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How To Pay For College Books With Financial Aid

How to use financial aid for books.

I am trying to buy my school books on neebo and I need to know how to use my financial aid. I go to New River Community College if that makes a difference.

In order to use your Fin Aid… you need to buy your books from your school’s bookstoremy bf often gets books from chegg... and has to pay for them with his own funds instead of fin aid funds… in the end it saves a bunch of money… but you must have the money out-of-pocket to make it work

Financial Aid for College Text Books …

I am not sure if I have to pay out of pocket for the text books or not either way I can not afford them this is why I have Financial Aid so my question is what has been your experience with this. Did you pay out of pocket then get reimbursed, or did the Financial Aid money come in on time for you to use that money…

I think it depends on how the government processes your aid. I attend school as a grad student and my books are included with my financial aid, but they processed my aid at the beginning. When I was in undergrad I had to come out of pocket for my books and my aid did not cover the books because the aid wasn’t posted until close to midterms. My suggestion to you is to talk to finanicial aid counselor and see if they can include books into your aid. Otherwise I would find out what books are going to be used in your class and see who is selling the books on your campus. Check with your library or student center to see if somebody is offering book scholarships. Check online for used books, all you need is the ISBN number or name, title, author and edition #. Google search used text books or try I hope this helps, I have been through your situation and I wish you well. Used books free shipping

How do you pay for books & supplies for college before school starts if you’re getting financial aid.

Does the school charge you for it?

you can pay for those items out of pocketand, if you can, you can usually save $$ renting books from places like or amazon.comif you do not have the money to pay for books & supplies… and if there is fin aid left over after tuition & fees, then you can talk with your schools bookstore & ask them about charging those things to your fin aid. They can give you instruction on what you need to do to set it up.if you do not have remaining aid… then you do not have anything to charge it to & have no choice but to pay out-of-pocketyes, of course you are charged — sometimes the books are equal to the amount of tuition for the semester — you didn’t really expect books & supplies to be free, did you??

How much did you have to pay for college. (w/ financial Aid) in-state California.

So right now I’m a high school senior filling out the fafsa and was wondering how much did have to pay for college esp. UCs ( tuition, room, personal expense) on your own after grants and stuff. I just wanted to know what i would be in for. Right now my family income is around 30K if that could help estimate my…

If you have not filled out the FAFSA application you can do an estimate by going here:https://fafsa.ed.govScroll to where you see “thinking about college” and then click right underneath that where it says “use FAFSA4Caster to see how federal student aid can help you pay for college!” After providing family income, money in the bank, what your income was and if you have any money in the bank, plus any assets (the home you live in does not count against you but any rental property does & is considered an asset as well as any college funds like an UTMA or UGMA). Pop in the school name (optional) and how much you think it will cost you to go for 1 year (tuition, room, board, books, etc). and hit submit and the FAFSA4caster will give you an estimate of your EFC, if you qualify for a Pell Grant and what you might possibly get for it, plus parent and student loans. It will not provide you with any scholarships that the school may or may not say you are eligible to receive – that is up to the individual schools and the schools would provide you with that information after you have applied and they send you an acceptance letter.When you do fill out the FAFSA application for real it takes a bit before it will send you all the information but it will still provide on your sheet more accurate estimates of your EFC, Pell Grant, Loans, etc. It takes a few months for it to completely process and then the schools that you have applied to can go in and see all the information.As far as the Cal Grant goes, it’s a wait and see until they send you an email stating whether you are getting any of the available grants or were denied.Lastly the person who stated that base on your families yearly income you’ll get all your schooling paid for free through the government is so wrong. I live in CA, last Jan 2011 was the first time we filled out the FAFSA application. She applied to CSU’s, private schools and out of state schools. And let me tell you with just tuition, room & board (not counting books, school supplies, etc.) I would still have to pay over half of the yearly tuition, room & board if not more, plus all the books and supplies, etc! And that was was in CA and out-of-state (OR & WA). We found out from someone working at the local CSU that the profession my daughter had chosen (Athletic Training) would be best served by her going to the local community college where it is less expensive and she would get hands on training the first day where she wouldn’t get that at a CSU until she had forked out $20,000 or so per year for general education after the various schools offers of scholarships, the Pell Grant and parent and student loans (through the FAFSA application the school gave her the Board of Governer’s Waiver so she did not pay for tuition which is still only $36 per unit, only paid $20 of the $60 per semester parking pass and any she had to pay any additional fees for supplies in the class (for instance $55 additional for the Kinesiology class for tapes and wrappings). Other than that she got some money from the Pell Grant which covered her books and supplies. Yes a lot of kids want to go away from home to go to school but you and your folks pay a lot of money just for the general education when you can pay way less at a community college then transfer (like my daughter will be doing) to complete your education.On another thing, instead of buying books, you can rent books which is less expensive. Unfortunately you cannot highlight in the rented books but you can put stick notes to mark pages if you want. For instance, the chemistry book my daughter needed for her current semester was $165 new, $140 used at the school, the new price was basically the same throughout the websites we searched online. However we rented it from a reputable place online and the rental for the entire semester was $43, and it was free ground shipping to us and same for the return (if you need it quickly the shipping fee for 2 day, etc. is added at a nominal fee). Just a thought.Good luck!

