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How To Exchange Audible Books

What is the best AT&T phone.

Right now I’ve got a samsung solstice I like the 3G web browser but all the other cool features seem to require a subscription or payment of some kind. I don’t want to pay a hundred bucks a month for a iPhone. right now I’m on a family plan with unlimited everything so if that helps at all. Thanks in…

You can consider buying1)Motorola BACKFLIP Android Phone (AT&T)*Fast 3G connectivity via AT&T’s HSDPA/UMTS network (850/1900 MHz bands; 3.6/7.2 Mbps speeds with network availability).*Powered by the Android operating system (version 1.5) with deep integration of Google services and access to thousands of apps to customize your phone via the Android Market. (Learn more)*Innovative widget-based MOTOBLUR overlay to Android automatically delivers Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Gmail, and work and personal e-mail updates to the home screen in easy-to-view streams so there is no need to open and close different mobile applications. (Learn more)*Update Facebook, MySpace and Twitter at once instead of opening individual apps as well as upload your photos to Facebook, MySpace, Picasa and Photobucket.*MOTOBLUR continuously displays your friends’ latest profile pics as part of your texts, calls, e-mails and address book.*View your friends your way: MOTOBLUR lets you view friends from A to Z, by contact history or in groups you make yourself.*Customize your home screen with your favorite widgets and short cuts*Your information is continuously updated and backed up into a secure environment, so you’re connected and protected even if you lose your phone.*GPS navigation capabilities via AT&T Navigator service includes audible turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic updates and re-routing options.*Built-in accelerometer and eCompass for use with location and orientation apps.*3.1-inch touchscreen display (320 x 480 pixels, 65K colors)*5-megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom, LED flash, video capture (24 fps), and easy uploading of videos to YouTube,*Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g) for accessing home and corporate networks as well as hotspots while on the go.*Bluetooth connectivity (version 2.0) includes profiles for communication headset, hands-free car kits, and the A2DP Bluetooth profile–enabling you to wirelessly stream your music to a pair of compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones or speaker dock. (Profiles supported: A2DP, HID, HSP, HFP, AVRCP and GAP)*Memory expansion via microSD card slot with support for optional cards up to 32 GB (2 GB card included).*Full HTML Web browsing*Text, picture and video messaging*Instant messaging via AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo!, and Google Talk*Push e-mail via Google and Exchange with support for IMAP and POP, MSN Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail*Google and corporate calendar (supports Exchange 2003 and 2007 protocols)Back-up and security: Contacts, log-in information, home screen customizations, e-mail and social network messages are backed up automatically on the secure MOTOBLUR portal. The portal also allows you to use the phone’s fully integrated aGPS to help locate the phone if misplaced. Remote wipe easily clears information from a lost device.*3.5mm headset jack*USB connectivity*Dual microphone with noise cancellation*Voice dialing capabilities*528 MHz processor, 256 MB flash memory…2)HTC Aria Android Phone (AT&T)*3G-enabled, Android 2.1-powered smartphone with 3.2-inch touchscreen display and customizable HTC Sense home screens*Compatible with AT&T Navigator GPS turn-by-turn directions; free access to over 20,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide*5-megapixel camera/camcorder; Wi-Fi networking; Bluetooth stereo music; microSD expansion to *32 GB; access to personal and work e-mail*Up to 6 hours of talk time, up to 372 hours (15.5 days) of standby time*What’s in the Box: handset, rechargeable battery, charger, USB cable, 2 GB microSD memory card, quick start guide, user manual…

Musicians Post Your Projects.

