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How To Be Happy Books

How to be a happy me(Books).

I am looking for two books, or books on two subjects. The first is HOW TO BE HAPPY. The other is HOW TO BE POSITIVE. I am in therapy, and have come to understand, that I am a Very negative person, and I am NOT Happy. I want to be happy and positive. Ive looked on Amazon, but there is so many books, and...

I look in thrift stores and used book stores and frequently find helpful books like that,Just todaY I saw “The power Of positive thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale, anda copy of “How to win Friends and Influence People” by Carnage. They were fifty cents each.Books on auto suggestion and hypnosis may prove helpful alsoDr Shad Helmstetter published a number of books on self help, Like”what to saywhen you talk to yourself.””The Miracle of Mind Power,” by Dan Custer”Magic Mind Power, Make it work for you”, by Leslie LeCron”You can have it all” by Arnold M Patent”The Power of Believing” by Bristol”Magic power of your Mind” by Walter Germain”Powers of Mind” by Adam SmithSeveral books by Joseph Murphy”The Secret” a recent publication – kind of a rehash of all the above books”The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles first published in 1910, just reprinted”Think and grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill . Written and published during the great depression 1937over 7,000,000 sold in the next 30 years

I need a title for a book on how to be happy.

I am writing a book on optimism, and I need a title, please help.

Look on the bright side…Learning to see the silver lining…Change your mental attitude….Optimism, it’s a way of life….Learning to think positively….Positivity Attracts…A guide to Optimism by Michele ….I also like the two above. I think it really depends on the tone of your book, how serious it is, if it’s instructional, etc.Good luck with the book! 🙂 Horse books for free

How to be happy……

How to be happy when your grandmother is in the house?How to be happy when you have heart disease?How to be happy when you are sad?How to be happy if in the dating arena sucks?How to be happy with no job?

It Will Get Better…. :)Life changes every minute of the day throughout our lives. Sometimes the change is good, and sometimes the change is bad. But it always changes.I’m sorry that you have heart issues. But instead of being down about it, do everything you can possibly do to be a healthy person that just happens to have a heart problem.When you’re sad, there’s a reason. And that’s your body letting you know it needs to release those feelings. Instead of being sad about being sad, just be sad. That will change too.Dating: Just be the very best “you” that you can be. That special person that is destined to be in your life is getting to you as fast as they can. In the meantime being the best person you can be will help them recognize you when they get there.Grandma: Well I don’t know what the issues are with Grandma. But I’m pretty sure she’s set in her ways and isn’t going to change at this point in her life. Grab a book or your iPod and go for a walk and chill in a park if it’s that bad. That too will change. And remember, there may come a time when Grandma isn’t there. Maybe you should get to know her better.No job….Keep looking. You’re not the only one.**Look how much has changed since you asked your question. You’ve got some responses to think about now**Stay Strong My Friend…

How to be happy.

I m not happy. My life is crumbling it feels like. My best friend moved then my other friend and I got in a fight. I don t have any other friends no one really gets me except them. I just feel sad all the time! I don t really know how to feel happy please just help me!! I try to think about the future like going on…

Friends are nice, but you can learn to be happy without them.Find things to do to keep busy (studying hard if you’re in school,join a club where you’ll be with other people, maybe join anexercise class, read good books, and do things for otherpeople as that always makes you feel good about yourself.

How to be happy……

What do you do to be happy / what things make you happy? Tell me why you’ve successfully haven’t been sad in a long time. Tell me advice / morals you live by to be a blissful individual. The most content given will be chosen as best answer 🙂 Someone told me that happiness is fleeting, but that doesn’t…

