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How Many Books Has Sharon Creech Written

If you could be a character from your favorite book who would it be.

And, why?I would be Goldy Schulz, the caterer, from the culinary series that Diane Mott Davidson writes. Why? First reason, she’s an amazing cook. Her recipes actually are good. I have tried them!!! Second reason, every event she is involved with becomes a murder mystery. Third, she’s a good…

I would want to be either Dallas or Florida Carter from Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech. They’re thirteen-year-old twins [Dallas is male, Florida, female], abandoned in a produce crate when they were babies, and left at the doorstep of a horrible orphanage. They’re trouble-makers, rule-breakers, and lovable kids. Dallas is the dreamer, Florida is the loud-mouth. They’ve been adopted by horrible people and brought back to the Home so many times. They’re finally taken in by an old married couple who live in Ruby Holler, a beautiful green piece of heaven, with trees and a brook and a barn and a house with a loft.I want to be one of them because they aren’t afraid of breaking stupid rules, or telling the truth, or taking risks. They have fun in their own ways, and they survive, and they dream and plan. Dallas is more of the dreamer, Florida is the back-talker. They are smart and willing. Most of all though, I’ve dreamt about living in the Holler ever since I first read the book. It’s the most beautiful place, and no one will punish you for running around like a madman or yelling your head off or getting dirt everywhere. Tiller and Sairy are awesome, even though Tiller can be a little cranky sometimes. They’d teach me how to make birds and boats and other things out of wood, and how to make welcome-back-brownies, and good-morning-waffles, and nice-to-see-you-steak. I’d get my own bed in the loft, and I’d help fix up a boat, and spend the time of my life outside and inside.And I’d like to be Anne from Anne of Green Gables, because she is a sort of combination of the twins’ personalities.

any authors in the house.

I have a very distant parent who wrote a children’s book. They said they had found a publisher who was interested. This was told to me about 2 years ago.1. Can someone over age 80, write a book, and get it on the book shelves by themselves?a. such as, with a publisher but without an agent?2. Can…

1) it is possible but more difficult to get published without an agent (age doesn’t matter since they wouldn’t know the age of the person just through query letters and written contact. It is possible for someone of any age to get published). The reason it is difficult to get published without an agent is because most of the major publishers won’t even consider unsolicited work from unagented authors. If they do, they often don’t accept “simultaneous submissions” (submitting a manuscript to multiple publishers at once). Since it can often take up to a year for a publisher to accept or reject an unagented manuscript, this is makes it difficult for unagented authors to show their book to many publishers in a reasonable time frame. But, an agent can submit a book simultaneously to as many publishers as they want, often have personal relationships with editors, and often get quicker responses (sometimes just a few weeks). So it’s not impossible to get published without an agent, but it is more difficult.2) Book contracts are a complicated business. An author generally earns an advance for the projected amount the publisher thinks the book will earn in the first year or six months (authors generally get a paycheck twice a year). Once their advanced is “earned out”, they then earn between 10 and 13% of the price of the book. I’m not sure about after-death rights. There are lawyers who specialize in publishing and book contracts. Generally, if you’re with one of the big publishers, you don’t need to consult a lawyer on your own. However, if the publisher seems less than legitimate or if you’re feeling ify or uncertain about the publisher, I would consult a lawyer before signing anything.3) Once you’ve finished and polished your book so it’s the best it can possibly be, my advice would be to query agents. Go to This website is full of agents who represent all genres of literature. Do you research and narrow down your list of ideal agents (do this by going to their websites, checking out their client lists and their sales records, checking out their reputation in the Absolute Write forums, and googling them). Another way you can find agents is by learning the agents of authors who write in a similar style and genre as you. If your book is a combination of Sharon Creech and Jerry Spinelli, find out who their agents are and query them, if they seem good. NEVER query an agent who asks for money up front–they are scammers. An agent only makes money if they sell your book, so they only accept books that are polished and that they are confident they can sell. Building a collaborative, long-term relationship with an agent is a great way to build your writing career.The query letter is really important, so it’s a good idea to revise it and get feedback until it shines–just like you’d do with any novel you write. Here’s some detailed information about how to write a query letter: luck!

Free werewolf books online

Ideas for celebrating National Poetry Month..

