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Books On How To Cook

Instructional cook book.

I would like to write an instructional cook book. One that teaches to you how to make a meal, not just a recipe book. I have done some research online and couldn’t find anything like this. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Does it sound like it is something people would buy?

The closest books I’ve seen to this are Mastering the Art of French Cooking and the Joy of Cooking. The French Cooking book is very specific with its instructions and shows key techniques for each type of dish made (for example, how to make an omelette properly), while the Joy of Cooking has sections on how to host an event, placesettings, how to can food safely, how to clean a rabbit, and so on. As far as weaknesses go, I don’t think either really cover food plating/presentation.Considering both of these books are seen as classics, I’d definitely say there’s a market for an instructional cookbook.

how to publish a cook book .

Your publishing endeavors should be based on your experience and your budget.If you have a successful restaurant or are writing a cookbook on a very unique style of cooking, then you should look for a literary agent and seek publishing through a major publishing house. They may or may not pick up your project, but your expertise will increase your chances of being published.If you are yet unknown to the public, you may want to self publish or go through what is known as a “vanity publishing” company. Vanity publishers are really book producers who put it all together for you for a fee. However, with the right amount of time, research, and personal resources, you can usually do the same for yourself. It really boils down to how much time and energy you have to invest in doing the work yourself.If you decide to let someone else produce your book, whether it be a major or vanity publisher, make sure to have a lawyer review any and all contracts before you sign.Also, cookbooks usually have a lot of great photography, so if you plan on attempting to publish it yourself, you need to partner with an experienced photographer who has his or her own studio (not just a collection of cameras).Do some more independent research on publishing cookbooks and see what turns up.I hope this helps,I.C. JacksonJackson Proofreading and Editing

Free audio books reddit

What’s a good book to start learning how to cook.

I’m reluctant to call it a cook book because that has the implication of a recipe book. I’m more looking for something that can help explain how cooking works, what does what and so on.Like, I know that eggs help make food more fluffy (for lack of a better word), sugar more sweet, butter sweetens but…

Ah, a curious-about-how-and-why type of cook, or potential cook… good!Cooking will be much more interesting to you, not to mention easier to do once you figure out some of those things.There are all kinds of hows and whys associated with cooking though.You mentioned a few things about ingredients (eggs, sugar, etc), and those would certainly be some. For some of those, you might want to check out making “breads” since ingredients can change the outcome a lot.Here’s one explanation by “The Reluctant Gourmet” (who’s a good person to check out anyway for all his other cooking stuff–see below):…And these cooks are good at explaining the hows and whys too (some will also be at YouTube):Reluctant Gourmet:….Jacques Pepin’s shows: Bittman (3 pages/seasons)Ming Tsai’s “technique” videos: (click on archives, and season 9 especially)Jamie Oliver (can do search for “how to”)Todd Mohr: (he used to have many more free, but now sells DVD’s of concentrated info)Culinary Arts at (their section on cooking methods): (this is mostly a fee-based site now, but you can still find a few good technique and other videos for free, like this one:Cooks Illustrated Online (another fee-based one)Other sites like the Chowhound boards, Cooking Light, and many many more, also have great explanatory info and videos/etc.Check out some of the stuff I’ve written before about understanding the structure and basics of “cooking”, and also some suggestions for resources for beginning cooks:;_ylt=AjYpzhMog8.7R7CS.tyd5WPsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20070306102835AA1Y29H(….had to MOVE 2 of these links below, under Sources)Here’s some info from my files on “good books” for beginners who also want to understand cooking:1…Cook’s Illustrated’s (huge) The Best 30-Minute Recipe2…Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything.”You can find both at any bookstore or hopefully still at Costco.Bittman’s book I just purchased myself, and even though I only really started to learn how to cook about 7 years ago, I love it because I find I still learn so much from it.3…Joy of Cooking…however be careful of the EDITION you get…the current edition is excellent but the one that proceeded it is not (check info at amazon).Then if you really want serious details about the chemistry of what’s going on in cooking and much more, check out books, blogs, and articles by people like Harold McGhee, Shirley Corriher, Alton Brown, etc, as well as some of the people listed above.For books, always check out the “customer reviews” for a book at amazon to let you know which one you might be interested in (whether new or used version).Have fun!

Books on How to learn Advanced Cooking Skills (Haute Cuisine).

I am a keen cook, and want to get into more advanced food. Specifically, I was watching MasterChef (BBC UK) where the contestants cook all manner of Haute Cuisine – think small portions, perfect presentation, big taste etc.I believe what this comes down it is food presentation, recipe ideas and advanced…

Take a look at The French Laundry Cookbook by Thomas Keller.He shares recipes from his restaurant and the book has been called his culinary manifesto.It is advanced. If you are looking for easier techniques for at home, his Ad Hoc at Home book is also very good.

where can I buy books for a diabetic,on what to eat and how to cook for one.93637.

