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How To Sell Books Online For Cash

What’s the best place online to sell things.

I have things around the house that I want to sell (books, video games, etc.). I want to know where to sell things (Ebay, Amazon, etc.) where I can get the most profit from the sales.

if you want to sell books and video games and other media items for most profit than amazon is the best choice for you. Although it will take a while to post all of your items and they will charge you fees when you sell it. 15% + $1.35 per book and .85 per video game, if you have a seller account with them which requires paying monthly fee. if you do not have a seller account with them fees per an item will be higher. and it will take a while until someone buys it.Ebay is not the best place to sell media items and I had a hard time to understand how it works.if you want to get instant cash for your books, video games try using they purchase books, CDs, DVDs, video games. You can ship all of your items with free shipping label all at once to them and they will issue a payment to you by PyaPal or check. there is no fees to use their service.Good Luck!

How to successful sell e-books online using clickbank.

Hello all,I have written an e-book that will help people ace their job interviews and prepare properly. I have been blogging and using search engines and online ads but I haven’t received much success. Are there any online experts that have made Real Cash? I’m very interested in making money from…

I have been selling ebooks for 3 years. i can give you 1 to 1 help if you want me to?I don’t mind running you through everything because there’s a lot to know and do before you begin me at [email protected] if you want my help.Best wishes,Smithy Free amharic books

Sell Books for Cash in the UK.

I was wondering if anyone knew any websites where I can send off my old books to a ‘warehouse’ or some building where I can exchange the books for money? I dont want a website that is like ebay where I have to send them off, I want a pre paid label where my books just get recyled or somtehing for cash….

Print this articleMake easy money by selling your textbooks online.From college textbooks to novels and self-help guides to cookbooks, selling the extra books you have lying around your house can be a great way to generate some extra cash for your bank account. Selling the books online is especially convenient, as they can be packaged and mailed directly from your home in many cases if you pay for and print the required postage documentation online. You can sell your books online with just a few minutes of work.Difficulty: Moderately EasyInstructions1Choose a website where you would like to sell your book(s).Some commonly used options include eBay, Amazon and Craigslist. Deciding which site you would like to use will depend on how you wish to get paid for the books.2Post your listing to eBay at If you do not have an eBay account, sign up for one. You can also choose to sell on, eBay’s media marketplace.Auction sites like by eBay and eBay allow you to list your book either in an auction format, where the price is determined by how many parties bid on your book, or by listing it at a set “Buy-It-Now” price. Payment is received from the buyer within a week after purchase per eBay guidelines, and can include PayPal online payments or a check or money order through the mail, if you wish to accept checks or money orders. If you choose to receive the payment via PayPal, you will need to sign up for a free PayPal account if you do not have one. The money in your PayPal account can be transferred to your bank account, or you can request a check. Both options take several days to a week to complete.3Submit the books you would like to sell to Amazon’s book buy-back at allows you to sell your books for a flat rate, which is disclosed on the website before you ship the books to them. Amazon covers the cost of shipping and you print a free shipping label for either UPS or the postal service from your computer. You’re given a week to mail in the books. Upon receipt, Amazon will credit the amount agreed upon to your Amazon account in the form of a virtual gift card. While Amazon doesn’t offer cash, Amazon virtual gift cards are useful because they can be used to purchase everything from groceries to electronics to clothing.4Post a free listing to your city’s Craigslist website. If you do not have a Craigslist account, sign up for one first. It is free.Your local Craigslist website (go to and click on your nearest city) is ideal if you want fast cash in hand. List your book(s) on the Craigslist website under the “Books” section in the “For Sale” category. The posting is free. Buyers will contact you via email or by phone if you choose to list your phone number in the advertisement. You will arrange to meet with the buyer to sell your book, where he will pay you for the merchandise.Remove your Craigslist listing once your book is sold.5Choose another website to sell your book(s) on, if you wish to sell your books elsewhere.It can be helpful to search for “sell books online” on a search engine. The search will yield dozens of results for websites that buy books. Check each site’s price offering before agreeing to send, and read the user agreement for the site carefully. Check online reviews for the site online and with the Better Business Bureau as well to make sure it has a good reputation with its customers.Read more: How to Make Some Cash Selling Your Books Online –

best place for selling textbooks.

I’m wondering if anyone has sold used textbooks online somewhere for a good price, like more than a dollar! Every site I look at seems to offer me no more than one or two dollars.

You really have two options for selling books online1) Post it on a marketplace. – This would be site such as Facebook (or a local one to your campus), Craigslist (which is not really user friendly when it comes to textbooks) or Amazon. – Typically you can get more by selling direct buy it may take a bit longer to accomplish.2) Sell directly to a book buyer. – You can do a search at to see how much someone is willing to pay you cash, right now, for your book. If that is how much you want to get you can save yourself time and just ship them the book and they will mail you a check.What students don’t understand is that a book loses value the longer it is around so sell quickly and don’t hold out for an amount that you will never get.

Where to sell textbooks.

I just finished my first quarter in college and I was wondering how do I go about selling my textbooks online. I do not want to sell them to college book store since they were offering too little. Any advice would be appreciated.

If you want to quickly sell your books for cash you can sell it to online buyback company. This one offers 24 hour payment and free shipping label. I have used them a few times and I was happy with their price quotes, speed of service and they also never reduced my payment like some other companies did it to me in the past. They are a Better Business Bureau member and I would recommend selling your books to them.