I like the idea of the poetry reading. Also think it’d be great to create a poetry book for the class, grade or school. I still have one we put together when I was in 6th grade!Any local poets that might be able to do something with the kids? Or maybe you can get parents involved – the kids ask their parents what their favorites were. They bring them in and some of the parents will probably even read them.Maybe, if you have a sponge activity, you give the kids the start of a poem everyday and they have to complete it.Do you have a daily in-house TV? Announcements? You could do one there. Or give the kids a word and everyone writes a rhyming word on a piece of paper and puts it in a box at lunch time. Draw one out per day and share it, and give the kid something. You could end up writing a poem, doing a sentence per day.Who is the poet that wrote so many mixed up poems, like runny babbit instead of bunny rabbit. I can not think of his name, but if you have someone that can read those, you may have kids and adults crying!I also really like Love That Dog by Sharon Creech. It follows a boy through the process of creating a poem. It also introduces students to a lot of different types.What about all the places you see poetry? Examples galore! Songs, jingles, greeting cards…see how widespread it is! Okay, I’m getting carried away now.

book recommendations. QUICK..

I am headed to the library soon ,and I need some good books to check out. I like happy books that arent depressing, but I also like serious books that I can learn from. I have attention problems, so I really need books that can capture my attention. I have read MANY books in my short lifetime, so its hard to find…

Stephanie Meyer:Brilliance excellence,A must read. Best author of the decade. No jokesTwilightNew MoonEclipseBreaking Dawn (to be released)JK RowlingWell no duh I mean come on you have to if you haven’t alreadyHarry PotterI’m just going to say 1 though 7 cos they have seriously looooong titlesEoin ColferIt’s a classic. I’m not sure if you can outgrow Artemis Fowl. I hope not…..Artemis FowlArtemis Fowl and the arctic incidentArtemis Fowl and the eternity codeYou get my drift….AF and the opal deceptionAF and the lost colonyThe Wish List (also really good, not an Artemis Fowl though)Amelia Atwater-RhodesA vampire book, there are a few of them but they’re all brilliant and really quick reads. Good for when you have an afternoon of nothing to do but cant get too committed to a project.Shattered MirrorDemon in my ViewIn the Forrest of the NightJanet EvanovichWell these are a little girly but still brilliant, it’s about a bounty hunter ok well not really but a girl pretending o be an well just read it its self explanatory and really hilariousStephanie Plum SeriesOne for the moneyTwo for the doughThree to get deadlyYou get my drift? If you like the first few I reckon you’ll read the rest in your own timeLaurell K HamiltonOk my advice here is ditto to the Stephanie Plum series. They’re brilliant, not as funny but better in a different way. Very cool books……Anita Blake Vampire Hunter SeriesNuff saidAnne RiceOk I know I know the queen of Goth literature, the pioneer of the gothic vampiric subculture….sue me, her stuff is goodPandoraI’m not going to give you a whole list here, just try Pandora, ok? Its good, and one of her newest ones and a completely different series to lestat. I promiseCarolyn MacklerThis is more a fun inspirational must read. I read it when I was younger like 12And then again at the end of last year. I really liked it. It’s very…. Just read it?The Earth, my butt and other big round thingsIgnore the title; you’ll understand when you read itJames ClemensA very well done/set out, extremely clever and ok really fun characters even though it’s scary at timesWit’ch FireWit’ch StormWit’ch WarWit’ch GateWit’ch StarHolly BlackOk I know she wrote the spidewicks but this series is good, more grown up but still magical.its got a great blend of normal everyday modern life with ancient faerie courts and the sidhe etc….its good and also quick readTitheValiantIronsideRick RiordanOk actually one of the coolest series I’ve read in a really long time, it’s seriously original. Just if u don’t like the sound pf a single one of the books I recommend, well you still have to read this. And Twilight. But yeaPercy Jackson and the Olympians seriesThe lightning thiefThe sea of monstersThe titans curseThe battle for the labyrinthCecelia ReeceWitch childPiratesOk more girl orientated but still really good reads. Just viewed through a girls perspective, that’s allTeri GeritsenThat’s how you spell her surname…but it’s a really good read that then becomes a series…I know it sounds gory but its still totally awesome If.The SurgeonDan BrownAngel and demonsThe da vinci codeYes you have to read it…all of it. You will even enjoy it. I did and I debated reading it for a month before actual talking myself into it. Its intimidating in the same way the simarillion is (if that’s how you spell simarillion….)Meg CabotNo I could not resist throwing these inTommy Sullivan is a FreakShe went all the wayGuy next doorBoy meets girlEvery guys got oneSharon CreechWalk two moonsI read it ages ago, you should have tooMalory BlackmanHackerNaught and crossesOn knifes edgeCheckmateJust read them, no comment, just readChristopher PaoliniI know I know but he’s going down anyway. Eragon rox! Ok? I know you agreeEragonEldestBrisingrLibba BrayA Great ant terrible beautyRebel angelsThe sweet far thingIgnore the girly titles just read it. Its all magic and adventure set in like the 1920s or whenever and it’s really coolTed Dekker…is a genius. Read enjoy read againBlackRedWhiteHeavens wagerGarth nixExcellent, excellent excellent nuff said just reeeeead!!!!SabrielLiraelAbhorsenNew seriesMister MondayGrim TuesdayDrowned WednesdaySir ThursdayLady FridaySuperior SaturdayLord SundayAnne BrasharesGirl of lost thingsTotally a must read. Very….soul searchySarah dessenOk a girly read I get but trust me they are absolutely brilliant and totally ok for a guy to read too. The message is the same for everyoneThe truth about foreverJust listenCassandra ClareRead it read it read it!!!City of bonesCity of ashesMelissa marrWicked LovelyDittoCynthia leitich smithTantalizeAgain ditto or is that an oxymoron…?Ok so here come the books you have to read but whose authors I can’t remember. Oh well…..Evil geniusSpandau phoenixThe five people you meet in heavenThe lovely bonesThe dream merchantUtopiaInkheartHootThe star of Kazan