As part of an effort on my part to get the musicians from R&P to record and share their work and exchange critiques with one another I have been doing a monthly post for musicians. Look for one of these questions on the first of each month. I’ve been doing these questions for a really long time now.Here are…

good work Wire, you know? I never really had any problem with you whatsoever, even though it may had seemed that way. like others here have indicated I could care fu*king less that you’re an atheist, in fact these days I could care fu*king less about any ones spirituality or the lack there of at this point.fu*k the whole contacts thing I don’t care anymore you’re still cool in my book and I have always thought you have had some good compositions. anyhow, I am for sure leaving YA but I thought I would go out this way, this song is between you and I. I wish you luck in your future projects man and I mean that. take care Wire! OH, and I regret there are no Buddhist Chants in this song. ;(…edit:no, no, no Wire perhaps I came off wrong. I follow Buddhist philosophy to try and live a less miserable life and it works for me. I am NOT a religious Buddhist and don’t buy into the rebirth concept. if you want to know the truth I am an agnostic with regard to an afterlife and an atheist myself regarding a creator or the whole Intelligent design proposition. I just said that because there was a user on here that said I had a problem with you because you’re and atheist witch is bullshit. you’re a cool dude bro, take care man and good luck friend :DeditRoad Runner, MUCH LOVE to you brother! I can’t thank you enough man. perhaps I will stick around. you rule man!edit:thank you Wire, I will take you up on that invite brother thanks man! so I will see you next time 😀 Free shipping books

Judge my writing, PLEASE .

Would the goddamn bell ring already? Cyanna thought. Everybody but her best friend Rain was stirred up in a flurry of excitement waiting for the bell to ring. Rain just wasn’t feeling it after the conversation she had with Cyanna last night.”I can’t believe it!” Rain wailed into the phone….

Would the goddamn bell ring already? Cyanna thought. Everybody but her best friend Rain was stirred up in a flurry of excitement waiting for the bell to ring [you don’t need ‘for the bell to ring’. We already know what they’re waiting for because of Cyanna’s thoughts]. Rain just wasn’t feeling it after the conversation she had with Cyanna last night.”I can’t believe it!” Rain wailed [HAD wailed] into the phone. Cyanna could tell she had been crying settling quiver [crying settling quiver? What? Maybe ‘could tell she had been crying from the tremor in her voice’. You don’t really need the part about distance; that’s why they’re on the phone] in her voice even though they were quite some distance apart.”What?” Cyanna asked, “Why?””My vacation is ruined.” she [had] exhaled, “The trip my family and I planned for months” [she said, ] emphasizing [the word ‘months’], “has been canceled.””Seriously? I thought something bad had happened[,] like you’ve been killed [Great thinking, Cyanna. I’m sure your friend would be on the phone if she had been killed. Mention something along the lines of a break-up/divorce/death in the family instead] or something.””It is bad.””I mean bad as..” Cyanna [Why is Cyanna saying this? This would be Rain speaking, and you would have to cross out either this line or the one just above] paused to think, “as bad.””You’re supposed to be my best friend. Now, shut up and do your job! [I see what happened here =P you can leave it, of course, but that was just as a springboard for you to improvise on]””OK, now. Stop crying, drama queen.””Gee, thanks. That really helps.” she said sarcasticly [‘sarcasticly’ is actually spelled ‘sarcastically’]”Alright, let’s get serious.” [S]he sighed[.] “First, stop crying already because you’re gonna need those tears for tomorrow.””Yeah, I forgot[,” Rain said,] slapping her forehead[.] “Tomorrow will be our last school day. [This sounds a bit too formal]” Wiping her tears [how the hell does Cyanna know this? Mention the noise Rain’s sleeve makes as she drags it across her eyes. In counterexample – above, it’s fine, because someone slapping their forehead (especially on a phone) is pretty audible], “I should be pretty.””Second, you need to be pretty for the party tomorrow night.” [One: you need to be pretty tomorrow. Two: you need to be pretty tomorrow night. Sounds pretty similar, right? You might like to combine the two items]”Is it gonna be tomorrow night? [Maybe replace this with something along the lines of ‘It IS tomorrow, right?’]” Cyanna can [could] feel [this kid is obviously psychic. You can’t really… well, I guess you could, but you don’t really ‘feel’ a quality in somebody’s voice. Perhaps ‘the ignorance was clear in Rain’s voice’. Also, ignorance or doubt/incertainty?] the ignorance in Rain’s voice.”No, I’m just kidding. The party was yesterday.””What?!” she raised her voice [she shrieked, her voice rising], “I missed it? Why didn’t you remind me?””The party’s tomorrow night [perhaps add a mocking insult here, somewhere around the level of ‘doofus’ or a playful ‘you idiot!]!” How gullible can she be [bulls-eye, Cyanna. However, this thought would be in italics]? Cyanna thought.Cyanna giggled. Staying here isn’t so bad, she thought, shaking her head and sigh[ing]. Classic Rain. What was I expecting? Just hope she won’t forget the party tonight.The bell rang [still bland, I see. If the action was a bit more world-shattering/had bigger consequences, I guess it could pass, but the final bell ringing doesn’t really meet those standards. I’d suggest buffing this sentence a little]

