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How Many Books Did Rick Riordan Wrote

How should you divide chapters in a book.

Do you divide your book into chapters AFTER you write the entire book? If not, what constitutes a ‘chapter’? What happens in a ‘chapter’? How many chapters should a book have? Can I get some help?

It really depends on what your writing. Some of my favourite books don’t actually have any chapters as the author figures that if life doesn’t have chapters, why should books? Besides that though, the number of chapters obviously vary – if the books a hundred pages long it’ll have fewer chapters than one that’s more around three hundred.I would recommend forming chapters as you’re writing. Ideally, chapters are their to divide the action into manageable chunks. If events X, Y, and Z will be happening you’d want to consider working the chapters around that – after X, chapter break, Y, chapter break, Z. “Rush to the mountain” – “Fight the goblins” – “Save the princess” sort of thing. Also, if you plan on switching POV chapters can be helpful to show whose view you’re seeing through (such as in “Game of Thrones”).Finally, a reason why forming chapters AS your write is a good idea is because it often works well to have them as mini-cliff hangers (Rick Riordan’s books are great for this). “Oh my gosh, X just happened! Now what?” Chapter break, “Resolution to X, go into Y”. Or you might even have X happen – DID THAT CHARACTER JUST DIE? – chapter break, and then go focus on another character or event for a while without giving them an answer until a later chapter.Chapters are a great tool for suspense and organization, so they’re good to practice and use.

How Do I Encourage My Friend.

My friend, Azalea, and I love to read and write. The only problem is with Azalea. She writes really good stories that catch my breath but she isn’t confident with them. She writes a amazing story then she asks me to read it. And I do, and as usual, she never fails to amaze me. They’re really good. I tell…

Maybe you could share some of her stories with other people in school and show her how good her stories are (she may just think you are saying it because you are her friend). Or you could tell her what you like about it and compare it with some good authors books (like rick riordan, James Patterson, etc.) You could also encourage her to make a deviantart account (its free) and post her work on there. You can get a whole lot of recognition from there, too. Free zane books online

What are some good books to learn how to write better like grammar.

I want to become a writer write books and poems. But my grammar and punctuation isn’t very good. Can you name some books that will help me become a better writer?

Congratulations on your dream to become a writer! Maybe someday, our work will be sitting side-by-side in the bestseller’s section at the bookstore!There aren’t many books that can help you with grammar/punctuation, really (the best thing for that is probably a spellchecker), but I do have some author recommendations:Rick RiordanCynthia KadohataErin HunterStieg LarssonBrian JamesJ.K. RowlingLibba BrayCassandra ClareGood luck! =)

Does Rick Riordan have any plans on the Percy Jackson Series or even something like Demigod Files.

Like not particularly on Percy Jackson

A Percy Jackson graphic novel is set to come out on October 19, 2010. Riordan posted “Many of you have asked about a Percy Jackson graphic novel, and I’m pleased to announce it is in the works too. The tentative release date is 10/19/10. I’ve seen some preliminary artwork, and it looks awesome. I think you’ll be pleased with how Percy’s world comes to life in pictures.” sequel, also based on the Camp Half-Blood and Greek mythology universe, is planned for the Percy Jackson series, believed to be concerning the new Great Prophecy mentioned at the end of The Last Olympian. Rick Riordan has confirmed that he is writing the series, and as of November 2009, the first book is slated for release in Fall 2010, Riordan has stated that he is working on a new series based upon the Egyptian pantheon, which then turned out to be The Kane Chronicles, with the first book, The Red Pyramid, to be released May 4, 2010.Anna Bell Half-Blood Series : The Adventure of Peter Johnson # 1 – Fall 2010 Ultimate Guide was published January 19, 2010

the kane chronicles sounds like rick riordan didn’t write it because of mentioning of tape recording.

ok, so i just finished the book, as in 5 minutes ago, and i went back and read the “warning” at the beginning (after the table of contents and before the first chapter) and it says this:the following is a transcript of a digital recording (bla bla bla) background noises such as scuffling, hitting, and…

First of all Anubis is a good guy, you are talking about ApophisSecond of all, this is all just a story, Rick Riordan wrote this book, and it is awesomeGet a grip, it’s just a book

What’s your favorite author & what do they write about. Also favorite books.

Thanks 🙂

Favorite books:Mercy Thompson Series ~ Partica BriggsHarry Potter ~ JK RowlingThe Inheritance Cycle ~ Christopher PaoliniMorganville Vampires ~ Rachel CaineThe House of Night ~ P.C. and Kristen CastPercy Jackson ~ Rick RiordanThe Kane Chronicles ~ Rick RiordanHeros of Olympus ~ Rick RiordanAnd I’m probably missing a lotBased on the list above, I would say that my favorite author is Rick Riordan because of how many times he popped up…. He’s done a lot of mythology stuff lately, but adding a more modern twist to it. Honestly, that’s probably why I started reading his books, I love ancient mythology.

