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How To Remove Odor From Books

How to get musty smell from old books.

I have some old books that have been stored for about 10 years. Now I want to put them in my house, but they smell very musty. How can remove the odor?

To get out the musty smell you can put the books in a plastic bag with some baking soda. The baking soda will absorb the order after a couple of weeks. If you are interested in selling them let me know what they are, I might be interested, but if not this inexpensive trick should do it. I renovate books. Thanks.

How to eliminate the ‘odor’ of cigarettes from a used book I bought.

Place the book opened in the Sun. Do this for several days. Bring the book inside at night or if it rains. (Don’t allow it to get wet.) The Sun will remove the smell of cigarettes and it won’t harm your book.

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How to remove corpse-like household odor.

So i went out of town for 10 days and my fridge stopped working since i-dont-know-when. Now my kitchen and living room smell like there are human corpses in my house.I have plates of baking soda and tons of odor absorbents laying around but don’t seem like they are doing much.PLEASE HELP ME !!!!

How do you remove Old Urine Odor from Carpet.

I have an old dog with some sleep incontinence issues, she usually sleeps on a water-proof pad but missed at some point. The urine was already dried when it began to smell and we noticed.I have tried:Resolve spot cleanerLIBERAL steam cleaning with Bissel Little Green FormulaBaking sodaBaking soda and…

I’ve removed old pet odors by diluting white vinegar with water 50/50 in a squirt bottle. Saturate the spot. Put a thick layer of old towels on it, weight it down with a plastic basket full of heavy books or something. Let it sit over night. Remove towels and air dry. Then sprinkle some baking soda on the TOTALLY dry spot, let it sit a while then vacuum.It might take a couple tries, but it really works. I think the key is proper proportions of vinegar to water and really saturating it to the pad.

How to remove moldy/dusty smell from books.

are there any tips or tricks or sprays or products that remove the smell? it bothers my grandma’s allergys. thank you!

Putting things in a container with char coal will get odors out of things.The books do not have to touch the char coal.My stamp book smelled horrible, like mildew.

How can I remove mildew odor from books I had exposed to a damp environment..

They are not damp, soggy or water logged. Just odorous from the mildew. Also, is it dangerous to work in this environment where these mildewed items are found? How could I cautiously work there cleaning up things?

First, part two: Yes it is not healthy to work in a mildewy area. That is not something you want to have in your lungs. A simple mask will help filter what you breathe in. You can find them at most hardware stores. If you can keep the area ventilated (or get a fan to circulate air out of the room) do so.As for removing the mildew smell from books, try this stuff called Approach. I used it in my bathroom on some old wallpaper and on the tiles and it worked great. It’s got no harsh chemicals and it’s like water so it shouldn’t damage the paper either. Spray it, let it absorb and it should kill the mildew and remove the odor. (Just may have to spray every nook and cranny. Mildew can get in anywhere!)Give it a shot it’s great stuff.Good luck!

how can i remove the musty odor from a book.

i have this book that hasnt been opened for yrs, now i need to use it, but the smell is just eghhhh plus it makes me sneeze, how can i remove it?

Try sprinkling baking soda betwee the pages let it sit for a minute or two. Then shake it out.gram

How to remove the odor from an old book.

We have an old book that has a moldy/musty odor to it and need to know a way to remove the smell without causing damage to it.

link with suggestions:

How do you remove a musty odor from books.

I have some old children’s books that have been stored in an attic. Although there is no visible mold or mildew there is a strong musty odor. What is the best way to get rid of the smell?

De-Stinkify Your BookDespite your best efforts, your book smells musty or mildewed, or just old. There’s an easy solution… You will need two plastic containers–one that will fit inside the other one. Pour some kitty litter in the bottom of the larger container. Place your book into the smaller container (without the lid), then put the small plastic container into the larger container. Place the lid on the larger plastic container. You can leave the book in this book de-stinkifier for a month–to remove the odor (and any moisture) from the book.Tips:You can also use baking soda or charcoal in your book de-stinkifier.=)

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36 thoughts on “How To Remove Odor From Books

  1. slather it with baby oil and add charcoal, then wipe it clean

  2. Well I had an old book and I removed the smell by placing dried flower petels in between some of the pages, Or nice smelling powder. give that a go & it doesn’t harm the paper.