w/c one is better Tale of Despereaux or Walk two moons.

and y?

I wasn’t paying attention to the Newbery debates the year “Walk Two Moons” won. In my own humble opinion, after reading this book, I can’t imagine how any other was even seriously considered a contender. “Walk Two Moons” is a book as infinitely wise as it is funny. The rare book that can serve up a rousing good story while teaching you a little about the very nature of life, death, loving and grieving. This is a book ostensibly written for children but so incredibly mature that after finishing it you just sit staring at the picture of author Sharon Creech on the book flap thinking over and over in your head, “How did she do it? How did she do it? How did she do it?””Walk Two Moons” follows the tales and travels of Salamanca (Sal) Tree Hiddle. Traveling with her parents to Idaho in the hopes of bringing her mother back with her, the juggles two storylines simultaneously. On the one hand, we have Sal, trying to deal with the fact that her mother left her. On the other is Sal’s story of her friend Pheobe who’s own mother up and left her family one day. While dealing with the painfully realistic reactions children have to such departures on the part of their parents, it also gives us glimpses into families that are rock solid in their love and devotion. You have Sal’s grandparents that are taking the trip to Idaho with her. As you learn more about them, you realize how wonderful and tragic their life has been, with a deep abiding love. Also, Sal’s friend Mary Lou’s family is a rambunctious crew of crazy wonderful people, always messy and always affectionate.Just describing the plot of this book really doesn’t do it any justice. There are just so many things to admire about it. Through her narrator Creech somehow is able to convey a wisdom that goes beyond Sal’s own understandings and words. Moreover, though Sal is perhaps one of the sanest people in this story, she is also an incredibly unreliable narrator. I admit, the ending caught me completely off guard. I should have seen it coming, and I didn’t. This is the kind of book where you have to read it all the way through once, and then read it all the way through a second time just to pick up all the tiny clues you missed the first time. Along the way, everything from the heart of life to the despair of death is explored carefully and respectfully. Creech is able to repeatedly bring up the motif of “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins”, without ever becoming preachy or didactic. How does she do it? How is this amazing author able to tie every little metaphor and plot point up so perfectly by the book’s end?Critics of the book like to dismiss it for a variety of sins. They claim it hasn’t any strong female characters. Apparently Mary Lou’s working mom doesn’t count. Nor Pheobe’s neighbor, a woman who had to deal with the death of her husband and blindness of her mother all on her own. Nor, for that matter, Sal herself. An amazingly capable young woman who is not perfect, but contains all the qualities of a person learning what life is all about. Critics also claim the book is dull. Sorry, folks. It ain’t. The book does not suffer from pages of descriptive passages. The characters speak with zing and verve. The plot is fascinating.I have only ever read two Newbery winners that I truly felt were some of the best children’s books ever written. The first was Louis Sacher’s “Holes”. The second was Sharon Creech’s “Walk Two Moons”. If you ever read two books intended for kids, I suggest you pick these two without hesitation. Generations from now they will remain the most beloved of this day and age.

What is the Title of This Book.

