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How Does Dexter End In The Books

have anyone read the story Winter Dreams .

Why do you think Dexter keep falling for Judy? what does Judy represent to him? How is this resolved in the End? did your Impression of Dexter change throughout the story?please include details from the story

I haven’t read the book but it might be on

What happens at the end of the book One Day.

I just got the book One Day by David Nicholls but I haven’t read it yet because I’m still doing my AP summer work. If anyone could just give me a rundown of the book I would really appreciate it and if you could tell me if it’s actually worth reading.

I won’t spoil it for you because it is a very good read. It’s quite chunky in length but it follows twenty years of Emma and Dexter’s relationship as they grow apart and together at various stages in their life. It’s all about missed opportunities, friendship and getting back up after seeming to have messed things up in your life such as your job and marriage. It’s told mostly chronologically apart from near the end and it goes in depth into both of their emotions and thoughts and how your life view changes. It’s hilarious and emotional and has quotes from classic novels at the beginning of each ‘section’ of the novel which follows their life stages.:’)

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dexter book vs tv show.

which do u guys like better?i enjoy both but like the books betterand the reason is “the Dark Passenger”

I read the first book after starting the tv series and did not like it. I thought the series was much better than the book. I had some major issues with the book. My response is only about the first book compared to the series.One of the major issues I had was the characters. All of them were very 2 dimensional. I got no feel for any of the characters, even Dexter. If I had not watched the series I would not have had any connection to him as an m.c.(which is essential). The series fleshed out all the characters very well, while the book did not. Also, all characters besides Dexter were complete morons. How did anyone get to the level in their careers being as stupid as they were? There was no real challenge to Dexter, as he seems to be the smartest person in Miami.The author also seemed to harp on certain things too much. The only way the book tried to get the reader to sympathize with Dexter and not see him as an evil killer was to use his love of kids. I got it the first time, but the author kept mentioning it over and over. He also harped on Dexter’s inability to have feelings for other people. He goes on and on about how he does not understand what Rita wants, but then he does not seem to have any trouble understanding Debora’s feeling(he goes out of his way to help her).The plot of the first book was awful. Most of the things Dexter did was too coincidental. Going for a ride and finding the truck, knowing to go back to the ice rink, going to the shipment yard. There was really no explanation for why he knew to do many of these things. Sorry, but instinct can only lead someone so far.The lead up to the end was terrible. The series did it so much better. Then all of a sudden Laguerta had followed him(another coincidence) and did not trust him(b/c he rejected her sexual advances?).I could go one and on about why I did not like the book. I was very disappointed after really living the series and hoping for the same with the books. Perhaps if I kept reading they may get better, as some authors flourish in later books.

I have some questions about the ending of season 1 of Dexter – did you understand these things.

1. Don’t you think that Rudy’s exposing body parts of the very hooker that Angel had met (just before her being chopped by “the ice-truck killer”, a.k.a. Rudy) was quite a big blunder from his part (Rudy’s)? I would have understood his having her killed and hidden the dead body to shut down…

1) Rudy / Bryan is different from Dexter (though true- they are both serial killers) in my opinion Rudy, who also appeared in the books, was a contrast character to Dexter :He tends to act more on impulse the Dexter:* Dexter was taught self control by Harry.* Dexter was taught how to pick his victims – so it won’t trace back to him (or at least “time out” until it’s o.k).Also, you are forgetting he had an agenda – to lure his brother into joining him – and also make him remember.2) Harry left Bryan behind because he was older then Dexter – he was old enough to remember what had happend and as a result, he was alread “broken” (while Dexter in his opinion- had a 50/50 chance of living a normal life, he was as we know- wrong).

How did “Dexter” cut down the body parts.