The hard part is cooking for one person!! That is really rough. But if you are looking for books to tell you how to cook for diabetic persons in general, try the South Beach Living cook books.South Beach Living and the Atkins phase 2 food plans are nearly perfect for diabetics of either type. They are low carb food plans with sufficient protein and fats for a healthy livestyle.Low carb means giving up most of the cereals, grains, potatoes, corn, carrots, peas, dried beans, soft sweet fruits, and some milk products. They all raise glucose levels almost intolerably. So have those things in extremely small servings if at all.Salads are great!! with a little meat and cheese on them they are more than sufficient and can be varied daily. I have mine with real salad dressings, not any of that diet junk that is so vinegary.

Books on how to cook meth illegal.

First of all, I am a teacher living in Missouri and we have a pretty bad meth epidemic here. I teach high school kids. I would like to educate them about drugs and hopefully save some young lives from drug addiction.My question is, is it illegal to purchase Uncle Fester’s book “Secrets of…

By showing the book and introducing it to them you will also show them how to cook that [email protected] I have a feeling you know the ingredients already, so explain that to them and get a life.

how to learn cooking.

I can`t cook now.I want to food delicious as soon as I can ,how should I do?

Try these steps:1. Listen to your gut instincts and trust them. This is the first important rule in cooking. You must listen to your inner knowledge of what foods work well for you, what foods combine well when cooked and what tastes good. All of this you should already know from having eaten other people’s food all of your life; you just probably haven’t taken the time to focus on these finer points. Get a pen and paper and write down your feelings about food in its cooked form and some of these food combinations and tastes will start to become clear to you.2. Get some good quality cookbooks. Avoid the trap for young players to buy lots of cookbooks; that will only drive you nuts. Choose some that appeal to you and that have glorious photos of food to inspire you.3. Sit down somewhere quiet and read through these books as you would look at a magazine or a book or artwork. Don’t try to understand all the terminology just yet. Take time instead to ingest the feel, the aromas, the look etc. of the food as suggested by the cookbook. A good cookbook is often one that includes the author’s personal experiences with cooking, including the disasters and stories on how he or she coped with learning to cook. This is the “pinch of inspiration” that is crucial to becoming a good cook.4. Start learning the terminology. So now you have one pinch desire and one pinch inspiration. Now you need one pinch technical know-how. Learn the basic terms. You should know what it means to grill, to fry, to saute, to julienne, to baste etc. Your quality cookbooks should have these terms. If not, just search online. These terms are the keys to unlocking good cooking.5. Try a simple recipe first. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the oven and hotplates before you get into the recipe too far. Make sure you are comfortable with using these items. Same for any appliances such as blenders and the like. Never, never, never attempt a Michelin star recipe when you are a novice or you will turn away from cooking for life. That is the stuff of chefs and you only want to be a cook. So select a basic, simple recipe and follow it step by step – absolutely. It is important to understand that “innate cooking” will come in time but for now, you need to rely on the cookbook’s instructions a little more closely.6. Keep trying out simple recipes. In the course of a week to a month, you should be starting to feel more confident about cooking by yourself, all without the aid of any classes and relying solely on your hand-picked cookbooks, your innate sense of taste and your built-up knowledge of cooking terms and appliances.7. Vary your new recipes. It is time to start being creative and varying your recipes slightly once you feel confident with your first simple recipes. Spice it up with curry powder or add a different herb to begin with. As time goes on, you will become more and more confident at varying other people’s recipes and creating your own. This is where you cease to copy and start to just cook from the heart and soul. And by this time, you should be hooked and loving it because you have beaten this path all by yourself.Hope I helped you….:-)

I need to learn how to cook.

I have no idea how to cook anything from scratch..all I can cook is what has instructions on the back…I want to be able to prepare meals and bake stuff. Help me please?

Get the cook book “How To Cook Everything” by Mark Bittman. It is thorough, easy to read and will be helpful for you in beginning to cook. Watch cooking shows on TV. If you have the Food Network or PBS look for cooking shows there to teach you basic techniques and to learn from the chefs and cooks there. Ask a family member to help you and to teach you what they know. Go to websites online to learn information on how to cook and to get recipes (,, Have fun!

Buying books on how to cook meth.

Is it illegal to buy books like “Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture” by Uncle Fester? This book is sold on Amazon. It is either totally legal because of freedom of speech or the feds and cops are watching everyone who buys those books. So is it legal or not?

buddy, let me tell you something. if you don’t know what you’re doing and try one of those recipes you’re probably going to screw something up royally. also, stuff like that is like the anarchy cookbook. none of it’s reliable. just having the phed or the anhy is gonna land you in a ton of trouble.