I remember reading this book in 5th or 6th grade I believe. I only remember a few things about it, but hopefully someone knows what book I’m talking about. The front cover is white with an untouched apple. The back cover is white with an apple core. The whole book is written as if the chapters were just many…

Hello, hope I can help :)The thing is that the cover of this book can be a bit misleading. The hardcover of the book is the one you described, and then there’s the paperback which has a different cover. I remember reading this book years back, the title is Heartbeat by Sharon Creech, as the previous answered mentioned. However, given that your memory on it is a bit fuzzy, I’ll give you a link so you can see the book for yourself. Within the link, you can view the front and back cover, also you can read a few of it’s pages.Note that the picture displayed is the back over the book, so when you click look inside you can see the front cover and further pages.Hope this helps

How’s my memoir so far.

At first reading was like a foreign with many themes and topics I would never understand.I read as walked through hallways and down stairs; as well as when I was getting ready in the morning. Wake up, read chapters one through four, get dressed, eat, brush teeth, read the rest; this was my routine. When I entered…

You need an editor’s help.

My daughter has book report due on the 18 she needs an easy book that is 6th grade appropriate.

She is not the best reader

She should try Heartbeat by Sharon Creech.Quick Summary: Twelve-year-old Annie loves to run. When she’s barefoot and running, she can hear her heart beating.… thump-THUMP, thump-THUMP. It’s a rhythm that’s familiar when everything’s shifting. Her mother is pregnant, her grandfather is aging, and her best friend, Max, is increasingly moody.Everything is changing, even the apple Annie’s been assigned to draw a hundred times. But running and drawing help her keep up with all of the different rhythms around her, and to find out where her own rhythms fit within them. Sharon Creech masterfully weaves this story, told in free verse, about a young girl finding her identity and learning how it fits in with the many rhythms of life.Creech is a great author and her books are written in free-verse, kind of like poetry,so they are a quick read.

Looking for a book for my sister….

Hey! My sister’s 13th birthday is coming up and I really want to get her a book she’ll love. She has really specific taste. Her favorite book is “Walk Two Moons” by Sharon Creech, but she doesn’t like any other books by this author. She’s also not into fantasy, science fiction, or historical fiction… so if…

I’d recommend books by Sonya Sones.Or this is a great gift book from one sister to another:Big Secrets For Not So Little Girlsby Miranda ShearerBut check that you don’t think the contents are a bit too ‘old’ for her. It was written by a big sister as a present for her 16-year-old little sister.This is what it says about it on Amazon:”In Miranda’s words: ‘The more emails I got from my little sister asking for advice on what to wear, make-up, boys, parties and alcohol, the more I thought about writing it all down. I started collecting funky flyers, cutting up magazines, drawing pictures and writing little passages, and the book got bigger and bigger. ‘I realised that although I don’t have the answer to everything, I have had to deal with many difficult situations in which I have always said to myself, “I wish that someone had told me how to do this.” I also became aware that no matter how bad, embarrassing or difficult life seems at the time, you can usually look back on what happened and laugh about it. This is where the problem lies. The advice is never written down, and the situation is forgotten as it seems so trivial afterwards. This is why big sisters can be very useful, and this is why I compiled this book.’ BIG SECRETS FOR NOT SO LITTLE GIRLS covers travel, jobs, boys, love and hate, sex, glamour, fashion no-nos, parties, cooking, nasty habits, things that go terribly wrong, and lots of other weird bits and pieces. There’s advice, inspiration, funny thoughts, things people forget to tell you – the secrets all girls need to know…”

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  1. hoot

  2. Dryby John SteinbeckEdit: oh! one more thing. NEVER pay money to any agent or publisher to publish or read ur story. They r fake and will scam u then. Writing is like a job, u dont pay others for your job u get money. Although wen ur book if published they take some of ur money and thats fine. But dont pay anyone. The only one u might have to pay for is if u send it to an editing group to edit ur story. But other than that dont pay a dime until ur story is published. 🙂

  3. A Certain Slant of Light: Laura WhitcombMy Darling, My HamburgerFrankly, I favor self-publishing in spite of all the negative press it seems to get. Publishing is changing. The big corporate publishers do not hold all the cards anymore, although they certainly have an advantage. I use and am quite pleased with it. I also publish on Kindle (it’s free). A lot of writers use Augusten Burroughs

  4. Hope this helps!

  5. Night by Elie WieselCat’s CradleOh that’s simply easy to answer.the Dirk Pitt, Kurt Austen, NUMA Files and Oregon Files series by Clive Cussler

  6. They Cage the Animals at Night by…i forget who wrote itOrdinary People by Judith GuestThese books are excellent and guaranteed to catch your attention.