How many Percy Jackson books are there.

My brother told me there were like 12, but I said no, and he said yes, and I said your an idiot. I read them all, including The Last Olympian, so I have no idea where he got that from, but just to make sure. I know Rick Riordan is going to write more books, but not about Percy. My brother said that there are…

There are 5 books in the series, you’re right. However, there are other books (not part of the actual series) that are about Percy, or have to do with the series. These are all the books listed on the website:The Lightning Thief – Book 1 of the “main books”The Lightning Thief: Film Edition – tie in with the movieThe Sea of Monsters – Book 2The Titan’s Curse – Book 3The Battle of the Labyrinth – Book 4The Last Olympian – Book 5Percy Jackson: The Ultimate Guide – sort of a companion book for the series, with maps and trading cards and things.Percy Jackson: Hard Cover Boxed Set – some kind of special edition version of all the booksThe Lightning Thief: Deluxe Edition – it’s like an illustrated version or somethingThe Demigod Files – a collection of short stories, and other things like ‘interviews’ with the charactersThe Percy Jackson: Boxed Set – like the hard cover boxed set, but with only the first 3 booksSo, ‘technically’ there are 11 books you can *buy*. I don’t really think most of them count as part of the series, since 2 are different versions of the first book, 2 are just boxed sets of the books, and 2 of them are guides and companion books. I might count the Demigod Files, since it actually has *stories* in it.So…. you’re both right! Mostly you were right, but your brother was sort of right too.

Interviewing Rick Riordan.

Hello all!Next month I will be conducting an interview with Rick Riordan (Tres Navarre, 39 Clues, Percy Jackson). Does anyone have any questions they’d like me to ask? I have tons already, but I’d like to know which ones you’d be interested in hearing about. Below is the list of ones I already have….

Wow that’s great, how did you ever get to interview him?Anyway your questions are all great, I can’t find one to add 🙂 But I think you have too many questions. I’d narrow it down if I were you. That way he can give more detailed answers for each question :-)Can we read the interview anywhere when you’ve taken it?

How many books are going to be included in the first 39 Clues movie.

How many books are going to be included in the first 39 Clues movie, When is it coming out, and who will be in it?

Movieweb reported in May of 2008 that Dreamworks, which purchased the movie rights for the series, had hired Jeff Nathanson to write the script for “..the first novel in the series, The Maze of Bones, written by former middle school teacher Rick Riordan.”However, according to Wikipedia’s The_39_Clues_(Movie) entry, it is possible that the movie will be about first three books, The Maze of Bones, One False Note, and The Sword Thief or just the first book. However, Wikipedia does not cite a source for this information.The script is apparently now complete, but I can find no specific information about which book or books it will cover beyond what I have cited above.The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) lists 2014 as the release date for this movie, but also says it’s still in production, and offers very limited information. You’ll find websites that speculate on casting, but I couldn’t find any sources that list any contracted actors for this production.It may be that Dreamworks is keeping this all under wraps or perhaps these decisions haven’t yet been finalized. Since I could find no reference to a shooting schedule, or information indicating that filming has begun, it’s possible that the studio is still working out these details.

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49 thoughts on “How Many Books Did Rick Riordan Wrote

  1. I say if it’s your book you should know where the chapters begin and end. There’s not really a rule, some books have 10 chapters and some have 100. It’s all in your writing style and how you feel about it. I would assume that this would just come about naturally as you are writing.

  2. 1984 – George Orwellhaha, feels good to be right!

  3. Lucky! Maybe a question you should ask is Are you going to be writing anymore new series?

  4. Ask if he can make an offer to J.K. Rowling to write a series about Percy meeting harry.

  5. I also enjoy:

  6. for instance:

  7. Reading books do help, but if you want a ‘guidebook’, this is perfect. It has little mini-quizzes after you’ve read a section, to make sure you understand.Legend by Marie LuHarry Potter by J.K. Rowling

  8. Scott Sigler, SciFi and Horror Thrillers

  9. The Selection

  10. I hope this helps! 🙂

  11. I like humorous books too like Terry Pratchett’s Disc World books, Robert Asprin’s Myth Series, Jim C Hines Goblin Quest, and Piers Anthony’s Xanth books

  12. Christy Murphy is my favorite author and she writes Free romance stories: Caught in the Rain

  13. yea there r only 5. the lightning theif, sea of monsters, titans curse, battle of the labyrnth, and the last olympian. haha

  14. The Autobiography of King Henry VIII with Notes from his Fool by Margaret George

  15. there are 5. Only 5.

