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How Many Alice In Wonderland Books Are There

alice in wonderland book.

I heard the movies alice in wonderland are based on books.. is this true? and if so who is the author and how many books are there?

The are based on the books Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and also another book called Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There. Both those books were written by Lewis Carrol.

what is the true title of Alice in Wonderland books. and how many are there.

is it ‘adventures in…..’ or ‘just alice in….’?

the first one is “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, the second one is “Through the Looking Glass”. Spiritual books for free

How many books are there in the Alice in Wonderland series.

Interested in reading the books, not sure if there’s more then one book in the original series or what.Thanks for the help,–BKDancer

It wasn’t really a series; Lewis Carroll wrote “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, and later a sequel called “Through the Looking Glass”. These are the only two original books.However, many later authors wrote books that were supposed to be sequels to “Through the Looking Glass” or prequels to “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, and there is an even larger number of books that were based off of the two originals, but none were written by Carroll.

How many versions of Alice in Wonderland were there.

and who were each one by?

IMDB says there’s 26 movies which have the exact title of Alice in Wonderland and 15 partial matches.I think the main ones are the recent Disney live-action movie directed by Tim Burton except that doesn’t really follow the book, and the Disney animation from 1951.I also remember two TV movies. One was from 1999 directed by Nick Willing and starring Tina Majorino who was in Veronica Mars and the other is a lot older, it says it was directed by Harry Harris. I’m sure I’ve seen that one on video.I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of the other versions.You can see the full list of them at the link below.

how many alice in wonderland books are there.

and what is the order i should read them in?

Written by ‘Lewis Carroll’? There are only two Alice books. The first is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and the second is Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There.

How many Alice in Wonderland books are there.

I know the 1st one is “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” right?I think there’s another called “Through the Looking Glass” the sequel right?If not/so what are the books that continue from the 1st one?I really want to read the whole seriesPlease & Thank YouIt’s very much…

There were 3 books wrote by Lewis CarrollLEWIS CARROLLAlice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland -1865Through the Looking Glass – 1871The Nursery Alice – 1890OTHER AUTHORSA New Alice in the Old Wonderland – 1895 (Anna M Richards)The Westminster Alice – 1902 (Hector Hugo Munro)Alice in Bundlerland: An Iridescent Dream – 1907 (John Kendrick Bangs)New Adventures of Alice – 1917 (John Rae)Alice in Orchestralia – 1925 (Ernest La Prade)Alice Through the Needles Eye – 1985 (Gilbert Adair)The Looking Glass Wars – 2006 – (Frank Beddor)Wonderland Revisted and the Games Alice Player There – 2009 (Keith Sheppard)Alice in Dreamland – 2009 (Kira)Alice in Verse: The Lost Rhymes of Wonderland – 2010 (J.T Holden)

How many Alice in Wonderland books are there.

The ones I know of are:……But I also found this one, what version is this?…And are there even more stories about Alice?Thanks for your help!

The third version you have found is simply the rough draft of the first book.There are only two stories featuring Alice. They are the first two you list.

How many accounts of Alice in wonderland are there.

When I ask this I mean, how many different versions are there?

Alice in Wonderland (1903 film), silent film,Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1910 film), silent film,Alice in Wonderland (1915 film), silent film,Alice in Wonderland (1931 film),Alice in Wonderland (1933 film)Alice in Wonderland (1946 film),Alice in Wonderland (1949 film),Alice in Wonderland (1951 film),Alice in Wonderland (1955 TV-adaptation),1932 Broadway version of the novel, co-written by Eva LeGallienne and directed by George Schaefer for the Hallmark Hall of FameAlice in Wonderland or What’s A Nice Kid like You Doing in a Place like this? (1966 TV animated musical movie), from Hanna Barbera featuring cartoon characters as the Wonderland and Looking Glass characters, with Janet Waldo as AliceAlice in Wonderland (1966 film),Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1972 film), British musical film, UKAlice in Wonderland (1981 film),Alice at the Palace, filmed performance of Elizabeth Swados’s 1981Alice in Wonderland (1983 film), filmed performance based on the 1982 Broadway revival, which in turn was based on the 1932 Broadway production; appeared on American public broadcasting channel PBS’s Great Performances.Alice in Wonderland (1983 film), Nippon Animation, animated TV-series, JapanAlice in Wonderland (1985 film), television movieAlice in Wonderland (1986 TV serial), 4×30 minute BBC TV adaptationAlice in Wonderland (1988 film), a 51-minute direct-to-video animated film AustraliaAlice (1988 film), a stop motion adaptation of the first book by Jan Švankmajer.Adventures in Wonderland, a Disney television series that ran from 1991–1995Alice in Wonderland (1999 film), television movieThe Looking Glass Wars, alternate story by Frank BeddorAlice (2009 TV mini-series), Syfy