Hey there, Ashley. You may remember me answering your questions a long while ago. I know how you feel, because I think I’ve been in your shoes. You may not know it, but at some point in our lives we will always endure tough times ahead.How to be happy? The answer you want is something that sounds easy, right? Of course it sounds easy but realistically it’s not because everybody has their own way of being happy, whether the reason is to be religious, enlightened, rich, famous, poor, emo, greedy, etc. You get what I mean.I’m 9 days from becoming 17-and-a-half. When I was 14-15 I pretty much had undiagnosed depression. I felt like the world’s changed so much to the point that I didn’t felt like I was needed or loved. I had a thing for Catholicism, though I totally lost my sense of belief and faith in it all. I felt like God wasn’t there for me, if you know what I mean.Although I do label myself as being non-religious, I’ve been studying the Bible with a local youth group, and they’re all Christians. It’s pretty interesting actually, to be surrounded by people who’ve had their lives changed by religion.So what I’m trying to get around is that the answer is ‘environment’. You should be at a place where you feel comfortable. Many would say that they like clubbing, others might like libraries, churches, parks… and while I’m in my last year of high school I can tell you that when school’s over, that is like being born again! I’ve heard of this young girl who’s written a book on how to be happy, and she said that all it took her to be happy was to say every morning, “I’m getting better and better every day”.Don’t be put down by what religion has to say about you, because when you try your very best you will never regret it.And by the way, you can find my e-mail address on my profile if there’s anything else you’d like to talk about… and excuse me for writing so much and going way off-topic. Smile!

how to be happy.

lately, it seems like certain events put me in a depressed mood for the rest of the day. and it’s happening more frequently, almost on a day to day basis. it’s getting to the point where i’m starting to get annoyed at myself for getting like that. any advice on how to just brush off the stupid things…

Things You’ll Need:JournalSteps:Step One:Figure out what is important to you in life. For example: Do you value a certain kind of job, material things, a relationship, time alone, time with others, time to relax, time to be creative, time to read, time to listen to music or time to have fun? These are just a few of the possibilities.Step Two:Think about times when you have felt happy, good or content. Where were you? Who were you with? What were you doing, thinking or feeling that made you feel happy?Step Three:Decide to make more time in your life to do more of what is important to you and makes you feel happier. To be happy, you have to make happiness a priority in your life.Step Four:Start with little things and work up to bigger ones. Little things might be reading for 15 minutes, taking a walk, calling a friend or buying great-smelling soap, shampoo, candles or tea that you will enjoy every time you use it.Step Five:Focus on what is positive about yourself, others and life in general, instead of dwelling on the negative. In a journal, write down as many positive things as you can think of. Keep it handy to read over, and continue adding to it.Step Six:Appreciate what is working in your life right now. In the major areas of your life, such as your health, job, love life, friends, family, money and living situation, what is going well?Tips & WarningsAsk other people, “What makes you happy?” or “What is something that makes you feel good?”It’s OK to ask for professional help. Talk to someone like a psychotherapist, career counselor, or spiritual advisor (minister or teacher) to help you sort out what would make you happy.Read books on the subject of happiness. Wise people have been writing about it for hundreds of years. In the bookstore, look under psychology, spirituality or philosophy.

How to be happy………….

ok..i’m so sad..i’ve been rejected just days before and my school grades are so poor..i’m so fat and i’m not handsome..i mean, what could be worse than this?..i witnessed my friends having their own partners and the girl i wanted to know that i like her just became popular due to success of her art…

So, I suffer from depression, so I have a few tricks I’ve acquired over the past couple years. First of all, sweety, your not useless. If this girl doesn’t want to be with you, then move on. It’s harsh, but yeah. If she doesn’t want to be around you, she’s not worth your time and you need to find someone that is, though you don’t sound like your in a place to be in a relationship at the moment. You need to learn to love yourself and be happy before you can start with a girl.I have these books, they’re like, books about how to be happy. They don’t work permanently, but while I read them, I feel good. But who knows, they might work better for you. Try dieting, exercising. I’m really thin as I have a fast metabolism, but even so, when I run it seems to clear my head, and make me think properly, plus it’s good for you.Just start exercising, start focusing on school and start trying to be happy, because that’s what’s important at the moment. I hope you feel better soon. x

how to be happier…………..

since i was a child i have always been very curious and avid to learn new things…. i have akways been brighter then my peers, not bragging ……..up until the 11th grade and now i was a catholic….. not a religious FREAK but just a normally faithful roman catholic. however in 11th grade ,i stopped going to…

Get back to the Catholic faith. It will help you immensely.As for science leading you away from the faith – you simply don’t know any science.The saying is a little science will make you an atheist, but a lot of science will bring you right back to God.The Cell’s Design: How Chemistry Reveals the Creator’s Artistry by RanaThe Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief by Francis Collins (the former head of the human genome project)ANDBeyond the Cosmos: What Recent Discoveries in Astrophysics Reveal About the Glory and Love of God by Hugh RossThese are great books by scientists that show believing in God and Science are not two different things. You simply lost your faith because you are confused and know very little of modern science.