  7. -Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter

  8. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevatorit has a great story line and u will fall in love with it

  9. The Giver

  10. Romeo and JulietOf Mice and Men

  11. The Last DaysBasically Lucy Eyelesbarrow is an impressive young woman. She acts as a nurse, chef, housekeeper, efficiency expert and more – and is always in demand.-Watership Down by Richard AdamsDances Upon The AirStrangers by Dean R. Koontz

  12. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. LewisGoosebumps by R.L. Stine

  13. -Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronteanything by James RollinsSuzanne’s Diary for NicholasNailedThat Was Then, This is Nowi would recommend organizing a language arts festival where poetry in general is celebrated regardless of style, function, and the poet themselves. it is crucial to include all concepts of poetry ie classical, rhythmical, prosidical forms, haiku, free verse, sonnets, sestinas, etc—poetry is as ancient as man, from the beginning the oldest literary technique is communication via poetry, song, ie Homer and his epic poems ‘Illiad,’ and ‘Odyssey.’ or the renaissance minstrels that traversed europe the 15th through 18th centuries. be sure to include the oral poetic tradition such as Native American poetry both traditional and contemporary. i think too often the poetry ‘chic’ ignores or relegates indigenous poetic form as esoteric religious expression rather than a creative endeavor into poetry itself. since its national poetry month, a critical element of this nation is the creativity of cultures that predate european descendents in this part of the world. open mics, conferences, speeches, workshops dealing with poetry and its application. dont forget to spice it up with poetry slams, include music, video presentation, installation projects. but never lose the spirit of creativity in that pursuit and place no limitations on what can and cannot be read, the spirit of poetry is to be open, free and spread the good word on the word if you will.

  14. You’ve Been WarnedStill, I wouldn’t mind my first choice or one of arabesque’s choices: Anne Shirley.

  15. What Kind of Love? by Sheila Cole*s are the ones I really REALLY recommend for anyone to read, and the ones with five *s are the best books I’ve ever read in my life!!!!

  16. the Discworld series by Terry PratchettThe Vampire Diaries SeriesBut you can self publish, either online as an E Book or by paying LULU etc.

  17. You’ll love it.and twilight twilight twilight twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!by:the M-A-zing STEPHINIE MEYER!!!!!!

  18. Uninvited: Amanda MarroneGood Luck! 🙂

  19. Lovesick

  20. Mr. Darcy from satisfaction and Prejudice. in case you adore all characters of satisfaction and PRejudice, then I attraction to you study different novels of Jane Austen i.e., Persuasion, sense and Sensibility and so on.

  21. The Five People you Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom (sp?)By Dana Reinhardtby Paul Zindel

  22. Shere KhanThese are some really good books that I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed:-The Shannara series by Terry Brooks*****

  23. A Bend in the Roadby Elizabeth Scott

  24. Project 17stress round in a vehicle with a time-honored speaker and microphone and recite a poem for anytime of the day. Morning Afternoon and nighttime. Im constructive it would make many human beings satisfied somewhat once you’ve someone taking area in an device at the same time as reciting.

  25. Breaking Dawn is the title.Nora RobertsThe Watcher by James HoweBy Vivian Vande Veldealong with the lead male charactor Edward

  26. HeartbeatBy William ShakespeareAnne Frank and Me by Cherie Bennet and Jeff GottesfeldKing Louie

  27. Go Ask Alice: anonymousStargirl by jerry spinelli. It’s about peer pressure, not conforming and first loves. My reading teacher read it aloud in 7th grade I think. I was the favorite part of my day that year. I think it’s at a 5th grade level or 6th not sure.

  28. Chasing Tail LightsCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryBy S.E. Hinton

  29. idk, i really liked them both, but 2 moons was better written, stronger plot, although desper. was a lot funner

  30. by James Patterson

  31. Sam’s Letters for JenniferRed is for Remembrance)by Harper LeeElsewhere: Gabrielle ZevinThe HostCity of Ember is a good one,

  32. Twilight.Single-elimination tournament. 64 poets participate, one champion crowned. In each match, a pair of poets recite two original haiku, then they wrestle in oil.

  33. -The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen(any book by her)by Laurie Faria StolarzThe Lovely Bones by Alice Seboldtry books by sarah dessen.

  34. The Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope OsbourneBy Roald DahlThe last of the books comes out Aug. 2I just finished Into the Woods by Lyn Gardner, and was finding myself wishing I was Storm or Aurora in the story! Even though they are kids having an awesome adventure, it sounded like a blast I wanted to be involved!

