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How Much Are College Books

how much money is college.

in a public college???? not including scholarships. and with tax and books and stuff

It depends on the college. It varies….a lot. Look up the website of the school(s) you are thinking about attending and look up their tuition and fees. Book costs can’t be predicted as they depend on which classes you take. To attend an out of state school will much more expensive.

How much was the most your college books ever cost.

So I’m buying my required books for the semester and the total cost is almost $1000. (used!!)I’m only taking 4 classes and this just seems ridiculous to me.

$600 – 5 courses, books and lab materials (then again that was 1983).When I was doing my BsE almost 15 years later it cost me $1,200 for books and lab supplies.The cost just keeps going up… professors writing their own books and charging a fortune !!

Confidence ebooks

how much is college per year.

a cheap college

Tuition, books, fees (orientation, parking, lab, gym etc), housing, meal plan (if required), personal expenses (dorm stuff, groceries, office supplies, etc.), travel expenses (so you can go home during breaks and summer) is total cost of attendance.Those are total costs you need to attend or cost of attendance.Colleges are charge different costs. here are some low ones:…

How much harder is college.

how much harder are college text books compared to AP text books? I’m currently having difficulty completely understanding Campbell’s AP biology book. The wording is difficult and sometimes, it gets confusing when he uses difficult unfamiliar term vocabulary in describing processes. Sometimes, it is so…

Usually AP textbooks are the same textbooks used in college. The level of difficulty of college classes varies depending on the subject, professor, and course level. My introductory biology courses (for science majors) used the Campbell’s book, and in my experience anyway, the material itself wasn’t harder. What was harder were the exams and the pace with which we were expected to learn. My professors expected more than just memorization, they wanted you to apply what you learned. I don’t know for sure, but I would expect AP textbooks to be used in introductory courses so they would get harder to understand (for the sciences at least).

How much is college tuition.

Well, are you going to attend a community (county) college, or a University?Community College benefits:-close to home-affordable-don’t have to live on campus-guarenteed acceptance-2 year associate’s degree programsUniversity benefts:-living on campus OR at home-more expensive-may not be close to home/may be in another state/may require you to move-competitive and hard to get into if you don’t have the best gradesIf you don’t have money to fund your education, then you should consider going to a community college for the first 2 years to get your associates degree. This way, you will save THOUSANDS of dollars by taking the basic courses that are required for your major/career. Then, you will know for sure that your credits will transfer to a University. Many community colleges have articulation agreements with the local Universities where as soon as you finish the associates degree, you automatically transfer and are guarenteed acceptance into a University. You have to apply before hand to get in these types of programs.If you go onto your county college’s website now, you can actually find out how much they charge for each credit. Universities mostly don’t post this information on their websites, but expect to pay atleast $10,000/year for a University.An example of my community collegeeach credit costs $80general service fee of $20 per creditplus any lab costs($20-$100 for each class)So if you are taking a Biology course that is 4 credits, multiply 80 x 4, then 80 x 20, plus a $44 lab fee for the course – and that’s your tuition for that class. Then, figure that you will spend atleast $100 in books for each class that you take. You can get a good idea of how much school will cost.If you go onto the community college’s website and search through the Spring 2009 Credit schedule booklet – you can see how much they charge for each credit.I am currently taking 3 classes and my $1500 in Financial Aid pays for everything – it covers tuition and books. I haven’t paid a DIME since I started college. So if you figure $1500 multiplied by 3 semesters (Spring, Summer, Fall), that means my community college costs for 1 year about $4500. That is $5000 less than a University.Good luck!!!

How much are online colleges.

Do online colleges cost the same as regular colleges?What are good online colleges to attend?

Depends on the type of online college, if you chose a public school that offers online programs, then you pay the typical in or out of state cost depend on where you live. Private online colleges are typically in a slightly higher price bracket as they are able to set their own tuition each year.I went to University of Phoenix for one of my degrees and I really enjoyed it for my Master’s program. To me, the material and courses I took were geared towards the specific area I wanted to focus on and I felt like I had great instructors and received education as great as a typical college. The tuition last year for each semester was around $7500 including books. It’s pricy, but consider not having to drive anywhere , go to a library to do research, or present in front of class. It worked great for my objective as a family person with a busy professional life. Good luck on decisions!Some other colleges you should look into as well are Ottowa University, Western International, Walden University, and any local college that offers online/distance learning programs.

how much money is college.

in a public college???? not including scholarships. and with tax and books and stuff

Tuition can vary widely from one college and region of the country to another. Staying on campus in a dorm can also be costly but may cost less than renting an apartment. If you can go to college and live at home you can save the living expenses. If there is a college that you would like to attend you may want to speak with admissions or check online to see if they publish their costs. Most colleges charge by the credit hour. Most consider 12-15 hours of undergraduate hours as full time. As an undergraduate I would expect that your tuition will run around $1,800-2,500 per semester. Books can run $80 or more each. At today’s prices I would expect about $500-800 per semester. These costs can vary according to the courses and school. Colleges usually charge more in the Northeast and West Coast. Community colleges are less expensive that 4 year colleges. You will likely pay about 1/2 the tuition in a community college as you would in a regular 4 year state college. Private colleges are much more expensive. Tuition can easily run well over $25,000/year at some private colleges. Books should be about the same whether you go to a private or state college.

