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How Many Books Have Been Sold

how can I find out how many books have been sold by a particular author.

Are there sites that track book sales?

You can check with Ingram and Baker & Taylor. That won’t tell you how many are sold direct from the publisher, but those two distributors handle the vast majority of books and account for the lion’s share of books sold.

How many Stephen King books have been sold.

Would anyone happen to be able to tell me how many copies of Stephen King books such as It, The Shining and Pet Cemetery have been sold, or have any leads that could help me find the information?

Well 20 of Stephen King’s novels are bestsellers so I am guessing A LOT.But from the websites listed below it says that over a million copies have been sold for his best sellers.Hope I helped!

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is there a website i can go to too see how many copies of a specific book has been sold.

for example how many copies of a certain book has been sold

some publishers sometimes release details of the number of copies some of their books have sold but in the vast majority of cases the number sold is a commercial secret between publisher/author/agentyou may get lucky and find details for a particular book on many sites including wikipedia but for most you won’t find any sales details

Where can I look to find out how many copies of books have been sold after they’ve been published.

If you can, please provide a free resource that states the number of copies sold after a publishing date.

There’s not really a good way to find out the number of books sold– at least not FREE. BookScan is the only one I know and that is indeed fee based.Publishers tend to be a bit cagey with that information. If it’s a big best seller Publishers Weekly will list it with print runs– these are the books that have 100,000 copies in print, or 50,000 copies in print, that sort of thing. Actually sold copies are more difficult to figure because of the nature of publishing. A bookstore may buy 20 copies, sell three and return the rest; often books end up being remaindered, which means they are sold cheaply to a discount book place like Edward R. Hamilton.Plus, if a book goes through different editions, different publishers may handle that, or different publishers for different countries. It can get VERY complicated. I’m not saying that there aren’t ways to do it, but it’s not easily found or else it is a pay service. From the wikipedia article on bestsellers:…VerifiabilityBestseller reports from companies such as, which appear to be based strictly on auditable sales to the public, may be at odds with bestseller lists compiled from more casual data, such as the New York Times lists’ survey of retailers and publishers. The exact method for ranking the New York Times bestseller lists is a closely-guarded secret.This situation suggests a similar one in the area of popular music. In 1991, Billboard magazine switched its chart data from manual reports filed by stores, to automated cash register data collected by a service called SoundScan. The conversion saw a dramatic shake-up in chart content from one week to the next.Today, many lists come from automated sources. Booksellers may use their POS (point-of-sale) systems to report automatically to Book Sense. Wholesalers such as the giant Ingram Book Group have bestseller calculations similar to Amazon’s, but they are available only to subscribing retailers. Barnes & Noble and other large retail chains collect sales data from retail outlets and their Web sites to build their own bestseller lists.Nielsen BookScan U.S. is perhaps the most aggressive attempt to produce a completely automatic and trusted set of bestseller lists. They claim to be gathering data directly from cash registers at more than 4,500 retail locations, including independent bookstores, large chains such as Barnes & Noble, Powell’s Books, and Borders, and the general retailer Costco. Unlike the consumer-oriented lists, BookScan’s data is extremely detailed and quite expensive. Subscriptions to BookScan cost up to $75,000 per year, but it can provide publishers and wholesalers with an accurate picture of book sales with regional and other statistical analyses.”

How many copies of Sherlock Holmes books have been sold.

I can’t seem to find a source telling me this, so can you find a website that states how many copies of the Sherlock Holmes’ books/short stories have been sold?

Oh boy. I’m going too put it lilke this. The books have been around for 120 years, more or less, with many different editions, collections and omnibuses printed in every single modern written language and they never seem to go out of print. So the actual number has been lost and by now it would be virtually impossible for anyone to find a deffinite number, the most accurate estimate would be: More than Harry Potter and Less than the Bible.

How do I know how many copies of my book have been sold by my editor.

I am just about to publish my first book. How will I know how many copies have been sold? Will the editor tell me the truth about the number of copies that have been sold? Is there a way that I can find out for myself?

An editor has absolutely nothing to do with selling your book. An editor just works for the publisher.And these are questions you should be asking your publisher.If it’s a legitimate publisher who has paid you for the manuscript, you can trust them. They’re not going to go risking their reputation by lying to their authors.If you’re talking about a vanity press or self publishing company, well, they all work differently – you’ll just have to check their terms and conditions and ask if you’re not sure.