How Does Financial Aid Work With Paying Books.

Im currently attending a community college and Financial Aid already paid for my classes so how do i request money for them to pay my books?

You don’t get to request what they buy. Your financial aid package is handled by the school and gets paid off automatically to certain costs (tuition, housing, meal plan, whatever) and if there is any left over you will be sent a check for it to spend as you like. If you don’t know if you have anything left over or not contact your financial aid adviser.

how much did you pay for college out of pocket even with financial aid.

this is a very broad question. obviously one’s tuition depends on the number of credits they take, whether they are in public/private school and whether they are instate/out of state resident.the out of pocket amount is very subjective because it will NOT be the same for everyone. Depending on your household income and a few other factors you get approved for a certain amount of aid (or enough to cover all your costs). Whatever is left (if anything) is what you’ll pay of my tuition was 2600 per semester or so my financial aid was 2400 per semester and thus I had to pay the difference and pay for books out of pocket. However these numbers have no meaning for you, again because it is not the same for everyone.

Paying for college with financial aid.

I have taken about 114 credit hours, earned 80 of them, and now I want to transfer to a 4 year university from my community college to major in Biology and minor in secondary education. The university has accepted 50 of my credits, and a BIO major requires 32 credits while a secondary education minor requires 33….

You should qualify for student loans. If you have $$ left over from years that are not needed for that semester put it in an account and don’t touch it. If you are responsible and do this you should be okay. Talk with your FA advisor who will know how much you have taken out and what you have left etc. They will know how to give you a more accurate answer. Don’t join the navy just because you think you can’t pay for school. You do not want to throw away the time you have put in. and joining the service is an honorable duty yes, but do not make the decision lightly. You need to have the heart and dedication for it and its not a back up plan. It sounds like you are a great student with a bright future. Don’t give up. Find a way to make it happen

How do I pay for my college courses with financial aid.

This is my second year in college. The first year paid my father paid for my courses(by the due date) and I had got financial aid grant money to assist with books and rooming. This year he will not be paying. BUT, how do I pay for my courses before the due date if nobody gets their fin.aid money before classes…

Financial aid money doesn’t go to you, it goes straight to the college and you get the leftover thirty days after classes start.

How do people pay for college with financial aid.

I have 2 semesters left at my community college before I transfer to a bigger school. I have Florida Pre Paid, and my current college is 15 minutes away from my house so, so far I haven’t had to worry about loans and/or financial aid. However, the University that is close to my house doesn’t offer a program…