How to be happy……

I know that sounds really stupid but my life has sucked so far I don’t think I can recall one moment when I was trully happy, I care way to much about what people think so much that I haven’t gone too school in 2 years, and I see all of these people having an amazing life an being so happy, when I make a…

Do what you love to do. If that means going back to school, then go. If that means moving to a different country or city, do it. If that means getting a therapist to talk you through this dark time, go book an appointment. If you want to fall in love or meet new friends, open yourself up.I don’t want to sound flakey, but please don’t end your life. Everyone is good at something, and everyone has a purpose. Please don’t shorten your life. Life is too short as it is. Do what makes you happy. Don’t listen to the pressures of the outside world. Everything happens for a reason. Don’t worry, everything will turn out in the end.Best of luck.

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49 thoughts on “How To Be Happy Books

  1. Pinpoint a goal, and travel the most efficient path possible to reach it.So what if your friends have partners now? You will also find one.. Someone who feels you are just perfect enough for them..

  2. 5. Make yourself the star of your life. take care of yourself,do whatever you can to make yourself happy.that isnt harmful to your body. no drugs or booze.

  3. You choose whether to be happy or not.

  4. Open your heart, mind and arms to new things and people, we are united in our differences.learn to be happy with yourself…yes, you are not like everyone else. There will always been another who’s smarter, better looking, more of everything…take heart in who you are as a person and no that you are loved and wanted in society…maybe you don’t have a partner right now, but keep in mind you never know when that special someone will be right around the corner for you…by this i don’t mean become arrogant…become a genuine and loving person…this will show and people will be attracted to you all the more for it…

  5. Life is simple.Try going out with friends, going on walks alone ( like to think), join activities you might like like painting footie etc, listening to music esp. people like eminem and drake and lupe fiasco they show you you’re not the only one sad/hurting

  6. Sooo, ask her out? huh fattie? The reason you are un happy is because you wollow in your own stink. Man up or shut up.

  7. When you eat, appreciate every last bite.7. VOLUNTEER

  8. Rejected: Youll find someone better

  9. Note: Suicide is not a goal, this path does not lead to happiness.

  10. ask the Lord Jesus to be your personal friend (Protestant/Catholic is immaterial). If you draw near to Him by accepting Him as a personal friend, He will draw near to you – you will find joy unspeakable – you can challenge this advice and try for yourself if above is true.

  11. Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them, so go out and start creating.

  12. Look with all due respect, you really didn’t have faith to begin with. Real faith is not that quickly shaken. It is like the individual building blocks of a building. A storm cannot cause its downfall. You see many structures still stand during a hurricane, twister some even during an earthquake. They’re strong. You weren’t like that about God, anyway, even if you were about your religion. Who wrote the books that helped you to disbelieve? Men. There is proof God does exist. Who created the sun, moon, stars, the brain? Evolution? Really? You’re not sure? Ok, who make houses? Did it just come about by itself? Can a watch make itself? Is there anything physical that is made by man that is complex as to how made to you, maybe TV, the internet, phone, airplane or something else? How is it done? Do you know? It’s complex to those who don’t know how it’s done. It’s like sleight-of-hand tricks or those involving illusions. If you don’t know how it’s done it’s complex. But you know a person had to make it so. Why is it that what is more complex can come about by chance or not by a Maker or Creator who is more intelligent than humans? And then many believe Even in some alien from outer space. Go figure! My suggestion is talk with those Witnesses and there are books you are welcome to get from them. After reading them see if your faith in God will be restored. The publications are: Is There a Creator Who Cares About You? There’s also: The Bible—God’s Word or Man’s? And the third is: Jehovah’s Witnesses—Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom. Wouldn’t a personage like Almighty God be more intelligent than us made things? Children sometimes think because they’re teens, they’re smarter than their parents. It takes humility to realize we don’t have their wisdom, even if we’re so-called book smart. No disrespect intended, but why not seek out those you feel sorry for – the Witnesses and discuss this with them and get the publications I mentioned and read them through unprejudiced and see how you feel afterward. Read with an open mind. Man believes in little green men from outer space who are smarter than earth beings. Those not from this world are God, His Son and other heavenly creatures such as the angels. Man can believe in UFOs but not God. Go figure! But hey, aren’t all humans still learning? I am. And don’t just restore your faith in a religion, but in God and His Word. Take care, please!