Critic my first chapter.

Can you please critic and give me honest opinions.A loud knock pervaded from the door and echoed off the walls of the shack. Sam snapped his eyes from the voluminous book he was reading and looked at his brother. Dean returned his stared with a questioning scowl.”I thought you said no one knew where…

First of all, I LOVED IT. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the cursing. I don’t read books that curse unless they are really good like Harry Potter or Hunger Games or something like that. From what I’ve read I love it, my only problem being the cursing. If you’d change it, then I’d be happy to buy the book when you’re done.If you really want me to critique it, then I don’t get why Zuidema has such an awesome and rare name when Sam and Dean have such common names. I’d prefer a more irregular name for Sam at least, since Dean isn’t too bad. Sam is just the most common name I’ve heard. Perhaps Samuel, or Cedric? I don’t know, it’s just my idea. Doesn’t really matter to me, just thought I’d bring it up.Save me a copy!! :D!!!

How do I get into audiobook recording.

I’m a college student, and I’ve been toying with the idea of recording an audiobook for money. However, I have no idea how to go about this. I go to the Cleveland Institute of Art, so recording equipment isn’t a concern of mine. I don’t know what sort of client base there is for audiobook…

Best place to start is to contact the regular (paper) book publishers – Simon and Schuster, etc. Some publishers also contract with specific studios for the voice-over talent, so you’d have to be working for that studio to get the work. But the place to start asking is at the publisher level – you’ll be able to get the scoop. Also go to the big audiobook distributor/streaming sites like – they are driving the recording of many of the audiobooks they offer. There are a couple others too – Apple iTunes has some audiobooks – but is the big fish at the moment.Don’t expect to be hired to record NYT best-selling novels – publishers always try to get the author themselves first – and if not then, then a recognized voice-over artist like Mike Howe or Meredith Vierra – voices you hear doing TV commercials or narrating reality shows. I think the opportunity for you will be for little-known non-fiction books – self-help stuff, etc. But in any case – the place to start is with the publisher, or with Audible.Finally – here is an audio exchange that might give you some insight – I think these are self-publishing authors and so forth but it’s another avenue to get you started.…Hope this helps

If you read this first chapter in a book store would you buy the book.

Edgar walked up the stairs with a platter of soup, shaking in his hands. He stopped at the door of his Mom’s room and knocked.“Come in, Edgar,” his mom said in a weak voice.Edgar pushed the door open and stepped into his Mom’s room. Crumbled Tissue paper mounded beside a glass of medicine on the cupboard…