Hey people, I am talking about the movie series or book, whatever.Is that a glitch? How did Dexter cut down the body parts if It has a lot of blood and such in it. Blood went to trash bag with the body parts or what? Because then, he had to use a lot of trash bags. What did he do with the blood? Anyway, when he…

The whole reason he covers every “killing room” bottom to top in saran wrap and plastic was to prevent any blood evidence (or any evidence at that) from being left behind. After he disassembles the bodies using various electric tools or hacksaws and what have you, the remains we’re put into a number of Hefty’s along with all the plastic he used to cover the room. So, yeah, all the blood eventually ended up in the garbage bags. He’s a meticulous monster.

Darkly dreaming dexter. (No spoiling).

How much does the books series of Dexter differ from the show? Don’t spoil anything in the book for me, please I’ve watched everything in the show.

The TV series only followed the first book (and even then, they made important changes). After the first season, the TV series ignores the books and follows its own route. In the books, for instance, the Trinity Killer doesn’t exist.Personally, I don’t like the books. They are very different from the TV show, and Dexter in the books is a much less likable character. He’s also a more depraved serial killer, insofar as he takes a delight in torturing his victims.As the author of the books puts it: “My Dexter pretends to be nice. TV’s Dexter _wants_ to be nice.”The books went a little crazy. In one of them, Dexter finds that his Dark Passenger is actually an ancient demon named Moloch. Seriously. He also decides to train both kids, Astor & Cody, as serial killers.There are also major differences in what happens to the characters. Rita, for instance, is still alive in the books. So is Doakes (although he probably wishes he wasn’t). But LaGuerta doesn’t last long. Rudy/Brian isn’t killed in the books, and returns later. Debra knows his secret from the end of the very first book..

On Dexter, Do You Think Deborah(His Sister) Will or Should Find Out.

She knows in the book but do you think she will in the series? How do you think she will react?

I think that in order to make it to season 4, they’ll have to let someone in on the secret. It’ll most likely be Deb. Her character has proved to be the only one strong enough to handle the news. She is also the only person who would not immediately turn on him. Although Deb is, first and foremost, a cop, she is also her father’s daughter. After adopting Dexter, Harry (Deb’s father) recognized Dexter’s violent tendencies. He knew what Dexter would become, and taught him “the code” to prepare him for it. Her father knew and accepted it, Deb might do the same.Deb has shown over and over that she strongly depends on and loves Dexter more than anything. I have to believe that in the end, her love for Dexter would force her to accept the shocking fact that her brother is a serial killer.But, the struggle of her choosing between Dexter and the Law should make for some interesting episodes.

Dexter the show vs. Dexter the books.

Im a big fan of Dexter on showtime, and im thinking of reading the books. From someone familiar with both, is it worth it? Besides the first season/novel I hear they get pretty different after that. I didn’t like the true blood books as much as the show and I was wondering how these books compared. Plus, how…

Don’t do it.Dexter is one of the few times that a TV show or movie was far better than the original books.For one thing, the show has gradually made Dexter a much more human, sympathetic character. The Dexter in the books is more or less a genuine psychopath. As the books’ author once said: “My Dexter pretends to be nice. TV’s Dexter _wants_ to be nice.”But it gets worse. In the books, Dexter discovers that his dark passenger is actually the ancient demon called Moloch (no, unfortunately, I’m not kidding). Then, he decides that both Astor and Cody are potential serial killers (yes, both of them), and starts training the children to kill. Seriously. Both of them.There are other huge differences as well. Debra knows Dexter’s secret from the end of first book on. LaGuerta is killed by Rudy during the Debra rescue. Rudy is still alive. And Doakes is still alive, but probably wishes he wasn’t, since another serial killer cut off numerous parts of his body.Take it from me: stick to the TV show..

How does Dexter end in the books differ from TV show. (Waring spoiler Alert).

So I just finished the end of Dexter. Truly the worst finale ever. I’m so angry at how stupid they ended it so I want to know if you read the books how does the story actually end?

