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How Do You Purchase Audible Books

How do I move the books I bought from my audible app to my new phone.

I had to purchase a new and I was wondering because I have alot of books on audio on my audible app how or If I can move them to my new phone. Thanks guys

It would be easiest just to download them straight from Audible. Download the app on the new phone and authorize it, then you can use the app to select and download the books you want. You can also log in to Audible from your computer and select the option to send the files to your phone. Just make sure the phone is connected to wifi, and plug it in since the download will use a fair amount of power, start the app and let it do its thing.

How does audible work.

I am looking into audible to listen to audio books. If I sign up for their monthly membership and get a free book is that my book for life or is it like a rental. Are any books I get through them whether free or paid mine for life? If I cancel my monthly membership how can i still listen to the books.

When you sign up with Audible, you choose a plan. Each plan involves paying a certain amount of money and getting a certain number of credits, usually 1 or 2 credits per month. You use the credits to buy audiobooks, which are generally 1 credit each. You also get a discount for those purchased without credits. You’ll need to download a special downloader from them. The files are in a proprietary format, but can be added to iTunes or WMP. You can then put them on devices like iPods as well as burn them to disc. I haven’t canceled my subscription, but from reading various forums I gather that the books are yours even if you do. And like I said, you can always download them and then burn them to CD to be 100% sure of not losing them. Their FAQ at… says that even if you cancel, you have access to your online library, which implies that you can still re-download the content you purchased as well.I’ve been a member for almost a year and have been very happy with them. I listen to audiobooks while working out and on road trips. They can be kind of addictive. If you decide to join and like fantasy or humor, I highly recommend Agatha H and the Airship City by Phil and Kaja Foglio, which I just finished. They’re also having a sale at the moment with certain books available for 50% off the list price. Free hood books

How does Audible work.

I just downloaded Audible on my iphone but I have no idea how it works. I had an audiobook from itunes and from some reason I can access it from there?I need to download a book but I can’t find where to search for it. When I click on ‘more books’ it says:More BooksAudible is home to a vast catalog….

Audible has several membership programs, but you don’t have to be a member to buy from them. With a membership, you pay either a certain amount per month or per year. Prices vary depending upon the plan. In exchange, you get credits. Most audiobooks cost one credit. This can be a substantial savings. The cheapest plan is something like $15 per month, which gets you one credit per month. That means you can buy a $30 audiobook for $15. Membership also gives you a 30% discount on all titles, plus access to sales. For example, they often have sales where you can buy two books for one credit or three books for two credits. This lowers the average cost per book. They have info on their plans at…Also, Audible is part of Amazon. If you have an Amazon account, you can use that to sign in to They offer a lot of books that they call Whispersync Ready for Voice. Basically, if you buy the Kindle version, you can get the audiobook version at a discount. I’ve purchased Kindle books on sale for under $5 and the matching audiobook for under $5 as well.

Audible get a free book.

ok so i was in yoututbe and a guy was advertising Audibleand he said if we join we can get a free Book of our choosebut when i joined it said i have to pay :/can someone tell me how this thing works

When I signed up for Audible, I got the first two books free and did not have to purchase any books at all. They ask for your credit card, but won’t charge you unless you make a purchase. Audible is part of or somehow linked to Amazon, so it’s credible.Check and see if you get the first two books free and if, afterwards, you can stop your subscription. I did this and they offered me another great deal to stay. It’s worth looking into.

How can I read my kindle books on the audible app.

It’s through kindle, so I would think you can, but I can not figure it out! I just saw though, that I can not send my audible book to my computer. Am I to assume I can not read books I purchase in audible and cannot listen to books I have purchased already? If so that sucks! I am highly disappointed… Does…

I think you’re confused about what Audible is. sells audio books. These are recordings of books read or performed by various readers and performers. They are owned by Amazon. You purchase and download audio books from Audible, which can be played on mp3 players, iPods, or your computer. They are audio files, like music. The audible app is for downloading and listening to audio books purchased from To read Kindle books, install the Kindle app. If you have a Windows PC, download it from…To download and listen to Audible books, download their software from (depending upon your OS). It can be configured to load the audio files directly into iTunes or Windows Media Player.Kindle books and Audible books are two completely different things.Edit – actual Kindles have a feature that allows them to read books to you. However, the voice is robotic and speaks in a monotone and frankly isn’t very good – professionally read audiobooks are far better. I don’t think this feature is available on other hardware, though.

How to access books on Audible app.

I own audio books on kindle, but can only access them on my laptop. I’ve downloaded Audible app, but after signing in it says I own no books. How do I access my books?

Did you register the audible app to the same Amazon account? And you have a valid credit or debit card in that Amazon account?If so, then got to your Amazon site with a browser.Pick menu Your Account… Manage Your Content and DevicesThen you see a list of Amazon content your account ownsPick SHOW: AudiobooksFind the Audiobook you purchased. Click the […] (dot dot dot) next to itPick DeliverChoose your newly registered app

How is audible able to sell audio books legally.

audible has many different books on audio- how do they do that legally?

The purchase the audio rights from the author through the author’s agent and publisher. They have to pay up front (either advance against future royalties or fees to buy those rights), plus the author is paid royalties.The reader is also paid. If it’s the author, they might pay some additional sum as recording fee, or pay a higher royalty rate. If someone other than the author reads the work for recording, they either pay royalties on each copy sold or pay fees outright.

How does audible audio books work.

I am looking into audible to listen to audio books. If I sign up for their monthly membership and get a free book is that my book for life or is it like a rental. Are any books I get through them whether free or paid mine for life? If I cancel my monthly membership how can i still listen to the books.

Once you buy an audiobook, no matter whether you bought it while you had a monthly membership or not, you will have that audiobook forever. If you cancel your membership you will still be able to sign in to your “account” and listen to any previously purchased audiobooks, as well as purchase other audiobooks at full price.

On do you get the audiobook via email.

On how do you receive the audio book? Through mail? email? the website? And can I put the audiobook onto my ipod?

You use an Audible app on your computer. It will link to your account and download what you have purchased. Your player syncs to that.In the case of an iOS device, you use the Audible app, where it directly downloads.In any case, email is just used to send you service notifications, and emails about specials.

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  15. Go to the website (you can sign in directly from Amazon) and sign up for a subscription/package there. After you make your purchase you can download them to your phone.

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  17. How does audible work?

  18. How Does Audible Work

  19. I found there were many malfunctions involving a complicated system. Dealing with the “chat” line was difficult and lengthy. I also did find any written materials on how this system work. I gave up and ended my membership.

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