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Kindle How To Download Books

kindle book download.

hi i would like to know how the library download thing works for ur kindle 10 points best answer!

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by this question, but hopefully this helps. I have a kindle too and remember how hard it was to understand how it works. If you have a credit card, debit, or gift card, you cannot redeem it on the kindle. You need to go online to do that. After you should be able to purchase books from the library by either searching for the book name, or clicking on books in the kindle book store. After you type in the name of book press the right arrow and press enter when the kindle store is highlighted. When you click on “buy” to purchase a book it should take 15 seconds or less to show up in your library.If my explanation further confused you on how to download books lol you should look at your kindle user guide for help.Hope I helped!! Good Luck!! :)P.S. If you are like me and buy books you find out you don’t like, you only have 7 days to return the book. You have to go online to contact us on amazon and find the book you purchased and return it.

does anyone know how to download free books to a kindle. that are like newer and popular..

Have you tried the library? It’s a wonderful building with many books one can borrow for free. (Unless one is forgetful and absent minded and racks up fees.)My daughter downloads books from the Ohio Digital Public Library. I’ve not used it yet, but from what I’ve seen, New and newer books are available. Luke the physical library, the only requirement us a library card. If it weren’t for the digital library, my daughter would have little use for her tablet, other than schoolwork, visiting the sites she uses at school and the occasional visit to PBS Kids, Nickelodeon and Disney, American Girl, FaithGirlz and other book/author sites.Ask if there is something similar at your library.There us also Gutenberg, which has free books and there ate also free books to download on Google Play.Try posing this question in the Books and Authors section. How to get free books

how to download books for kindle or nook.

I’m going to be purchasing some e-reader soon(most likely the kindle) but before i do i was wondering if there was someway to download books from some other source for cheaper than normal? kinda like some sort of napster for e-readers? I like to read books but don’t really know if i would want to pay $10…

First off, as an author I am going to try to put away from sadness that you are looking for a way to steal someone’s hard work and give you some options where you can get cheaper books without making the 12 hours of work a day an author puts into their hard earned finished products be all in vain. (stepping off soapbox now to give some practical advice :)1st-if you get a Kindle, which I have and highly recommend, Amazon offers a ton of free and discounted books (legit I might add) The following link will take you to Amazon Kindle’s bestsellers, if you notice, the column on the left is paid books ( many as cheap as 99cents) and on the right is the free column: you are an avid reader, consider becoming a “professional reader” by starting a book review blog or something of the sort, and you can have access to digital Advanced Reader Copies. My favorite website for this is However, you must be a responsible reader and prove yourself before they dish out a ton of books to you. I’ve cultivated a relationship with the publishers on that site and I have over a hundred books waiting in my queue, all free.3rd-The library is really embracing ebooks. As far as i know, you can check out ebooks at the library which stay on your Kindle for 2 weeksPlease, I implore you, find legitimate ways to get your books. You have no idea how much work goes into writing a book. There are plenty of ways to get them at reduced prices, or even free. If you are interested in starting book blog, please feel free to take a look at mine. I have all the free books I want 🙂 http://www.thebookbuff.blogspot.comP.S. I highly recommend the Kindle over any other e-readers. The colored readers are very bad for your eyes, and since the Kindle is an Amazon product, the books are cheaper than say the Barnes and Noble Nook.

How to download books.

I’m gunman download for free from but how robin do it. I’m putting a book on my kindle fire so can i do it directly from the kindle tenpoints best answer

Dear, I would request you to first download the eBook into your computer from 4Shared and then transfer to your Kindle Fire. Are you having trouble? Please let us know.

How to download books to kindle from kindle.

Like ones that AREN’T from amazon….

There’re several ways you can do it for your personal documents or books. You can do it via a computer, email, or Amazon Cloud Drive. The Amazon Cloud Drive should be the most convenient. Here you can find details for all the methods of transfer:…For Amazon books (those that are bought on Amazon), then just register the new Kindle to your amazon account and it’ll be available for download. Here are the details:…Hope this helps.

how to Download free books to my kindle.

so i was wondering instead of always buying books on my kindle is there a way to download books for free? like a website you go to?, and if so could you explain what to go into in the website and then if i download the book how do i get it on my kindle? thank you. very much appreciated (:

Authors write books to make money. Sometimes authors are willing to allow their book to be read for free. If that is the case, they will post it on Amazon, or Creative Commons website or their publisher’s site. If the book is not in those places, it isn’t legally available for freeSometimes public libraries BUY ebook rights with digital services such as Overdrive. That is your tax dollars at work. That is legal.Peer sharing sites are really stealing sites because the author did not give permission and he is getting ripped off. Those that illegally upload can earn jail time and fines of $150,000.After all most authors make only a few thousand for their books. Very few get rich. Authors need the money to pay their rent and buy groceries.

How to download free books for Kindle.

