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How Many Books Are In Vampire Knight

how many books are there going to be in vampire knights.

i already know there are 53 chapters on and there are 11 books in japan

Hmm, only way to find out is to wait for the series to end since we don’t really know when it will.

How many books are there in the Vampire Knight Series.

As of now (end of 2010) how many Vampire Knight books are there in english?

Currently there are 12 english volumes of Vampire Knight released.

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How many Chapters are there in Vampire Knight… .

Is there only 43 Chapters on Vampire Knight???*sorry, I only get the chapters online, [I’M THAT CHEAP] hey, don’t blame me, blame my mother. . .

You know, if you read the the chapters online, you’ll actually be ahead of the english published books. That’s not being cheap, it’s being smart. And yes, as of now vampire knight only has 43 chapters but there’s a new one every month around the 24th so they’ll be one more chapter coming out soon.

does anyone know how many books there are to VAMPIRE KNIGHT.

In Japan (and scanlated): there are 8 volumes or 37 chaptersIn America: 3 so far…….I think the 4th one comes out in AprilHope that Helps >.<

Vampire Knight Question.

How many Vampire Knight books are avalible in the UK???

I’d think they’d have about as much as the US since they’re both in the English language.But, to make it easier for you, you can always go onto and read the most updated chapters on there.The translated manga online are farther ahead than the manga that’s translated in the books.

How many Chapters and Books are in the Manga Vampire Knight…

I’ve already read 30 chapters of Vampire Knight….I Need Help!Someone Please help me!

chapter 30 is the last chapter of volume 6…in the translations there are only two books so far and im not quite sure how often each chapter comes out, but i cant wait!! haha

how many books are there in vampire knight (manga).

5 that are avalable in english at the moment. there will be 6 soon

how many books are there in vampire knight.

I have 1-10. Ive heard theres 11, but I cant find 11 anywhere. How many are there?

11 will be out in December 7, 2010. #10 came out June 1, 2010

How many books is in Vampire Knight.

How many books are there in all??

I think there 14

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15 thoughts on “How Many Books Are In Vampire Knight

  1. In Japan there are eight out but in America there are only four right now.

  2. ^_^

  3. 43 chapters right now

  4. not much help i guess, sry!

  5. um… its supposed to be ten in the English.. I’m not sure if its 11. Besides the author aready ended it. so it ended in the 10th volume.

  6. i think its a slow one and gonna take some time to finish.

  7. @Oh then Idk what chapters are there in 10? (srry its been a long time since I read that manga. <_<)

  8. not in hurry i m sure!

  9. Until the author stops making them and i think that will happen until the story has a complete ending. Hopefully they publish a lot because, its a very famous Manga , and they will make a lot of money of its books,merchandise and Anime ^^

  10. Currently 8 volume (37 chapters).I don’t think there is even a volume 10. where did you buys yours anyways?

  11. This is all that there is right now. 🙂 happy reading.

  12. Read it on yestarday.

  13. It’s still going on in Japan. I has 6 volumes so far.

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