  13. 2. Talk to God and tell him to help you. Get a job or go back to school.I’m the same, I have no girlfriend, I’m not fat and I’m not handsome, so try weightwatchers continue learning and keep moving forward.

  14. Life is short, live your dream and wear your passion.”

  15. “This is your life. Do what you want and do it often.[DELDUP()]Keep smiling, LMC

  16. find things that put a smile on your face or inspires and empowers you to keep going

  17. Do this.. Laugh! Just laugh! Dont think I’m crazy.. Just laugh.. Trust me, you will feel so much better.Travel often; getting lost will help you find yourself.chosing to be happy is a good start from there everything falls into place. And when your a happy person other people are attracted to you-this in turn will make you even happier. (the flip side is if your an unhappy person people will not want to be around you) Good Luck.

  18. Everyone has their best time.. Probably, its on the way!

  19. Stop over-analyzing, life is simple.

  20. All emotions are beautiful.Youll find someone one day, everyone doesMeanwhile , listen to Eminem’s songs. 🙂

  21. Take charge of your life and get a part time job. Destiny is in your hand and no one else. Attend night class i.e. Interior Decorating, Accountancy or Architecture and etc which is marketable and work in the day as a part-timer. It going to be tough but if you are determine you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  22. If you don’t like your job, quit.Take meds! Get used to sucks man.

  23. Simply put, you need a reason to be happy. No single soul can grant you a prescription on how to be happy. You will need to find out what it is that makes you happy and strive to arrive at one of the best conclusions you could possibly ever think of.

  24. try meditation (relax)

  25. Fat: So am I try going on a dietDon’t worry, be happy

  26. The happiness comes from inside..someone text me.

  27. If you don’t like something, change it.i agree with the other guy,bad things happen to you sometimes so you can be happy and appreciate the little good things in life,thats why this is my favorite quote “i believe everything happens for a reason.people change so you can learn to let go.things go wrong so you appreciate them when theyre believe lies so you eventually trust no one but yourself.and sometimes good things fall apart so BETTER things can fall together…”but i think you have happiness and joy confused??i just answered another question about this and i said happiness is a fleeting emotion,something good happens to your life that makes you happy for a little while.but joy is being happy even when things are effed up.sorry i know you dont want anyone talking about God and i dont mean to be preachy or anything but really i have been depressed and gone through so many struggles in my life and im not saying that when you have a relationship with God that all your struggles go away,not at ALL.but ive found a way to have joy through God when everything is going wrong and thats the only way i know how to have joy.sorry just being honest its all i really know about happiness/joy im just a kid lol

  28. “How to be Happy in spite of Yourself”

  29. [/DELDUP]Dont feel bad.. Come on! Cheer up!Not handsome: everyone is beautiful in their own wayYour school grades.. you can work on them.. can’t you? Just try harder! Afterall, the best people in the world weren’t toppers in their school.. were they?

  30. If you are looking for the love of your life, stop; they will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love.Smile.

  31. 4. stop comparing yourself to other people and wishing you were them.I’m sorry you aren’t happy. I think we all know pretty well what that feels like. The Bible says at Matthew 5:3 that, “happy are those conscious of their spiritual need”. What’s helped me when I’m unhappy is having a purpose in life. Maybe looking for something productive to do as the other answers mentioned may help you. Or maybe searching for a greater meaning out of life and an even greater future!!!! God can also be our friend if we rely on him. He says at 2 Corinthians 1:4 that he, “comforts us in all our trials”. Relying on him and getting to know other people who do the same may make you a lot of new friends!!!!! I hope it all goes well with you and that you’ll find happiness.