How many books on tape were sold.

The number of books sold was 4 times the number of books-sold-on-tape sold. Books cost $5 each and books-on-tape cost $6 each. If $910 was collected, how many books-on-tape were sold?A. 25B. 140C. 35D. 6

Let:x = number of books soldy = number of books-sold-on tapeBy using the information from the problem, we have:x = 4y5x + 6y = 910By substitution method, substitute x with 4y for the second equation:5(4y) + 6y = 91020y + 6y = 91026y = 910y = 910/26y = 35OPTIONAL (checking your answers):Substitute that value for either equation.x = 4yx = 4(35)x = 1405x + 6(35) = 9105x + 210 = 9105x = 700x = 700/5x = 140Hence, 35 books-on-tape were sold.I hope this helps!

How can I find out how many copies of a given book have been sold.

What web site or resource would have accurate info on best selling books and how many copies were sold?

This site… gives some of the information you want; it lists the top ten (selling) books of all time and some have approximate numbers.This site has a list, but not numbers sold:…This site has some of the U.K.’s best sellers, but again no numbers sold:…Wikipedia has a more expansive list of all-time bestsellers and approximate copies here: which is a very interesting site to check.

How many Harry Potter books have been sold total.

Including book 7; cite sources please.Thanks! cites “Times UK” as stating more than 325 million copies of the first six books had been sold as of April 2007.12 million copies of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” were released for the first print run according to “Times UK,” and “BBC News” states that 11 million copies of the book sold worldwide in the first 24 hours of sales.The Times UK article stating 325 million copies sold of first six installments and 12 million slated for first release of the seventh is here: BBC News article on “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” first day sales is here: article on the Harry Potter series is here:’m sorry I can’t offer a more exact figure, but I hope these help.

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  1. [DELDUP()]Let B = number of books sold

  2. Probably not as the book will be distributed among the many outlets.4T*5 + T*6 = 910

  3. Let’s say x is the amount of books sold, and y is the amount of boos-on-tape sold.Then 5x + 6y = 910 from the question.

  4. B*5 + T*6 = 910325 million copies.

  5. books=5×4=20 +6=26

  6. Stephen King Books Sold

  7. 20T + 6T = 910

  8. Good questions all.I trust Lynn, you are able to have been paid for the books you offered. in case you haven’t any longer then, deliver that up inclusive of your writer. Re-study your settlement, touch your criminal expert etc. additionally bypass out and purchase your self some books that teach you elementary approaches to marketplace your e book. have you ever considered merchandising your books to amazon etc? or maybe making it as an e book? bypass and do a splash analyze on ebooks, you in basic terms choose your particularly e book and replica it to the likes of Kindle etc. you will get observed extra that way and additionally you will no longer could spend plenty, Amazon working example will purely take a share out of your e book income. so as which will save you having to reserve extra challenging copies. they have all offered (apparently)- that doesn’t sound so solid. you’ll be holding on suitable of your e book sales and the place they are going to. it is your pastime, fantastically which you have self revealed. if your e book sells over an volume, why do no longer you sound a question letter to an agent? Telling them what number copies you have offered, some might settle for you seeing as you have already found out your e book is marketable. i truthfully do no longer be conscious of what else to assert to assist you :S

  9. Do you have an agent? It may be wise to get one.

  10. 35 books on tape were sold

  11. There will be records.

  12. srry i forget wat site.

  13. try

  14. B = 4TBooks on Tape sold = 35

  15. You publisher may be a crook, many of them are.Over 9,000!!! D: 20y + 6y = 910 => 26y = 910 => y = 910/26 = 35.

  16. So; 35 books-on-tape were sold. (C)

  17. T =

  18. But then, they could say the same thing about you.

  19. Selling used books (other than first additions or signed copies) usually does not bring high profits. You may want to consider donating your books to an assisted living facility in your area. The people there are always looking for things to read. Not only will you be doing a good deed, you will also get a tax deduction.

  20. And also we know that x = 4*y.

  21. 26T = 910

  22. just type it in google and the site will come up!

  23. But seriously, I have no clue either. =(

  24. like the person in front of me said…alot of them though…no wonder JK Rowling is a billionaire…

  25. B = 4*35 = 140

  26. 910/26=35

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