  16. Lightning thiefAnd there are some other books

  17. are you going to write about Percy’s later life? will there more 2 the series

  18. He wrote those warnings just so you would do exactly what you’re doing right now…you’re questioning who wrote it, and maybe it was an actual audio tape that Rick received, and who really IS the author, and could it be TRUE? Authors do this sometimes just to make people talk about the story. It lends an air of mystery to the story. Rick Riordan wrote The Red Pyramid and Carter and Sadie don’t exist and Riordan never received a tape. Riordan has a great imagination, doesn’t he?

  19. Both of u are right and none of u are stupid.hope i helped. ^_^ good luck wid your story!!

  20. ~Tau

  21. George RR Martin in my favorite author. He wrote/is writing the Song of Ice and Fire series, also known as Game of Thrones, which is a TV show based upon his novels. I admire his style of writing. His works are considered to be fantasy, with sci-fi and adventure, and I suppose you could add horror and erotica.

  22. Ask him if he’s going to be doing any more Percy Jackson books or anything of the like? maybe using the new prophesy or something like that

  23. ?? I read that, but book and the audio, i don’t get what you mean. its a little confusing, ya know.

  24. Percy Jackson and the demigod files

  25. there r only five books

  26. Sea of monsters

  27. You can write the entire book and then separate, although I find it easier to divide as I go along. As for your other questions, it is just up to you. Start a new chapter when you feel it is the time – this is usually after one event that you want to wrap up, when you want to skip several days or even months, when you want to go to a new place etc.

  28. If you wanted to do some online, you could google for onling grammer and punctuation tests.

  29. A lot of authors do this. Stephen King did it in The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, Margaret Atwood did it in The Handmaid’s Tale, and those are just off the top of my head. If Riordan made you question whether the story was authentic for even a fraction of a moment, he achieved the results he intended.

  30. Mine is Sarah Dessen. Her books are about teens who fall in love and learn about life. Her books deal with life, love, loss, divorce, and abuse.

  31. Excitement had filled her entire being, but what she was going to see next was something she had never apprehended!end of chapterBattle of the labyrinth

  32. only 5

  33. Rick Riordan is putting Percy Jackson aside for a bit to focus on a new series about Egyptian mythology instead of Greek. He mentions that he will continue the Percy Jackson series, but with different characters, later, but not at the moment.

  34. The Faults in Our Stars by John GreenHarry Potter. It’s a great inspiration to read Rowling’s books and I’m sure they’ll lead you on to various other great writers.

  35. my favorite author was joseph campbell he wrote about comparative religion and mythology.

  36. The last Olympian

  37. Normally i finish my chapter with a twist to add excitement in the story and make the reader to continue reading your story. just like in a series of episodes, the episodes end wid a twist and so u watch the next episode to see what happens next. its up to you whether u compose your book of 5 chapters, 10 or even 200. and it’s easier to write half part of the story and end the chapter wid a twist and then continue the next part of your story in the next chapter wid what u left. it’s easier that way rather than making the entire book and then dividing them.

  38. He should totally collab with J.K Rowling as I like Harry Potter too. Your question on his interest about mythologies is great.

  39. Yes there are 5 books in the series .commence with a straight forward e book on grammar, punctuation and spelling. those skills would desire to be mastered – and the only thank you to realize it is to maintain writing once you’re learning. when you have mastered the fundamentals, you could delve into books on character and plot progression, topic, voice, etc. those all will improve as you write and observe what you have discovered. never stop writing, no rely which you think of your writing “isn’t adequate.” all of us has to commence someplace and no one is “born” a author. one among my well known books on writing is “the author’s Little Helper” via James V. Smith. it is an remarkable e book – exciting to envision besides as learn from. good success!

  40. Add all these and u get 12 .All of this is answered with one single sentence: it is down to the writer. There is no rule saying when and how you should divide the chapters.

  41. Percy Jackson and the Greek GodsThere is another series known as Heroes of Olympus . Here also it is 5 books . It also kind of belongs to the percy Jackson series bcz heroes of olympus is the continuation of the percy series . Maybe Your bro was talking about the heroes of olympus .Honey… *ALL* of ’em —-> READ ’em. Just start reading REAL books every spare minute you have. Internet, magazines and cereal boxes don’t count.

  42. and then conclude the next chapter with what u left!As for how many chapters, have however many you want.

  43. Book Reader

  44. The next Egyptian Mythology book B&N page: punctuation:Here is a bunch of grammer quizzes:

  45. Titan’s curse

  46. Hope that helped!Infected and The RookieI’ve read all five they’re decent books things inter link with each other as you go along. It’s about greek gods, mythological creatures and greek gods sons/daughters. There is a little bit of romance in it between Percy and another character but nothing in much detail, it grows/develops throughout all the books. Have you seen the film-it’s not the same as the book so don’t skip the first book! If you like those books I’m sure you’ll like Percy Jackson its a fantasy, adventure kind of book, a bit like Harry Potter but without Magic. Read them all if you’re going to!!

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