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60 thoughts on “Books On How To Cook

  1. Betty crocker its the best one got it as a nuptials present and used it ever since and i have a LOT of them thats the BEST

  2. my favorite sites for finding good recipes are2

  3. Buy some cooking books or search some cooking videos online.

  4. Pick another favorite chef and repeat the process.Check out the American Diabeties Association or the American Heart Association who put out some great cook books.

  5. No.

  6. ***You can use the chicken salad as a sandwich filling.***

  7. The Joy of Cooking: Irma Rombauer, Marion Becker and Ethan Becker

  8. 1/2 cup celery (diced)1

  9. Cut the chicken breasts into small cubes, beat the egg in one bowl and in another bowl mix equal amounts of bread crumbs and parmesan (I usually just eyeball it, you can always add more if you run out)

  10. Heat olive oil in a large pan and start your rice (make however much you like) and once all your chicken is coated brown it on all sides

  11. Some of the popular books are:It is perfectly legal to purchase that book. It is freedom of speech. However if you attempt to perform what the book says then it becomes illegal.

  12.…Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff I

  13. Milkfollow the instructions given exactly

  14. yes it is illegel to buy this book and you must be very carefull not to step out of school meathods of teaching and not getinvolved in something like this it could get you into trouble with the school board and the school and by police or paerents of the school kids in your classroom i would advise you not to buy this it could cause concerns with others caution is reqiured when taching this i’m glad that you are teaching them this is bad what you could do is check with the school office and the school board on this book if it is ok for you to buy it or not. good luck hobbyiest o/a

  15. LOL

  16. Avoid sugar and high amounts of carbohydrates. Eat balanced meals with whole grains at regular times. Losing weight helps control diabetes.

  17. For easy chocolate recipes go the the All Chocolate page.3

  18. Cooking books.

  19. Rice1/8 cup dried cranberriesBoth sites below have great recipes to check out. Maybe you’ll find other sites you like by doing a search for diabetic recipes. There’s hundreds of them and I have a collection of recipes I saved over the years I’ll gladly share. If you email me asking for the recipes and other sites I do have available, just put you’re from Yahoo Answers, please.

  20. Sausage Casserole1/4 cup raisinsThere are several Step by Step websites.

  21. Italian Bread Crumbs1 cup pineapple (diced)I always recommend you start with your favorite foods. If you like chicken, find easy ways to make chicken. If Chocolate is your favorite sweet food to eat, find easy things to make. I like to encourage people to also start with casseroles as they are easy and tasty.Combine all ingredients in a bowl until well combined and chill. Serve with a lettuce garnish.Read them.Read the Acknowledgments and Bibliography – note the names of chefs who influenced the author, and the books he cites.…If you like spaghetti and pizza find a spaghetti pizza bake along with a tater tot casserole, mexican pizza and meatloaf at:(all very easy to make)No, it’s not illegal to sell it, or purchase it, or posses it, might be very suspicious, but not illegal. First amendment and all that. However, you should be aware that all the information needed can be found in the school library to any student willing to take the time to study it.

  22. Explore your knowledge into cooking by reading cookbooks written by the experts.

  23. The Culinary Institute of America has some great videos on their website.However if you’re just starting out I suggest lessons from a hands on teacher so that you can learn the techniques you need to be succesfull.You don’t even have to go to a cooking school for the lessons.Ask someone who you know that cooks really well if they’ll teach you.You supply the ingredients they supply the knowhow and then the two of you dine on the products of your lesson.

  24. The Fireside Cookbook: James BeardTry and find an old cookbook called the joy of cooking. Its very helpful to me as an amateur, and it has explanations on how to do certain things with great old recipes. It even has illustrations of certain tools that you need to use for certain things. One note is that it is old and so some things need to be substituted. I have learned a lot from it. The recipes are American, French, Scandinavians, and all kinds of cuisines 🙂 I hope you’ll look it up. It really is pretty good

  25. 2 Tablespoons apple juicePick any cookbook by your favorite not sure if its illegal to buy a book like can buy glass pipes leaglly as long as you dont use them to smoke drugs with…Idea:..get a list of some of the ingredients used to make meth and the effects they have on the the billboards with 30 yr old women looking like they are 80 with rotten teeth and hearts of mush.

  26. Check out Alton Brown – “Good Eats” on Food Network and on Alton is an excellent teacher and he talks a lot about the science of cooking. Just the kinds of questions you are asking. Not just what but WHY and HOW. Just the resource you need.

  27. have you tried any of Julia Child’s books?

  28. Cook on low heat until chicken is cooked all the way through and the sauce has thickened.3 cups chicken breast (cooked and cubed)You don’t need to buy books, just check on line for diabetic cooking for one and you’ll get a host of sites to check out.…Dip the chicken in the egg and then in the breadcrumb/cheese mixChicken Piccata1/2 cup mayonnaiseOne of the ways I’ve used is doing a Yahoo or Google search. Type the words Diabetic Diets. This will give you many options.