Is the kidnle good for college books. and how much are the books for kindle.

im in college and each book is costing me like 70-100 dollars and idk if kindle would help me sve money? how much are the books and stuff. give me some feedback thanks

I’ve mentioned quite a lot about college textbooks on the Kindle here: love my Kindle very much. If you are thinking of buying a Kindle, I’ll say get it and you won’t regret. Since Amazon provide books for the Kindle cheaper than actual books, it has saved me quite a lot of money. Right now I’ve read over 10 books with the Kindle, and I really like the idea that I can bring and store all the books with the handy device. Besides, it uses the e-ink technology, so even I read with the device for long hours, I don’t feel tired. My only complaint is the white case, right now all the Kindles are in white color… I think it will be cool if I can have a black or deep blue color Kindle ;)I’ll suggest you to read this review from a top reviewer, it outlines quite a lot of benefits of the Kindle and also why it is worth especially at the end of the review: this helps.

how much are college books typically.

This really varies.For a given semester, if you can get used books, you can pay as little as $20 or as much as $300, depending on which classes you’re in and how many books are assigned. If you get all new, it could run from $50 to $500. You’ll probably be able to get a combination of used and new in most cases and pay on average $150-300 per semester on textbooks.If you can get good deals on used books from or, you could pay close to nothing for textbooks. I would suggest steering clear of the actual campus bookstore, because colleges love to jack up the price.Make sure, however, if you buy your books from anywhere beside the bookstore, that you have the proper edition of the book.

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39 thoughts on “How Much Are College Books

  1. I could not use a Kindle for academic purposes (learning or teaching).

  2. I had to pay around $450 for all four of mine. I felt that it was a bit much but when I look back, it wasn’t that bad because a couple of them were packages. So technically, I got six or seven books for around $450.

  3. I have found that highlighting and using PostIt tabs to mark pages facilitates retrieval of information needed at some time after first reading it.

  4. It’s only 0 if you get a full ride scholarship, which is unlikely for many people.

  5. Dear ,i started crying when i was paying for it example, in my area books typically range individually from $30-90. sometimes you can buy them used for slightly less, and sometimes you need to buy more than one book.

  6. However to me, the most valuable thing about the Kindle is not textbooks, but ability to get all my favorite books into it and I can bring it everywhere. I can make notes and reference dictionary all with the handy device, and can even have it read books to me. I remember I read this review when I decided to get my Kindle:It will never drop, it will only rise because colleges are not run like a retail business. They decide how much they are going to spend (their budget) and then raise the money they think they need through tuition hikes. And people already expect to borrow money to pay for college so there is little push-back. Plus, you cannot really have a bright future without that degree unless you are brilliantly talented at something, and lucky. So you pay.

  7. Probably around 500 give or take.

  8. $430 for 3 classes

  9. I think close to $500 (probably mid-400).

  10. Good luck

  11. Other tips: See if you can buy the older editions. Also, try and ebay and amazon!

  12. Community College in California at least can go for only a few dollars for a course. State schools including room and board can go up to around 20,000 a year, but your education will pay off in the end. Private schools I hear horror stories of up to 40,000 a year. Apply for grants and scholarships.

  13. It depends on the college. Sorry wish I could give more but it all depends.

  14. depends on the class–you might want to walk around a bookstore to just read the titles and check the costs in your area. it depends heavily on the class. for example, if you are taking a literature class you may have to buy several softcover books that can be very inexpensive; if you are taking a language class there might be a very expensive textbook and a workbook as well.As for the accreditation, in some countrie they don’t give too much weight to the degree.

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  16. For textbooks not available for the Kindle, I bought them from Amazon. I got both used and new textbooks there, because they often give good discount and it saves me quite a lot of money. You may want to look for them early or there will be less and less choice for used books there:

  17. I’m a college student and I’ve the Kindle too. Right now only some textbooks are available for the Kindle, but not all. I’ve got several textbooks on my Kindle, yes they are cheaper than paper version and it also saves me some heavy weights. Just expect that not all textbooks are available and you better search with textbook titles in the Kindle store to see if they are there:

  18. Yes, it can work for students. See a review here from a student who is an owner of the Kindle DX:medical books

  19. Buy the international edition if you can! You will save a BUTTLOAD of money!

  20. Best of luck

  21. So, as for myself, I would think globally and join a regular program.

  22. I will recommend you

  23. $850 wasted for something i’m barely gonna useHope it helps 🙂

  24. Heh. Nothing boosts the price of a book like the words: “Required text”

  25. Anywhere from $0-50,000-ish. Depends on the school and the amount of financial/merit aid you receive.Gets a lot more complicated and complex have to admit but at that stage you will be kind of used to it

  26. i was depressed that day

  27. That depends on the school.

  28. [/DELDUP]Geez.. that’s a lotEspecially if the author’s name, by some remarkable coincidence, is identical to that of the professor teaching the class.

  29. around 100, average.

  30. i ABSOULTELY agree with what the person above said; you can get a good deal buying books online or from non-college bookstores but MAKE SURE you have the right book and edition. nothing is worse than paying for a book and shipping and finding out the first day it’s the book from three years ago.

  31. It can vary widely. My first semester, books cost me about $700, then the next semester I spent about $250. It really helps to use sites like where you can get books cheaper than what the school’s bookstore sells them for. Barnes and Noble and Amazon also can have some really good deals online.

  32. do not purchase a kindle in basic terms for college books. first of each and every of the fee distinction between kindle version and new version won’t be that important. as properly, it relatively is not going that each and each physique your college books would be obtainable on kindle. in case you do have a kindle already or you have been making plans to purchase one lower back, particular verify the fee distinction between kindle type and used books, yet I reckon used books is probably to be greater inexpensive.

  33. 5 books for $850

  34. About 300. Why don’t you just rent them? You don’t have book vouchers?

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