  3. Dryness will kill the mildew, as will a solution of bleach and water. The bleach water can either be misted onto the mildew or applied with a dampened cloth or paper towel. Let that sit for a few minutes, then dry thoroughly. Setting the items in the sun for a day will help, but if the mildew is inside the books, you’ll have to open them to the sunlight during the day.

  4. Listerine mouth wash will remove urine odors. Dilute with two parts water and spray or pour it on the problem area and let it sit for several hours. If you can leave the windows open during this time, it would be best. Then place a stack of newspaper on top to soak up the excess liquid. Vacuum when you remove the newspapers. The Listerine smell will be gone within a couple of days.

  5. Better you got rid of the corpse

  6. This product is specially made for pet urine odor and stains. Not only does it lift the stain out but it will remove the stink. It comes with a black light so you will avoid the sniff test and catch areas you may have missed too! If you decide to try it out try going to this site: You’ll get it cheaper:put them in a sealed plastic bag with an open tub of Damp Rid for 24 hours.Discard the dead cats that you left in the fridge last sunday.

  7. If the color or stain is gone, use Fabreeze to neutralize the smell.

  8. Try opening them and putting them in the sun

  9. Sorry there does not seem to be anything to get rid of that “old book smell”. If they are not valuable, dump them. If you feel they have value, try a used book dealer for a few bucks.

  10. I would try to lay some fabric softener sheets between the pages.

  11. I have used this method & it really works. If it is a very old, delicate, book I will only “zap” it for a total of 10 seconds at 10% & then just live with it. But for most books the smell is pretty much gone after 20 seconds or so.

  12. try airing it out

  13. use paint thinner

  14. Here is a great product called Urine off- Its amazing. If its a settled in stain you may have to use it more than once But it works! Here is an article about it:

  15. Use Febreeze on it. I thoroughly sprayed an old cat urine stain and it took the odour away completely! 🙂

  16. Scrub everything down withsomething that smells strong but nice floors walls everything and for carpets a carpet deoderizer a box for every room leave it overnight for furniture fabreeze even if you don’t think it with stinks if that doesn’t work burn the house down and rebuild

  17. try lysol to spray them

  18. You will need to locate the dead body and then remove it. Most likely a rodent somewhere.

  19. Mildew is a living organism. It must have moisture to survive. Unless it’s black mildew, it should be OK to work around it. It wouldn’t hurt to wear a painter’s mask while in the room full of mildewed items.

  20. Sprinkle some baking soda between the pages, then open it & let it in the sun all day. Open it up, and stand it on it’s bottom edge on a picnic table.I tried this method on some vintage sewing pamphlets, and it worked great. I was a bit over zealous on one batch and they scorched a little. But still ok. I put my stuff in 25 secs. at a time, but I’m impatient. Probably why I scorched a few. BUT I have some very prized hard cover comic books that were my dad’s, and I want to save them, so I’m testing this out on things that don’t have sentimental value. So far (other than the one scorched batch, it is working really well. I have also used instant coffee to minimize the odor in other things (always put it inside a baggie. Put mildew- item in a bigger ziplock, and then set an open baggie with the instant coffee inside the other bag. Let it sit over night. This is what I am doing with all the ephemera. They have been microwaved and now they are getting the instant coffee treatment!!

  21. I heard sliced apple helps with cigarette smell in cars maybe open it stand it up and put apple slices around it? Worth a tryy

  22. If you cannot put things in the sun and must work in the same area where the books got mildewed in the first place, you’ll need to dry the area by some means. Try airing it on a dry hot day, use a space heater to dry the area, or fans, etc.

  23. Put it in a bag with kitty litter..

  24. Removing is an affair that had better be presided over from time to time exhaustively by the smell

  25. Spray them with Lysol and lay them in the sun. Must in paper is a tough one. Really impossible. That’s the best you can do. You will never get it all out.

  26. Have a good day!:)

  27. Clean the fridge well with water and dish soap and then rinse with vinegar. Ventilate all rooms if possible and wipe clean as much as you can. If the smell infiltrated into the carpets and upholstery – hire a professional cleaner. Put in the laundry whatever that can be washed.

  28. You`ll NEVER get rid of the odor !!

  29. Take a look here:

  30. I sometimes sell old books on eBay and a seller once gave me this tip. Open the book and place on it’s spine in the microwave. Microwave on a very low (10% or 20%) in 10 second increments until the smell is gone.After they have been dried, cleaned of any visible mold, spraying them with a fabric freshener should remove any remaining mildew odor. Let that dry before putting books away.

  31. One day should make it smell fine again.

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