  32. Have you ever heard of the Holstee Manifesto? If not read it, do it, LIVE it!P.S. Anti-depressants worked for me as well (Welbutrin & Lexapro).

  33. Try hard to look at the positive instead of negitive. Therapists can help teach you some great stratigies for emotional stability. It worked for me.

  34. You say you’ve tried everything. What exactly have you tried? Going to school within the past two years is one thing you haven’t tried. Have you tried prescriptions? have you been to therapy? do you diet and exercise? do you go to social events? You can either do nothing and continue to be depressed, or you can risk failure to better your life. Everyone who has success in life has had failure as well. The reason they find success is because they keep trying and trying, and never give up. you need to keep going to a doctor until you find the right anti depressant for you, and you need to keep going to counselors until you find one that you seem to click with. If that is unrealistic to do due to lack of money there are more than likely non profit agencies that are willing and able to help you.

  35. Lift yourself up to God. Turn to Him in prayer and He will lift you up if you let Him.

  36. Along the road of striving for success you are going to have to pass through many trials and tribulations. Surely such issues will cause a delay in your plans to achieving your ideal moment of happiness but that’s life. All must live through it, but most the time not in the same manner as their neighbor would, some will reach happiness earlier than others, some will have to climb different mountains.There’s a lot more to life than just securing good grades or going out with someone you like. Rejection , failure , sadness , etc are all a part of life ; learn to cope with it.

  37. 1. go excercise!!! WALK!aww. sometimes we all have those days where thinqs are bad for usYou have to lose it all until you finally realize how perfect everything is. I lost my mom, broke up, got kicked out of school, and moved out of the house, all before I was 16 and right now I’m the happiest person I know. Until then, good luck, you’ll need it!you can be a catholic but you would be living a lie (the so called “faith” has been lost)but itll get better. trust me

  38. to answer your question if being happySome opportunities only come once, seize them.

  39. 815-295-4290

  40. Your crush’s success cant stop you from telling her you like her.. Go ahead dude!If you don’t have enough time, stop watching TV.

  41. i sing and dance till i cant no more with a big smile in my face. life sucks so make it your party

  42. Ask the next person you see what their passion is and share your inspiring dream with them.first step to be happy…. never stop thinking. never stop asking questions. stare at a tree… think about its history all the things it could say if it could speak. what things might have happenend in the same place ur sitting. dinosaurs giving birth. sit in a mall and think what poeple are thinking why are they rushing to each store? look at the sky and imagine all the other people in the world who are looking at the same sky as you =] live life…… dont be scared,,, if u see a baby crying buy it a toy dtraight offf the counter. u see an old person sitting alone ask if they need comapny…. my dail life is what people say to themselves once in alife time =]

  43. Boy, email me right now. I will help you rightaway. (:

  44. please stop putting yourself down..if your grades are poor…study more n bring them up…if you are overweight…diet and exercise can change that…don’t worry about handsome either..everyone has a different opinion of what handsome is…so…instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself that you are not the guy you want to be…then get yourself moving in a direction to change yourself into who you want to be…good luck!!!

  45. 3. dont take life seriously!! its gonna get worse with all the damn bills ya gotta pay. trust me.Merry Christmas

  46. Edit: I read you’re details again and I think I’ll elaborate a little. After all the bad sh*t happens to you, the things that would make you sad just don’t bother you. You realize that these little things in life don’t matter enough to make you sad. When someone dies, yes, that still makes you sad. But otherwise you need to feel huge loss to be happy. Unfortunately others recover from loss in bad ways, drugs are probably the most common way.

  47. Talk to someone who cares about you , you’ll feel a lot better.i think what you need is guidance (that’s the point of religion)

  48. 6. Life isnt easy but u can do small things to make yourself laugh. You HAV to reprogram your brain to stop the cycle of negative thinking. I was in your shoes when I was a teenager. so I speak from the heart.Take care. (:

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