you said: could I still get loans or financial aid to help me pay to live on campus/dorm essentials/books– yes, you can still get fin aid to cover things included in cost of attendance….. the problem is you might not get enough Fin Aid to cover the need… unless your parents take out enormous amounts of student loansdid you fill out FAFSA this year to get an idea of what you might be eligible for? It might be a good idea to do this & indicate your current school so they process your aid.. when you get that fin aid award letter.. look for Pell Grant (you probably won’t qualify because it is intended for households living at the poverty level) & then also look for Student Loans… this will give you an idea of what you are eligible forthe amount of pell grant money (if any) and the amount of dependent student loans will not change at the Uni… even though the cost is higher – your parents would have to take out Parent Plus or Private Student Loans to cover the difference between what you can get & what you will needworking while in school can be hard… to make it work you have to get very good at time management & sacrifice your social lifeever member of my family has gotten their bachelor’s degrees working at/near/over full-time while in school full-time.. it is, like I said, difficult & exhausting…. but the only way to minimize your & your parents student loan debtthis includes my youngest brother & my son who are both currently in school (so what I am saying is based on today’s tuition prices not just “back then”) — my son is in a rigorous engineering program with an average of 18 credit hours per semester, my brother is working on his master’s degree —– even including both of them, every member of my family has graduated debt-free (and without any financial help from family)Time to sit down with your parents to discuss these plans & find out how they feel about taking out student loans to cover everything beyond your tuition cost

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  1. commonly like once you’ve economic help that they had pay on your books yet they have were given take the entire fee to attend the organization or classes out finish first then you definately’re left with funds back then with that refund you may want to get your books. yet, you concentration on that you merely can no longer wait to get your books except the best deal check out out such as your economic help then purchase the books out your pocket. merely gave economic help a lengthy time period, i recognize the way you sense. merely seem after your head up adequate.

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  3. [/DELDUP]Mostly like if you have financial aid they would pay for your books but they have take all the cost to attend the college or university out finish first then you are left with a refund then with that refund you can get your books. But, you feel that you can’t wait to get your books until everything check out with your financial aid then buy the books out your pocket. Just gave financial aid some time, I know how you feel. Just keep your head up ok.

  4. If you have more questions, contact your financial aid adviser to see exactly how this works at your school.

  5. $161 a credit at a community college? rather? That feels like an horrific lot. that’s rather useful to earnings and spot if that’s according to credit or according to classification. My community college became purely around $80 a credit. i’ve got considered different community colleges that are far extra value-effective than even that. besides, in case you have not got financial help, charge in finished is due on the time you sign in for instructions. in case you have not got the money reachable, and don’t have a mastercard, and don’t have a chum or relative who can loan you the money… i think you will ought to positioned off your plans, keep working, and save your funds.

  6. $161 a credit at an section college? incredibly? That appears like an undesirable lot. you may want to opt for to study and see if that’s in line with credit or in line with classification. My community college replaced into in trouble-free words round $80 a credit. i have seen different community colleges that are far more competitively priced than even that. besides, in case you do not have economic help, price in complete is due on the time you sign up for instructions. in case you do not have the money accessible, and do not have a mastercard, and do not have a buddy or relative who can personal loan you the money… i wager you should positioned off your plans, keep operating, and keep you money.

  7. Yeah, I live in Texas but based on your income you will probably get everything for free. Courtesy of the government.

  8. they should have sent you a check (that’s how I got my Pell grant) to put in your bank to use as you need it… just write a check and it’ll be good…

  9. Luckily, your parents income is not high enough for you to suffer with the burden of paying for your own college without the help of parents, or the government.

  10. buy used ones for a fraction of the price…

  11. The school will do what they call a bridge loan to cover your tuition, fees and any bookstore charges until your money comes in. Your financial aid money will go straight to the school, they will deduct what you owe them and send you the rest. You should be able to go to the campus bookstore and tell them you’re on financial aid. They should have a record of it and let you get what books and supplies you need.

  12. Normally, one has to pay around 5k to 10k out of pocket even after financial aid. There are no free rides in colleges. It is a long-term investment, which eventually pays off.

  13. I would talk to the financial aid office, explain your situation, and see how they would handle the incoming money and what they suggest you do. Most financial aid goes directly to the school to make sure it isn’t used for other means.

  14. With your own money. You don’t really expect financial to pay for everything, do you?

  15. I joined the navy right out of high school, best decision ive ever made! if you want to go in for college you can join the navy reserves and get into a program called seamen to admiral, look it up on google. You will do your bootcamp and training school, come home you can then get into this program which will pay you as an active E-5 military member which is pretty good money, and they will also pay a good chunk of the tuition and once your done you will be an officer in the navy for a couple years active and then you can either be done or make a career out of it. Talk to a recruiter about it if your interested they should know about it.

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