How many alice in wonderland books are there.

there are five but one Alice’s Journey home is limited and hard to find

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  1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – 1865 – Lewis Carroll (Original)

  2. at least thats the one i think the movie is going to be aboutAlice in Wonderland (1933), a film version directed by Norman Z. McLeod, US

  3. Alice in Wonderland (1976), a porn-musical by Bud TownsendAlice in Wonderland (1915), a silent film directed by W. W. Young*facepalm* well I guess can’t expect everyone to know about every single classic book. Herd of Dr. Seuss at all? anyways…Alice In wonderland is a 1865 novel written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson or Lewis Carroll. I think they were both the same guy.

  4. From Shmoop

  5. Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy: Curiouser and Curiouser – 2010 – William IrwinAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1910), a silent film directed by Edwin Stanton PorterThere is a sequel – Through the Looking-Glass – which features Alice.

  6. Alice in Wonderland (1985), a two-part made-for-TV special produced by Irwin Allen and featuring a large all-star castAlice in Wonderland (1955), a live television adaptation of the 1932 Eva LeGallienne /Florida Friebus stage adaptation of the novel, directed for television by George Schaefer for the Hallmark Hall of FameAlice in Wonderland (1983), a PBS Great Performances presentation of a 1982 stage play which was in turn a revival of the 1932 LeGallienne productionand he wrote alice poems such as “The Hunting of the Snark” and “Jabberwocky

  7. Looking Glass Wars ( a series by Frank Beddor)

  8. The book has inspired numerous film and television adaptations which have multiplied as the original work is now in the public domain in all jurisdictions. The following list is of direct adaptations of Adventures in Wonderland (sometimes merging it with Through the Looking-Glass), not other sequels or works otherwise inspired by the works (such as Tim Burton’s 2010 film Alice in Wonderland):Alice in Wonderland (1949), a live-action/animated film with stop motion segments, directed by Dallas Bower

  9. Alice (1946), a BBC production starring Vivian Pickles directed by George More O’Ferrall, UK

  10. Alice in Wonderland (1986), a BBC adaptation directed by Barry Letts and starring Kate Dorning

  11. and threw the looking glass

  12. there is alice in wonderland and the sequel Through the Looking-Glass,Alice in Wonderland

  13. Alice’s Journey To The Moon – 2004 – R.J CarterAnd Living Next Door To Alice is actually an Aussie pop song not a book.

  14. Disney Alice in Wonderland (Based on Tim Burtons Movie) – 2010 – T.T. Sutherland

  15. Alice in Wonderland

  16. alice in wonderland,

  17. here’s what I could dig upThrough The Looking Glass And What She Found There – 1871 – Lewis Carroll

  18. if you like the Alice in Wonderland books you might also like:

  19. this is the link to watch it at.There is also the one where Whoopie Goldberg plays the cat, and Tina Majorino plays Alice it is also a good version.yes it is a book originally called Alice’s adventures in WonderlandIve jotted down a few for you.

  20. This will give you the list of all the Literature and publications, literary retellings and sequels, Comics, manga, and graphic novels, Film, Animation, Television, Theatre, Art, Music and more containing themes, ideas or stories from Alice in Wonderland.

