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How To Sell Books On Amazon

how to sell items on amazon.

So i was wondering how to sell some books on . If anysbody could inform that wold be great ?

I couldn’t put it any better than’s help page:…Hope this helps!d8^D->–<

How do I sell books on Amazon.

I think ebay is a bit of a rip off. (I’d like to sell my books for more than 99 cents!)I’ve never even noticed a tutorial or anything on selling things on amazon. Are businesses the only people who can sell on amazon?

You don’t have to sell your books on ebay for 99 cents. Set a reserve price and if it’s not met it doesn’t sell.For amazon go to On the left hand side of the page there’s a section called features and services with a section on Selling on Amazon. Free kindle books prime

How do I sell books on Amazon.

I have a few textbooks from college that I am thinking about publishing on Amazon to sell. I no longer need them an as you know, textbooks are not cheap. Also, I already have an Amazon account and I have purchased many books from there. I just want to know what the best way is to sell your books on Amazon (if there…

Hey – this link should explain it all. The short answer is Amazon does take a commission, but generally you get more selling on Amazon even after that cut they take than you could get anywhere else. They also take the commission out of the amount paid by the buyer, so you don’t have to worry about settling any bills with Amazon.

How do you sell books on

Trying to set up a webstore on, but do not know how to add books into the inventory.

Angie: Are you talking about Amazon or Ebay? It sounds like Ebay.If you mean Amazon, there is actually a book about it.…

How does selling books on Amazon work.

I have a lot of text books from my undergrad sitting around. I have an amazon account, that’s how I acquired the books. So how do I sell them? How does it work with shipping costs?That comes out of my pocket?

I have experience selling on Amazon. They should take any Visa card. I recommend you get a Visa check card tied to a bank account–that way its not a credit card, but Amazon will definitely take it.Amazon is easy to sell on, if the item(s) you’re selling have id numbers on them like a UPC (on just about everything–12 digits), ISBN (for books), EAN (13 digits — european version of UPC), etc.Basically you just type in the UPC and they set your price! Its simple–once my wife and I listed 70+ items in an hour this way.Here’s the sign up page for selling on Amazon, in case you don’t have it:…If you only sell withOUT signing up as a Pro Merchant, they should not charge you anything on your card. The Pro Merchant account is a higher level account that is not needed unless you want to list ‘new items’ to their catalog and sell them…but if you’re selling items that were not manufactured by you that already have UPC barcodes on them, they you don’t need that level of account–the basic (free) level will work just fine. DO keep in mind Amazon takes a % of your sale…usually 15%.Source(s):…Regards

how to sell books on

i sign up already and and they charged me 39.99$,what should i do next to sell my book

Why did you get charged $39.99?? I’ve sold things before, but I never was charged. The only thing I was responsible for paying was shipping when I had a buyer.Anywho, to answer your question, go to and on the main page (after you signed in), if you look on the left side where it says ‘features & services’, you should see a link that says ‘sell your stuff’, from there you can enter the name of the book or the isbn number of the book you are trying to sell. And from there you just list what price you want and the condition it’s in, and you’re all set.If I were you I would look into that $40 charge, I am unsure why you were charged that.

How do I sell books on Amazon.

I’m new at selling books onto Amazon and I was wondering how you would do it. I have a 3rd grade Social Studies book and a 3rd grade Math book that i want to put up for sale.

Look at books that have already been listed with the same titles and try to emulate the best of the best. Also look at some of the bigger sellers and try to do what they do.Did you know that you can profit from Wigix without even selling products? And selling items under $25 is free. Sign up for free and become a category expert, add products to the catalog for 5% profit sharing and sign up friends and make money on their profits.Sign up free at…

how do u sell book on amazon.

go to open an account. Then on your personal account page go to listings & type the upc# of the book in & follow directions (condition, quantity & price) if the book has never been listed by anyone before ( not very likely) you can create a new listin by taking picture & entering details (takes about 5-min) If you become a pro-seller the listing will stay indefinately till book sells or if not pro-seller 30 days & you can re-list.Amazon does not charge listing fees (why we use more than e-bay) only a small percentage when your item sells. unlike e-bay… they handel all the money no paypal or the like. you are garunteed payment immediately.any Qs… be glad to help we sell hundreds of items a month ( books cds & dvds)[email protected]

How to sell books on amazon……

i am in college and i have bunch of books that the school wouldnt buy back and there no use to me so i want to sell them and make do i sell them on Amazon?!do i need a credit card or not??!thanks :)im 20 btw

Oddly enough, I am going to do that this morning.If you go to their opening page and scroll down to the bottom, you will see “Selling on Amazon.”Click this and it will take to to the info page.You need a bank account, but Amazon handles the payment from customers.All this for a fee of course.

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  1. Charles McCarry — The Dossier

  2. Amazon will digital mail you whilst they are bought, you have 2 business enterprise days to deliver them, use Media MAil, Amazon provides you with the purchasers handle. Amazon is frequently the terrific internet site to sell books on.

  3. Use Ebay instead.

  4. Go to the website, look for their instructions. As a college student, who grew up with the internet, you should have been able to figure that out for yourself.

  5. Amazon is pain, you should use ebay or rollin books.

  6. I have many books in my library, I need to sell most of them. I do I go about selling the books on Amazon?

  7. M. Hawkes

  8. I think to sell on amazon you have to have a business account, or at least a EIN. Amazon will gouge you for a % of the books too, I think it is 15% then another .30 or .50 cents. You can probably make a little more money on ebay, that is the easier way to go.

  9. [DELDUP()]Go to Amazon Marketplace and there’s a link that says “sell my stuff” (you’ll need an account). Just follow the instructions from there.

  10. have you looked at This is was made for text books. You set the price you want and leave it up there. (usually you try to be a little bit lower then the rest). And you can use your ebay login and so forth.

  11. [/DELDUP]I sold my textbooks back to The website is ok and they are a little slow, but they usually pay more than others. I also have used to sell books to, they are faster at getting back you to but they dont give you as much as will.

  12. Wow, “MOM KNOWS EVERYTHING” (I seriously doubt this claim), you’re a prick.

  13. 99 cents would only be the starting bid. If people want your book then people well pay for it.Amazon will email you when they are sold, you have 2 business days to ship them, use Media MAil, Amazon will give you the buyers address. Amazon is generally the best site to sell books on.

  14. Amazon will email you when they are sold, you have 2 business days to ship them, use Media MAil, Amazon will give you the buyers address. Amazon is generally the best site to sell books on.

  15. Some tips: Do your research: a lot of people are selling books on Amazon thus the prices can be really low. You need to figure out if you will actually make money. Amazon takes a commission and if a book is priced at $.99 you will probably wind up making only a few cents once you ship your item. I have made this mistake many times. Example: I priced an item at $.99 with 3.99 shipping. Amazon took a commission of $3.68. I made $1.30. I wasted more than that on gas going to the post office to ship my item. So do your research! You have to have competitive prices in order to sell your stuff, but make sure it’s worth it!

  16. how to get isbn number

  17. Click on “Your Account” and then “Sell Your Stuff” (it’s on the right side). Follow the instructions from there.

  18. Oh, OK….here’s the link. I’m such a MOM.

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