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How To Buy Kindle Books As A Gift

Does my grandma need a kindle fire in order for her to send books to my kindle.

Hi, my Grandma is very generous, and she wants to know how to send books to my kindle fire. As far as I know, I don’t think she has a kindle. So does she need a kindle too, in order for her to send me books to my kindle? Please help, I want to email her the directions as soon as possible! Thanks!

No. All she needs is an Amazon account. To send you books, she needs to log in to her account and then browse the Kindle store. In addition to a button allowing you to buy a Kindle book, there’s also a button labeled Give As A Gift. All she has to do is click on that, enter payment information and fill out the form that asks for your email address. You’ll receive an email saying you were gifted a book, and a link to click on to collect it. It’s pretty easy.

How do you pay for books with Kindle.

im thinking of buying a Kindle, and i was wondering do i need a credit card to pay for the books i want to download on it? or does the Kindle use PayPal?

You can go to Amazon and see if they accept pay pal as a payment method but I am almost certain you need to pay with a card. If you download directly from your Kindle you have to have a card on file and it charges automatically. Otherwise, you can go to the web and order books and pay with the card or a gift card etc. How to get free audible books without credit card

Kindle help…………

So I was wondering how you buy a kindle book? I know for the Nook you can get a gift card and purchase it through Barnes and Noble. But What about the Kindle? Is it through a credit card? Also, which one do you prefer, the Nook color or kindle fire (and not the new nook, the older one that’s all touch screen.)…

Purchasing Kindle Books as GiftsAny Kindle book available for purchase in the Kindle Store can be given as a gift to anyone with an e-mail address. You do not need a Kindle device to send or receive Kindle book gifts, and the recipient can read their gift on a registered Kindle device or any free Kindle reading application.In amazon you can1)Buy kindle book as gift2)rent or lend kindle book3)buying a Kindle book for someone else15.8 oz for Kindle Fire vs 14.6 oz for Nook Color

How do I put EBook on a Kindle that is going to be a gift for someone else.

I bought a kindle to give to a friend as a birthday present and I want to add several books to it before I give it to him. How do I do this without registering it to my amazon account? If I do register it to my account, if the new owner reregisters it, will he still be able to use the books I downloaded?

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. The Kindle is tied to one specific account.However, you can still buy him books. Give him the Kindle, and then find the books you want to give him in the Kindle Store. There’s a button under the Buy Now button that says Give As Gift. You enter the recipient’s email address, which is connected to their Amazon account. It then delivers the book to their Kindle and charges you. It’s pretty easy.

How to buy books on the Kindle Fire.

Is it like the iPod where all you have to do is buy an itunes card? Is it like an amazon card or something?

The Kindle Fire is associated to your Amazon account. When you shop with your Kindle Fire, charge will be posted according to the settings in your Amazon account. You can associate a credit card to your account, or you can add some Amazon gift card credit to your account for payment.Here is the guideline for shopping on the Kindle Fire:…Another choice is to buy books with your PC computer, they’ll show up on your Kindle Fire as well.

What is the method to buying books on the kindle.

I am interested in buying a kindle. I am wondering how you buy books off of the kindle though. Do you use a credit card or is it like itunes where you buy gift-cards with money on the card.

As for how you buy the books, there are a couple of different methods:1. You can buy using your computer, just like any other shopping on Amazon. When bought, it will be wirelessly delivered to your Kindle.2. You can buy through your Kindle, going to the Kindle Store wirelessly. When you buy a book on your account, it will charge to the credit card you have on file, or if you have an account balance due to gift cards you’ve entered, it will draw on those.I’ve had mine for about 2 months and am very happy with it. I’m a pretty voracious reader, going through a book a week or so. It’s nice not to have all those books left over that I have to figure out how to get rid of every now and then. And your Kindle account will keep those books forever. 20 years after you bought and read it, you can read it again.

How do I buy Accelerated Reader books on a Kindle.

I got a kindle as a gift from my parents but my school says i have to read AR books. how do I find AR books on a Kindle?

You need a list from your school library what AR books that they have quizzes for. Schools have to buy the AR quizzes or write their own.

Amazon kindle books as gifts.

My girlfriend has an amazon kindle and she loves to read. She can read a novel in a few hours at the most if she’s really interested. Well, I want to give her some kind of gift card for her birthday so she can buy more books, but I don’t know how to do it. Do I need to buy her an amazon gift card, or do…

You can buy kindle gift cards at Fredmyer or Target . And they come in 25 to 50 dollar I think that would be something she would like.

If I buy a book on kindle can I give it to somebody as a gift.

Can I buy 2 of the same book on Kindle and give one to my sister? I don’t know if I would have to give it to her as a link or send it in a file. I don’t know if that falls into the file sharing thing or what. She lives in a different state and she likes to read. So when I buy a book on my computer can I…

You can ONLY gift a Kindle book if you buy it as a gift to start with. The is a separate buy button that says “Give as a Gift”. And you need to know email of the account their Kindle is registered to (you need to specify the recipient’s Amazon account email when you buy the Kindle book as a gift).So you can buy one for yourself and do “Give as a Gift” (a different way to buy) instead of “Buy” for the second one.

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  4. * Choice of Wifi only or Wifi and 3G models.

  5. sorry but you would have to use the new owners amazon account to give him/her a book on his/her kindle (you can’t use your account or every other book he/she buys would be charged to you)…. or you can just give him/her an amazon gift card 🙂

  6. * Support for more font styles and scripts including Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, Korean, Cyrillic (Russian), Latin and Greek.

  7. * Built in Wifi.Obviously, you will need a credit card if you buy online. At least, your purchase is safe and protected via the credit card company.

  8. You can buy Kindle books through Amazon or, I assume, a lot of devices would have apps that might allow you to purchase right through the device.

  9. The person that will be registering the account will have to do that. But I bet the time that you spend with him to get him registered and download books will be well worth it and then he will know how to do it, too!

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  18. * Softer feel to the back, making the new Kindle 3 easier to hold onto.When you look at the screen for buying a Kindle book, there are two buttons. One toward the top is a Buy Now button. Under it is a smaller one to Give As Gift. Select that one. Then enter your sister’s email address and type in a note. She’ll receive an email letting her know about the gift, complete with a link she can click to access it.

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  21. * Massively increased storage to cope with up to 3500 books.

  22. * A new VoiceGuide “read to me” menu.

  23. yes, but you need to click a give as a gift option when purchasing the book so it doesn’t go to your account. See below.

  24. * New web-browser with support for easy posting of your favorite passages to Facebook and Twitter.

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  26. Kindle 3 is definitely an amazing device.Get the Kindle Fire. Here is a great link to compare prices with Barnes and NobleYou dont have to carry now all those heavy actual books, kindle is so light weight which is carrying almost 1500 books within it. Since I travel a lot I really like the 3G Internet you can get the internet wherever you go. Whenever you are tired of reading you can also you Text-To-Speech with auto-page turning feature which is jst so relaxing. If the small size strains your eyes a lot than can also change the text-size. I must say Kindle is a small magic books really I cant live without it.

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