How to sell unwanted stuff..

I have some things I want to sell. Like old tv stands and text books for instance. How do I sell online, with the shipping and handling I don’t know. But I could use the cash and free up some space.

The things you mentioned might have little or no value. Craigslist is the best for ads – and free – but oftentimes buyers look for great deals or “free” stuff.Try a garage sale and have it in one room of your house if it’s chilly where you live.If text books are still relevant, Half Ebay is a great website.

What stores can i sell my books that are not online..

I have so many books i want to sell for cash idk what kind of stores buys them can anyone help me ?

Half Price Books. It is good to go into the store on a Monday or Tuesday to try and sell them. The price you get will depend on the demand for the Author/Book and how many copies they currently have.And also check out your local family owned book stores. Sometimes they buy used books. If you live near or in a college town you will have better luck too. 🙂 Good luck!

Sell textbooks online.

What is the best way to sell textbooks (I do not want to sell them to local textbook store, they were going to pay me 1/5 of what I bought them for). I have just finished my first quarterr in college and I was wondering how do I go about selling textbooks online. Would appreciate any advice.

If you want to quickly sell your books for cash you can sell it to online buyback company. This one offers 24 hour payment and free shipping label. I have used them a few times and I was happy with their price quotes, speed of service and they also never reduced my payment like some other companies did it to me in the past. They are a Better Business Bureau member and I would recommend selling your books to them.

Where can I sell gently used books for cash…

I don’t want to sell on Amazon or Ebay, or anywhere online. I want cash, so I don’t have to go through the hassle of trying to find customers and paying for shipping and handling, so preferably a store?

Some local book sellers will buy, sell, and trade in used books — you may not be able to get cash for such merchandise but check with the staff. Establish a relationship with them as far as the material you have read and found. Certain titles and how the book has held up makes all the difference as far as what “resale” price you are offered.

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  2. Instagram, Ebay, Craigslist. The sites will give you all the instructions.

  3. You can make fairly decent value. Also, they are great to buy from as well.

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  5. Pawn ShopsHi Seth,

  6. If you sell them online, then you also have to pay for shipping and handling and chances are your textbooks are not light so shipping can be up to 10 dollars!

  7. eBay and Craiglist are the two main places that you could sell it online. Depending on the size and cost of shipping then you can decide whether to offer shipping. If you just want it out of your house, you could list it for rent on RentXS


  9. Writing your own ebooks is the best way to make money online. You can make some fast cash and residual income,too, if you can get other people to sell your ebook. A job interview book is a great niche right now. Good luck!

  10. I used to place ads in the local paper. I always sold my books for more than the ‘book store’.

  11. The internet should help you. Craiglist is an example. What you may not need may be the one thing that another person is looking for!

  12. Lona – Brazilian embroidery was real popular in the early 70’s. I took a class – there was a craft store that sold the thread and kits. and had the instruction books. I learned to do it and there is nothing more beautiful and fun to do. You are probably looking in the wrong place. I would look at craft stores. I have a friend that has her pattern books for tole painting and also designing figures – recipe boxes – farm animals etc. In the past I have also seen Quilling books in the craft shops. They look like a magazine rather than a hard cover book. Good luck finding what you need. DeeJay.

  13. Alternatively connect to someone who could help you on flea market or a garage sale should be helpful.

  14. http://www.ecampus.comJust make sure you require CASH only.i perfer ebay

  15. Pawn Shops

  16. I’ve also written an article that might help you here .

  17. .Ebay!!!!!!!!!

  18. Google “used textbooks”… those websites buy books too and send you a box w/ free shipping…. alls you have to do is key in the isbn number to see who will give you the most for each of them. I got way more back that way then selling them back to the school…

  19. At our school, we started a Facebook group(s) so that we can sell textbooks to other students at our university. You just click on the topic like “Biology,” and then you write in what book you are selling and the price. If someone wants to buy it from you, then they’ll just message you.

  20. Black Market

  21. Really the only options for real-time (and rejecting online) are a local used bookstore, a yard sale, or a chain that deals in used such as Hastings. That last gives you a price, though, based on their need and the demand for the particular book(s). I’ve sold several books on (subsidiary of eBay) and been very satisfied with their system, just as an aside.

  22. Street CornersThere is a chain of stores that buys used books, records, tapes,DVDs and movies. It’s called Half Price Books. Check your Yellow Pages to see if there is one in your town.

  23. I’m assuming you’re interested in learning more about how to market your ebook. One service I’ve heard of (but haven’t tried) is Corners

  24. .Craigslist

  25. Check out the link below… You can sell,trade and buy textbooks.

  26. Good luck.

  27. It does not matter much what you want to sell. What’s really important is the content presentation. If your content is appealing to the potential customer, you can easily sell your products. Otherwise, no matter whichever website you chose or how grandly you explain, it won’t sell.

  28. Are you trying to sell your ebook through your blogging and online ads? Or are you looking for more general ways to make money online?If you have tried Ebay, Amazon etc and no-one is buying your books, then you are trying to sell them at too high a price. As these are customer-to-customer sites, you will find that if you try to sell them to a second-hand bookshop, you will have to drop your price even more, as the bookshop will need to see a way of making a profit from them before they will consider buying them. Try lowering your price and trying Amazon and Ebay again. If that doesn’t work, then donate them to a charity shop as they are obviously not going to sell and you will just end up wasting your time.

  29. try They sell pretty quickly there.

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