What sites can I use?And how do I get them onto the Kindle? Do they have to be converted or anything?Thank you :]

it depends on the format of the ebook which you donwload. if its pdf no you will not need to covert it or add any other addons.the best site i know of for ebooks is here which has the ebooks available in all the most common formats all of which will work on the kindle here you will find more reading material on every niche than you could read in your lifetime on this site where you can jsave hundreds on books and ebooks. What i hate most about ebooks is paying the same price for them as a paper book. with this site i paid once to join and got all my fav books and have never had to pay for a book since its my fav site on the net!

How to download books on the kindle keyboard 3g.

Hey,How do you download books on the Kindle Keyboard 3g? And if you have one would you recommend it? I want to get one but want to know everything first! Thankyou!X

I have one of these.First, turn your wireless on.Then in the Menu, choose Shop for Kindle.It’ll take you to a book store. Just navigate your way through to books you might be interested in. You can read reviews, the summary of the book. You can even download and read a sample by clicking on Download Sample.When ready to buy, just click the big BUY button. Once you do, it’ll download wirelessly to your Kindle in just a few seconds and you can start reading.You can also shop thru your computer on, and when buying the book, just choose Send to Kindle.

How to Download Google Books.

Can anyone tel how to download books?It’s Urgent!!!!!!!!!!

Download Google books to Nook:…Download Google books to iPad:…Download Google books to Kindle Fire:…

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26 thoughts on “Kindle How To Download Books

  1. You set it up for your WiFi conection and your Amazon account. Then you can browse the Kindle store, and directly buy and download the books there.

  2. Borrow the books from yourself?

  3. If you find any free books in other forms, like .epub or .pdf, you can use a file converter to change them into .mobi files. I recommend Calibre, which is free to download and very easy to manage. You use “Add books”, then “Convert books”, then (when your Kindle is plugged in) “Send to Device”.

  4. Suppose that were possible. How in the BLOODY FCUKING HELL would the author and publisher get paid? They worked hard to create the book, and they have rent and electric bills to pay just like you. You’re a fcuking thief. Have fun in prison, and please DO bend over when you drop the soap. You repulsive idiot.

  5. Popular books are not likely going to be free anywhere. What you are asking is stealing and no one in their right mind is going to help you steal.

  6. Try your local library – most loan ebooks these days.

  7. I have 2 sony readers and use and who have lots of free books and they are legal. I find downloading easy for the Sony. My 505 version came with 100 free books and my touch came with Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol for free, the deal changes so look at what is on offer now.

  8. EDIT: Amazon does not necessarily have lower prices on all of their e-books. I did a comparison between the Sony Reader store and Amazon for the Dresden Files, Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan, and Kathryn Stockett’s The Help. The prices were identical.

  9. Do not buy books. You can check out ebooks through our local library ebook program. Here is mine:Save them to your computer then use the usb cable to download them.

  10. I received two books from an author free, and she told me I could download them,but I don t know how to download them. Can you help me?

  11. Yeah, Amazon (the people who make Kindle, so you’ll use only them) explains it on their site.

  12. nicely, in case you want one for customarily interpreting get the kindle keyboard, yet once you want one the place you are able to play apps, watch video clips, pay attention to song, and surf the internet get the hearth. The kindle keyboard may additionally surf the internet, besides the fact that that is lots slower then the hearth. additionally because of the fact the Keyboard has 3G you are able to acquire books everywhere, however the hearth isn’t presented in 3G so which you ought to have a wifi conection to do something concerning the internet. the hearth has a liquid crystal reveal reveal so interpreting for long classes of time might get stressful, whilst the Keyboard has E-ink reveal that’s greater resembling a actual e book. So the question is that in case you want the internet and video games greater with shade (hearth) or in case you basically want a interpreting gadget which could browse the internet yet isn’t that is significant charm (Keyboard).

  13. All you need is your local library card and you can sign up on line now and start checking out books now. Find your library:

  14. Most public libraries use OverDrive Media for their e-book collection and it lists directly on its website which devices are incompatible:There are lots of free books around, like the ones on Project Gutenberg, which have a Kindle download choice (a .mobi file). You download them onto your computer, plug your Kindle into the USB port as you do for charging, click the Kindle icon on the desktop to open it, then move the .mobi files into the documents folder on the Kindle.

  15. yes

  16. Waterstone’s have cheap books available too, which is where I get most of my modern ebooks from.

  17. I’d read a booklet but I want silence and I watch television for Big Bang theory family man spongebob comedy or movies in general toss me a good e book and I’ll read it

  18. Young o to play store and look up kindle fire and download it

  19. You sit down and read a publication and the heroes unfold for the reason that vast landscaping which is your mind and thoughts and the range is hundreds, virtually hundreds of times higher than the miserable Television set world

  20. (Apologies if this is unnecessarily detailed!)

  21. I have to point out that the Kindle can’t use library e-books because of the DRM embedded in each book from Adobe that allows the file to be accessed for no more than 2 weeks. It’s an issue between Amazon and Adobe and until it is resolved a public library’s e-books can be read on almost any device other than the Kindle.

  22. You can download them on your computer and email them to your kindle ?

  23. Save them to the cloud and then download them to the new kindle?

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