Honestly? No. If this is your first chapter, where’s the hook? Much in the same way that a popular song must have a “hook”, so too does a novel. Give me some kind of indication of the setting with your hook, something that’s going to pique my interest and prompt me to read more. At the moment it’s just some guy Edgar with a platter of soup.Also, this entire thing seems to be forced, almost as though you’re trying too hard. You use “his Mom” far too often, and you can’t seem to decide whether or not to give it a capital letter. Give the woman some kind of personal identity, not just “his Mom”.The dialogue seems a bit unrealistic. I couldn’t picture this scene in my head, because it just didn’t seem plausible. Edgar and his mother reacted to each other like two cardboard cut-outs in a bad play.For example, I’d imagine that telling your mother that your step-father (I’m assuming James is his step-father?) assaults you would be an emotionally charged thing. You’re not going to say things like, “He wounded me with his knife”. That sounds like something you’d say if you were testifying at court.And those are just the structural differences. Then there’s the matter of your spelling and grammar.You don’t seem to know how to accurately write a dialogue exchange. Rather than:“ thanks, darling.” She took the plate from him and a big amount of soup spilled over the bed. “ it’s ok, we’ll clean it tomorrow morning.”You needed to have:”Thanks, darling.” She took the plate from him, and a big amount of soup spilled over the bed. “It’s okay, we’ll clean it tomorrow morning.”Not only that, but you confuse words often. In this context, it’s “crumpled”, not “crumbled”.If you were to ask my suggestions, I’d say rewrite. Now, don’t hate me, rewriting is a major part of any writer’s life. If you wanted to have a more poignant hook, I’d suggest starting off with James molesting Edgar, or at least trying to. That’s going to give your beginning that little extra to lure readers in. Then you can move on to the scene with his mother, and it’d make readers appreciate why he had to leave all the more.Hope that helped.

Can I make money out of reporting website glitch.

I have discovered a glitch on Amazon’s website where I can download/purchase unlimited Kindle e-books, audibles, and mp3s for free and I wanted to report it to the website. But I’d like to know if it’s possible to ask them for a monetary award in exchange for the information? And if it is, then for how…

Of course you can ask, but you will want to make sure you get the agreement in writing. I’d have an attorney involved. Depending on how much this loophole is used, you could ask for quite a bit of money.

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54 thoughts on “How To Exchange Audible Books

  1. likegibb:little figures ascending staircase – dreamish fuzz popon and on…. novembers is a great song. nice and rootsy and sorta draggy. i really enjoyed the lyrics. i gotta agree with opi; as good as the harmonica sounded, i thought it was just too loud. that new mix you mentioned sounds like it’d be perfect. i liked lil’s home too. something about the whole thing seemed funny to me. i dunno. nice work though.

  2. Raynn

  3. I want to see what happens to Edgar and if James might follow him.All I can say if you are set on leaving is go with my respect and love for your time here but really wish you would reconsider.God damn is two words.xylophone children – i don’t know about this one. more pop probablyYeah I know they suck 🙁

  4. wire and string again:

  5. I’ve only recorded two things in October. Here they are:

  6. Verizon phone is a definite no, the technologies are incompatible. An AT&T phone uses the same technology, however almost all phones are locked to a service provider if sold by them. You would have to get the phone unlocked. Even then there is a good chance not all of your functions (MyFaves, etc.) would work.

  7. foryou’ve got a nasty attitude. i wish i could download that attitude. oh and your new album covers match your tunes perfectly. everything is bursting with comic-book color. you’re right, they were a little messy, but i don’t think it detracts anything from the music. on the contrary, it makes it better. you’re honest. further was great; fast and sorta angry. your vocals sound great. graf mammoth was cool too. i always enjoy the acoustic intros. the length of george hanson’s didn’t bother me atall. felt completely natural. really good song, too.Cool bunny head :)REALLY liked Novembers. Great lyrics and tune, it has a nice old-timey folk feel to it…. kind of like a mix between Neil Young and Jack White. I found the harmonica distracting…I would ditch it all together, or just do a solo mid song.I have seen your kindness to strangers,your selfless giving to persons more unfortunate then yourself

  8. the record player sighed – childish fuzz pop

  9. You should put your music onto cd format for future posterity to pass on to your family. Or just something to listen to when you get older to remember these days.He told himself: relax Kenit sounds better if you sayor maybe it was just when she saw him?take careWhoa……I feel like I just took a little LSD 😛

  10. @Wire & String, I really enjoy your style of music being simple and very rootsy sounding. I don’t think the harmonica was harsh at all and the lyrics are incredible. The other piece made me smile and think of a circus parade. I imagined seeing elephants blasting their trunks and just swaying down the street with funny clowns.Raynnwoah man yr voice is eerily similar to daniel johnston. that’s far out. it’s obvious you’ve got a great grasp on song structure and craft and production and all that ****. impressive. “the record player sighed” and “the swingset will stay green” were perfect complements to each other. pop gems. “little figures ascending staircases” was real spooky. reminded me of those old ocs songs about death and stuff like that. the lyrics are all pretty great. i’m not the best judge of lyrics but they seems alright to me. probably the best stuff i’ve heard from you.

