relaxing, attempt “Freakonomics” by way of Stephen Levitt. He applies financial concept to each style of loopy issues and has some surprising insights. considering which you point out faith, how approximately “the upward thrust of Christianity” by way of Rodney Stark. Stark is a sociologist, not an historian, and he bungles a honest quantity, in spite of the undeniable fact that it does supply an thrilling handle why Christianity succeeded interior the classic worldwide. i don’t comprehend plenty approximately technology, yet there is an thrilling e book referred to as “The Mismeasure of guy” by way of Stephen Jay Gould, the guy who wrote against creationism plenty. This e book isn’t approximately that, yet a pair of container of diagnosis — the size of cranium potential in an attempt to be certain innate intelligence and, by way of implication, the prevalence of a few races over others — which became taken very heavily as technology interior the nineteenth century. it relatively is a captivating seem at how the authority of “technology” can get twisted into each and every style of unwarranted makes use of. EDIT: oh, just to function some relaxing historical historic previous; “Courtesans and Fishcakes”, by way of James Davidson. Very thrilling seem on the extra indulgent area of historical Greece. “Inventing Superstition” by way of Dale Martin and “Hellenicity” by way of Jonathan corridor additionally supply super seems at factors of historical way of existence aside from the familiar democracy-and-philosophy which you often pay attention approximately.

  34. Justin EliI love the names Maddie and Alexis.

  35. -Betty Friedan–co-founder of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and author of several books on women’s rights. Pushed for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).Here are some sites about Rachel Carson:Jaelyn MarieSamual Gompers: Manson. He isn’t so famous anymore but when I was younger I was a big fan of him because he was so different and stood out from the rest of the music industry. A lot of people despised him, but his message was really about thinking out of the box and looking at situations from a different perspective, and not following others and being yourself. I think he has a lot to do with how I am today, and I don’t wear a white contact and platforms, btw. lol

  36. Emmaline Leah-Harriet Beecher Stowe–n American author and abolitionist, whose novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852) attacked the cruelty of slavery; The impact is summed up in a commonly quoted statement apocryphally attributed to Abraham Lincoln. When he met Stowe, it is claimed that he said, “So you’re the little woman that started this great war!”

  37. Eli Gabrieljesse jackson was a civil rights activist and he wanted to basically make his own mark in this world.Courtney Alyn(Girl)Kyla ElaineNo I don’t think politics behind it is confusing at all.samuel gompers he was a visionary and he forced until he got his ideas recognized yea i dk the rest hopefully it helps!

  38. BTW, insecticide laced mosquito nets are fairly effective at stopping malaria. Regular nets a little less so. One also has to treat the disease to stop the vector. Malaria is also becoming immune to all known treatments. One has to stop the spread and kill the parasite, at the same time, within five years.

  39. Grace Emmaline

  40. Dinah OliviaGabriel ElijahSophia GraceAbigail CiaraElizabeth Cady Stanton:

  41. Dwayne Johnson(The Rock) his movies are entertaining.

  42. Tina EmmalineAnna Marie Bethany Kate Sarah Rose Crystal would be like the totaliest bestest mostest awsomest name.Amelia MagdelynJocelyn OliviaThe problem is this: Money. We could have produced a vaccine for malaria years ago, however the countures most affect by it are too poor to be able to afford to buy it. This means the drug companies, where most of drug and vacine research actually takes place weren’t interested in producing one. However I believe that now a charity has been able to raise enough money to get a vaccine into trials. Hopefully the UN will sponser its distribution throught the world as they did small pox. In repsonse to the last post, I have met many africans all of whom knew someone who has had malaria and someone on my course has had it a few times now. Do you think they deserve it? Because i sure as hell don’t. People like you make me sick. One of the reasons its hard to eradicate is that is that it is passed on through the mosquito, of which there aer millions….

  43. Saraann Kate

  44. But, as in many other things, it is not the US’s responsibility to be sprayin DDT in every third world country. Or giving them nets for that matter.

  45. quit reading tabloids.Leah Rose

  46. DDT works well for about five years (the length of time that it takes for the mosquito population to become immune). It also has other environmental consequences. Blame Rachael Carlson (Silent Spring) for getting it banned.

  47. Olivia Grace

  48. Aubrey MarieEdit: Ok, how about

  49. Interesting thing about that sicle cell isnt it?So methods do exist, the problem is money.I’m beginning to think students actually doing their own homework is a fricken fairy tale.

  50. But Leah Rose is my favorite.I like Laura Kate.

  51. Edit: Aw, someone gave me a thumbs down. What the heck.Blake Clark

  52. I love her Musical talent , her feature …Elizabeth Cady Stanton organized women so they could demand the right to vote.

  53. Leah JadeI like the names you picked!

  54. Cedric Dylan

  55. I like Ryan Thomas. Sarah Grace and Leah Rose are nice and flow well, but the middle names are considered “fillers” (incredibly common, almost every female you meet has those as her middle name). So unless Grace and Rose are family names, I would recommend picking something else. Kate is also an incredibly common middle.-Jesse Jackson–civil rights leader and advocate for the poor. Lives in Chicago, where he founded Operation Push. One of Martin Luther King’s closest collaborators. Democratic candidate for president in 1988. His son, Jesse Jackson, Jr. is a Congressperson from Illinois.

  56. Zodiac by Neal StephensonBetty Friedan: the fact that she battled her addiction over Drugs yet mentained beautiful status.Anophales mosquitoes (the malaria carriers, for the most part) have to rest for a half hour, usually on a vertical surface, after feeding. Any insecticide that will kill them in a half hour or less spead on the walls and such will cut the vector for the disease. Unfortunately, insecticides are expensive (DDT is relatively cheap), but used like that are probably environmentally safe.

  57. Stalker status

  58. Jacob Vince-MLK Jr. [i might be able to find this one myself]–civil rights and peace advocate (led struggle against war in Vietnam). Organized a bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama in 1956 as well as other peaceful demonstrations. Won Nobel Peace prize.3 if the countries in africa would begin to raise their own standard of living it would do much more to help the malaria being inside a building that the bugs can not get into is the best protection. and improved drainage and sanitation would also help.

  59. -Samuel Gompers–organized workers by trade in the American Federation of Labor, and became its first president. Pushed for safe working conditions and fair pay. The AFL is now part of the AFL-CIO. Most of his work as a labor organizer was in the last two decades of the 19th century.Vince Blake

  60. -Elizabeth Cady Stanton–known as the “mother of the women’s rights movement.” She worked with Susan B Anthony in the mid-19th century. She and her husband were both active in the anti-slavery movement also.Diatomaceous earth. Go to and read about it. It works!!! Cheap also

  61. Landen Elijah or Landan Elijah

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