  21. Alice in Wonderland (1965), a TV movie directed by Dennis Potter

  22. yup its a book the guy was drunk when he came up with it

  23. Hope this helps?!

  24. Alice (1988 film) by Jan Švankmajer, stop motion and live action

  25. Alice in WonderlandThe Annotated Alice – 1960 – Martin Gardiner

  26. Or just type in you tube search Alice In Wonderland Natalie Gregory and it will come up with part 1

  27. Through the Looking GlassThe book are by Lewis Caroll

  28. it Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and the second one is Through the Looking Glass

  29. [/DELDUP]Technically, one. Alice in Wonderland….”Thru (sp) the Looking Glass”

  30. Living Next Door to Alice

  31. Alice in Wonderland (1937), a TV adaptation directed by George More O’Ferrall

  32. A New Alice in the Old Wonderland – 1895 – Anna Matlack Richards

  33. Alice in Wonderland (1966), an animated Hanna-Barbera TV movie with Janet Waldo as Alicethrew the looking glassAlice in Wonderland (1903), a British silent film directed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow, with May Clark as AliceThere are so many Alice in Wonderland books out there.. many are just re-writes of Lewis Carrolls.

  34. and there are 2 as far as i know,The fist Disney movie Alice in Wonderland relies heavily on both the Alice in Wonderland books. The second is based on the books but deviates a lot.Alice in Wonderland (1999), a 1999 television movie first shown on NBC and then shown on British television on Channel 4

  35. And there a few books on peoples philosphys on the book.The answers above are all correct however that doesn’t include any of the Books, many books new and old are based off of Lewis Carroll’s original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. A lot of them i actually suggest because they can be very good reads:

  36. Alice of the Dreamland – 2009 – Kira

  37. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass

  38. Through the Looking GlassMore Annotated Alice – 1990 – Martin GardinerWhen Alice Meets Harry[DELDUP()]

  39. Alice in Wonderland (1966), a BBC television play directed by Jonathan Miller

  40. the two books by Lewis Carroll are:Alice Through the Looking GlassAlice in Wonderland (1951), a film version in traditional animation from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Arguably the most well known of the Alice film adaptations, and today considered one of Disney’s great classics.There is an original Alice In Wonderland were Alice was played by, Natalie Gregory which was made in 1985 you should check it out they have it on You Tube Channelit goes;also there is one they made recently with Johnny Depp plays the mad hatter and Anne Hathaway the white queen.

  41. than there is the animation version that was created by, Disney of course .

  42. The book was written by Lewis Carrol in 1865. He wrote Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and they’re both marvelous. The movie is a revisiting of the books since Alice (Alice Pleasance Liddell) was 8 when she first went to wonderland and apparently the movie takes place when she’s old enough to get married. I don’t know, I didn’t see it.

  43. Alice’s Last Adventure – 1985 – Thomas LigottiAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1972), a musical film version starring Fiona Fullerton as Alice

  44. written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson known as Lewis Carroll

  45. “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” are the only 2 that Lewis Carrol wrote.

  46. The Westminster Alice – 1902 – Hector Hugh MunroAlice Through the Needle’s Eye – 1984 – Gilbert AdairWow really, The books were written by Carroll Lewis he wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ) in 1865 and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There in 1871. He also wrote poems called The Hunting of the Snark” and Jabberwocky which are nonsense poems. Some believe that Carroll was a pedophile and in love with Alice, the little girl he wrote the books for. It’s believed that he ask Alice’s parents for Alice’s hand in marriage, Alice was only 11 at the time.

  47. Alice in Wonderland (1950), televised on the CBS Ford Theatre, with Iris Mann as Alice, directed by Franklin J. Schaffner

  48. Alice in Wonderland (1931), the first talkie adaptation, directed by Bud Pollard

  49. Two books, but its not really a series.

  50. Yeah, this is true. The movie was sort of a cross between bothSo there are two Alice books but only one Alice in Wonderland book.

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