  11. @scraggly Young man, all I can say is that I had to light a stick of cherry incense and be reminded of Pink Floyd while listening to your music. Really awesome!your music’s got me mistaking vocals for [email protected], I really love your music and I’m really greatful that you share your music with us. I honestly get the feeling that I’m in the presence of the gods when I listen to you and others music on here and can’t thank you and Wire & String enough for having this format. I disagree with your comments about your one song sounding sloppy in the aspect that it is a bad thing. It really enhances the raw element of the music and I think would actually make it suck if it was all polished in a studio. I really liked the 7 minute song too. One of my favorite things back in the 70s was to put on headphones and just lay back and groove to long jams like that while stoned. Really took me back to those times.

  12. Oooo, someone discovered Thesaurus. =D

  13. Who written Judges of the Holy Bible? the author replaced into no longer pointed out Why replaced into the e book of Judges written? it shows the country of israel the place that they had no one to lead them and strayed from God. God could deliver them a frontrunner then they could stick to that chief till after he died. Then they could flow lower back to forgeting God. How replaced into Deborah a prophetess? Judges 4:6-7? She replaced into woman and he or she gained messages from the holy spirit. How did she comprehend what God wanted? The Holy Spirit talked to right here clarify Judges 4:20-21? it has its own explaination. study it and that’s what it ability. there’s no super secret have you ever study the completed Bible? And be hassle-free. definite many many circumstances

  14. Si quieres comprar un Kindle siempre es la mejor opción comprarlo en Amazon porque tienen una excelente oferta como se puede ver en este link

  15. As the day turns to dusk the night star awakens to the red and golden sunset which quickly fades into 10,000 mournful faces

  16. (you should press the like button to give it 20+ likes, which would be a record for me).

  17.…i feel i must again comment on your album cover. just completely cool. everything about it. where was it taken? i love it.

  18.'m seeing too many people that I think of as friends that leave for bad reasons. I really loved reading Killer Peaches, Speak English Or Die, Indian Dotter, and a few others that really made this place what it is.none- AT&T stinks

  19. If you scroll down, you can see which phones are “Top Selling”, “Top Rated”, and “Newest”.

  20. He told himself to relax.I have heard your song from your heart that touches mine

  21. Choose one of those

  22. @(Brian) Superstring Dualities, I knew you was going to post some kickass music as a farewell song and probably make at least a few people pissed off because you are leaving. I’m one of those people. I’ve been a fan of your posts and music for a little while now and really don;t want to see you go. You don’t post that often but when you do I can see how you have a lot of love for your friends here. I’m sad that we couldn’t make that kind of connection. I love your music and your spirit.Song isnt loading, must be my computer, love the picture though, ill try again later

  23. Okay first things first rain isn’t spelt like that for a nameRainethis would be cool to take place in the early 20s

  24. That song made me feel we were all in the same room smoking a joint, it would be nice to hear a whole album done that way, it would make a great laid back album, one just to chill [email protected], My favorite was the rag song that you wrote. The song is just awesome and you and your dad did a great job. I wish I could have did things like that while my dad was still around because he was an awesome musician also. Consider yourself very fortunate to be able to do that.

  25. LEO Privacy Guard scans all applications installed on your device and displays them by name or time when they were installed. It also features the most used apps on top. You have the option of locking apps after screen off, be reminded of locking new apps or set your own auto-lock settings. You can automatically lock or unlock by desired time & location,and easy switch between multiple mode options.