The books have not ended as of yet. They are still ongoing. The books are different than the show. It is the same main characters (mostly) and of course Dexter is still a serial killer, but the stories in the book differ from the plotlines in the show. I would tell you more but I don’t want to spoil them if you intend to read them.

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22 thoughts on “How Does Dexter End In The Books

  1. Reading a good book offers a richer experience and can leave you with remembrances that can last years. Television is only educational if you are observing a documentary or something similar

  2. Logan gave a great answer. I agree that the plastic sheet covering is the main reason he’s able to do the job so neatly, without leaving behind trace evidence. It also doesn’t hurt that Dexter is a blood spatter analyst, which gives him a lot of insider knowledge and know-how, to ensure he leaves a clean crime scene. Being involved in law enforcement, he also has access to many handy forensic tools.

  3. And yes the books and series go in very different directions. Rita still lives and Dexter notices that Astor and Cody are like him, he even starts training them in The Code of Harry.

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  5. Debora’s name is spelled differentiallyThe Ice Truck Killed is the Tamiami Butcheri like Jeff Lindsay’s books, they provide a parallel glimpse into Dexter Morgan’s life. There are some ameliorations. Debora’s call is spelled differentially The Ice Truck Killed is the Tamiami Butcher Angel isn’t a cop yet a forensic scientist LaGuerta has a distinctive first call (and he or she dies interior the 1st e book) Dexter enables his brother to flee And sure the books and sequence pass in very distinctive instructions. Rita nevertheless lives and Dexter notices that Astor and Cody are like him, he even starts coaching them interior the Code of Harry.

  6. Yes they got extremely different. But that’s because Jeff Lindsay, the author, didn’t want to see his stories on tv. The only similar story is the first book and even then its completely different

  7. I think it depends if they go another season or not. If this is the last season she will if its not she wont. Its one of the biggest plots in the show, so i don’t know if they will ruin it unless they’re not coming back.

  8. it could have been a dream sequence which you observed, i understand he dreamed of telling his sister approximately his “dependancy”. you are able to seem on the area for Dexter at Showtime and spot in the event that they have the episode indexed or examine on line for the episode. you are able to attempt the hyperlinks under in case you like

  9. Dexter Book

  10. Reading a good publication offers a richer experience and can leave you with memory that will last years

  11. I watched the television teach first, then began to examine the books, yet frankly, i did no longer like the books. they are _very_ distinctive from the television teach. interior the books, Dexter turns into confident that he’s pushed to kill by ability of an historic demon inhabiting his physique. heavily. And interior the books, he believes that the infants, Astor & Cody, are additionally destiny serial killers, and starts coaching them to kill. and you do no longer even opt to appreciate what occurs to Doakes interior the books… the character of Dexter is likewise distinctive. On television, they have made him a much greater human, likeable character. because of the fact the author of the books stated: “MY Dexter pretends to be super. television’s Dexter _wants_ to be super.” in my opinion, I choose television’s Dexter, and have not any actual interest in analyzing the books. .

  12. i admire Dexter, yet have not examine the books yet the two, so i’m probable no longer plenty help right here – you ought to continually initiate the e book & in case you think of it is going to break the teach, then wait to end the e book… additionally – There are 3 books, so so which you are able to purchase & examine the different 2 first, then while the season finishes, examine the different

  13. Reading the reserve instead of observing the movie is the ultimate way to see what the author planned. Reading uses your creativity, hones your reading skills, and can increase your vocabulary.

  14. BTW I LOVE that show

  15. Angel isn’t a cop but a forensic scientist

  16. Dexter allows his brother to escape

  17. I like Jeff Lindsay’s books, they offer a parallel glimpse into Dexter Morgan’s life. There are some differences.

  18. Television set ruins your mind and makes you bad in college hmmm and reading is interesting and enables you to smarter

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  20. LaGuerta has a different first name (and she dies in the first book)

  21. While it’s true that some t.v. programs are better at informing and portraying than catalogs, literature in themselves are a getaway. I would take a booklet over t personally.v.

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