  29. here are some of my favorites:

  30. It is perfectly legal to purchase that book. It is freedom of speech. However if you attempt to perform what the book says then it becomes illegal.

  31.…Best of luck. You will do great, because you want to learn!

  32. Pizza CasseroleEggs (3 or 4)

  33. ( While a variety and quantity of books are necessary, acquisition can be taken to extremes. I recall touring the culinary museum at Johnson-Wales in Rhode Island; in a gymnasium sized hall, they had just mounted a display of the kitchen collection of a great chef- and collector-, who had willed it to the university. Cookers of all types, utensils of all but forgotten purpose, – the gym was quite full. I asked after cookbooks, seeing few on the display floor, and was told they were still being catalogued… all 12,000 of them. )

  34. Good luck!

  35. cup walnutsLa Rousse’s Gastronomique Creative Cooking Course A complete course on the art of cooking 1200 recipes 500 photos. The Joy of Cooking, Betty Crocker Cookbook has step by step illustrated instructions on certain procedures but only in the hard cover. Fannie Farmer Cook Book a huge compendium including pictures of tools and gadgets cuts of meat methods of cooking and many recipes. Escoffier’s book one of the greatest of French Chef’… Julia Child’s book and TV program. There are some on Youtube.Boneless skinless chicken breasts (however many you like, I do 3 or 4)

  36. Advanced Cooking Skills

  37. The pleasant approach is to start general with like an normal betty crocker cook guide and excellent means is trial and error. Try things u like first whether or not its baking (cakes cookies breads) or grilling meats or making part dishes or casseroles. Stick with the recipes in the beginning its most important to just do what they are saying. And observe makes perfect it may not taste just how u want it the primary time around don’t get discouraged after the 2nd or third time u may have the dangle of it more. As soon as u get that down u can are trying experimenting a lil. It relatively is a learning method. It does take time and practise, typically have fun with it . Hope this helps a lil. 🙂

  38. You will find many super easy recipes on my site and I encourage you to check it out. Find a couple of things that you really like and make them. The salads are easy as is some of the side dishes.

  39. They have the great insights into culinary and very useful information is shared by keeping in mind about the beginners. Apart from this, if you are interested in choosing a career in culinary, then also you can do it by going into one of the top culinary schools.

  40.'m trying get some $ with please click it, you won’t lose anything. Try this solid affiliate program. I suggest it to you. Best money stategy program!

  41. Once chicken is brown add two cans of cream of celery soup and two cans of milk2 Tablespoons sweet onion (minced)Grated Parmesan Cheese

  42. Absolutely!!! Better Homes & gardens is the bible of all cookbooks. Its been round considering the 50’s & has been revised more commonly by way of the years. The recipes are realistic & transparent & I’ve on no account made a unmarried factor that wasn’t Great!!! The ebook may even have menu suggestions & suggestions for placing foods in combination. Weights & measures, substitutions and many others…Table environment & Entertaining. I nonetheless use my moms & my grandmothers BBG cookbooks as good as my possess. I’m instructing my three year historical to prepare dinner from the identical recipes. Good success! Look for the conventional pink & white exams!

  43. I would definitely tune into the food network every once in awhile, you’ll get some great ideas. Here’s one of my recipes it’s one of my husbands favorite meals and is soooo that website has easy to follow video’s ! also yahoo shine chef Fabio has easy to follow video’s a video seeing how its done is better than a cookbook. remember these simple rules, low and slow cooking tastes better, and use what you have .when ever you cook something do not over season it, you season than you can reseason as you go.good luck and have fun

  44. Uncle Fester Books

  45. I learn cooking through the recipe which is posted onto the internet, it is helpful

  46. get the food network some pots, pans, cutlery, utensils, food and just practice

  47. Baked Crumbled Chicken

  48. Larousse Gastronomic is the chef’s bible in term of cooking terminology and method.

  49. Just get some recipes then cook, cook and cook.Serve chicken over rice.No one book will give the self-trained chef even a fraction of the skills and trucs(sic) of a master chef; you will end up acquiring a fair sized shelf or two of books.SJ-SC-CA Incredible Chicken Salad

  50. I have recipes for grilled chicken breast, chicken kabobs and great burger and steak recipes at this link:If you really want books stores like Walden Books and Amazon or Borders have loads of them.

  51. 2 cans of Cream of Celery Soup

  52. read recipes until you find one you want to cook and have all the ingredients in your pantry.Betty Crocker’s Cookbook: Betty Crocker______________________________________…

  53. How to Cook Everything: Mark BittmanTrack down as many of those books as you can – inevitably, many will be out of print, and have to be searched for at the used book shops.

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