  26. Yes, definitely.

  27. I made a video, but the sound was terrible, i need to get an external mic to hook up to the camera, but ill add you as a contact to be more aware of these questions…

  28. You have excellent taste on how you put it together with a mixture of white noise and music. I don’t know what the hell you are tapping into but it really shakes me to another level while listening to your stuff.RaneRayn

  29. wire & string:

  30. Good job and keep it up. ^_^

  31. thanks for the input. i’m anxiously awaiting the day you decide to post some of your music :))

  32. gets shallow and empty when people leave and there’s an empty place that can’t be filled.dave

  33. I think it’s a matter of personal taste/preference, but you can look at every single phone AT&T currently sells here:…My only criticism in your other songs would be on the ones with the fuzz guitar being used a little too much. Just my opinion but I really enjoyed the two you submitted without the fuzz more than the two with the fuzz. Maybe if you just used it to add more color to the song and not dominate the sound the way it seems to sometimes. And like I said before on the new song possibly being expanded a little with drums or percussion a little.

  34. @Zack, I almost completely overlooked your lyrics and think they are a great start for a song. I hope you keep working on it and put some more poetry to it. Reminds me a little of Jim Morrison’s writing.Rhaine

  35. Thanks all for sharing your music. You don’t know how much that it helps someone in a time of need!

  36. wirehere’s the rag i wrote

  37. some new stuff. it didn’t turn out as i hoped. some of it turned out kinda sloppy. these are just rough versions. real rough. kinda bums me out “further” just sounds like cheesy dad rock. “graf mammoth” is messy. “george hanson’s mellow u.f.o.” is probably longer than it should be but i was just trying to make something that you could mellow out to. ez rider.

  38. Sorry if it seems harsh but you wanted someone to judge your story.

  39. Though you know not who I am and though we may never meet I hope you find in these words the same warmth that I have found in you**I just found myself trying to listen and absorb the lyrics, but the harmonica was interrupting my concentration. Repetitive isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Do you do your own album art? It’s very Daniel Johnston, i like it 🙂

  40. EDIT:Ok this is for 2 songs 1 that I have finished and one that I am still working onroadrunner:Good work, Wire! 🙂

  41. Reign2

  42. And the one that I am working onThe Harmonica is a little harsh and your voice gets weird in the middle but other then that its quite good

  43. You are a true artist and I’ve known a few in my life. You get to undrstand they are quirky people and can overlook their human flaws and see the true artist inside of them.Criticism:I have gazed upon your golden face,your silky blond hair and your blue eyesI liked Lil’s Home, it was funky 😀

  44. MQ:I haven’t recorded anything but I have worked on quite a few lyrics though if you wanna hear themhey bud. “novembers” was great. i actually didn’t think the harmonica was too harsh at all. it was cool to get to hear a 3 plus minute song from you. even without the harmonica it wouldn’t been cool just cause the lyrics were top notch. “lil’s home” was a nice nugget. it was cool. it would be cool to see it expanded upon.Raen

  45. Hope this helps.

  46. @hep, I appreciate your prodding and have considered posting a tune but have that stupid kink in my head that holds me back. Maybe one day but I’m dealing with my wife being ill right now and just enjoy the release I get from spending a little time with my friends on here.

  47. Rhayne

  48. or maybe that was just when she saw him?

  49. oh, it’s funny you should mention daniel johnston. i almost uploaded a cover of caspar the friendly ghost but i decided i should rerecord it. strange..

  50. [email protected], I’m pretty sure I commented on the first link you have posted and mentioned how I love it. It just sounds like I’m rushing around a spiral with a bunch of “spirits” or demons. The second link is pretty wild too.

  51. I seriously hope you would reconsider or just take a haiatus from this site but really don’t want to see anyone leave here.roll not rolledany chance of you postin some of your older material? i really liked it but it’s nowhere…the swingset will stay green – folk sorta somethingMe gusta estos dispositivos y no es el primero y seguro no va a hacer el ultimo que compro de Amazon, hace una semana me he comprado un Kindle perfecto, no me cansa la vista, se lee muy bien sin reflejos de luz y he podido acabar un libro sin que se acabe la batería antes, excelente compra.

  52. Good, but make sure to check your grammar after your end quote.

  53. Raynei started up a sort-of-new project

  54. Wow, I really do. ^_^Rainnyep that’s right. we recorded the vocals guitar drums all live but it sounded a little bare and so the other instrumental parts came to be.

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