  35. Frindle by Andrew Clements. Its about a boy who tried to change the word for “pen” to frindle.

  36. Yes a good agent can help a good writer to get published ( if the book is good enough)-Discworld series by Terry Pratchet*****You need lots of things.What Happened To Cass McBride(The Awakening, The Struggle, The Fury, Dark Reunion)A Walk to RememberI don’t know you but i know for a fact every one of the chicks i know that read it absolutely LOVE it!The Other Shepards by Adele GriffinThe Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk KiddI read Walk Two Moons about 3 years ago, and it’s amazing =)

  37. And then Eclipse.When i was in 6th grade, i read walk two moons. i didn’t like it though. i think its that kind of writing style that certain people get into and some others dont. though ironically i love her other books! so if you get the chance (i totally forget the titles but i know that they are good) read the other sharon creech novels! Hope i help some!

  38. By Laurie Halse AndersonNights in RodantheThe Twilight Series: (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn)by Sharon Creech

  39. Wuthering HeightsWhy did I chose Heather? Because she seriously wants to live a normal life yet as I mentioned things just keep happening around her. She’s in love with her LandLord, the ex’s brother but afraid to tell him. Heather eventually faces her fears but the storyline is hilarious.I did a poetry contest that celebrated mother’s day. The style of the poem was studied during the month of April. The student’s wrote a poem for their mother or female caregiver. The poems were read to their mothers at a poetry reading in May. I’ve done this annually for several years and it’s a big hit with the students and families.

  40. A good book, a lot of patience, a tough skin.Story of a GirlThree Sisters Island TrilogyCheatedThe Wedding-Great Expectations by Charles Dickens*Colonel HathiMOWGLI = The Jungle Book (the Original cartoon movie)All-Time favorite book/movie/cartoon, It was always a dream to have all them animals in the wild to be friends with!by Gail GilesIt’s definitely an unconventional book, and Sharon Creech’s writing style might be hard to get used to, but it helps sets the tone for the story.

  41. The GuardianWhite is for Magic-the Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonathan Stroud*****Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher MooreFace The Fire

  42. but don’t go giving your money to people. I think most agents do do this until you get published.Heather was a former pop star (think Britney Spears mixed with Tiffany) who fell in love with a member of a boy band (Justin Timberlake? Nick Lachey?) But walked in on him cheating with another pop star. So Fast forward several years and you have Heather now in her mid 30’s living with her ex’s brother and the assistant director of a college residence hall. Heather just pretty much takes days one at a time but things just happen to cause chaos in her normal life. Her mom split with all of her money, a couple of girls fall (pushed it turns out) down an elevator shaft, a cheerleader’ s head is found in a pot in the dining hall’s kitchen and more. Heather eventually starts solving the mysteries.The Outsiders

  43. Margaret Peterson haddix is a great author for that age, and her books are really good too.

  44. Dear JohnSweetheartsI can really identify with the age thing being around so many youngsters. (I’m 30-something and back in college), the being in love but afraid to tell the one your in love with (been there done that) and of course the weight gain. In a world of women under a size 10 I’m in the 20’s. So in another life I am Heather.

  45. The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. WhiteNothing But The Truth: AVII’ve got to choose Heather Wells from the Meg Cabot books that she wrote for adults (Size 12 is not fat, Size 14 is not fat either, Big Boned)I haven’t read the Tale of Despereaux yet, but I’ve heard it’s good.Remembering RaquelA Brief Chapter In My Impossible LifeI really love the Tale of Depereaux, it is kinda like a fairytale but I just love how it is written and who it is written about. (a mouse, a princess, and an ugly scullery maid)

  46. 3rd book- The Sweet Far Thingthe hunger games(by:suzanne collins) is the most awesome-est book ever(acually its 2nd on my list), though its not 4 every one-the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Coffer*By Sara ZarrThings Changeby Kurt Vonnegut(Blue is for NightmaresHow about an outdoor poetry reading in a park – with anyone who wants to taking the mic and reading either a favorite poem or an original? Pax – C.;

  47. Daniel’s StoryThe NotebookLucas: Kevin Brooks

  48. only speak in rhymes

  49. funny but seriusSlaughterhouse-Five

  50. Buy her HEARTBEAT by Sharon Creech, its really good, its the one with the apple on the cover!

  51. Good luck with the book. Once it’s published, contact me and I will list it on my website.

  52. The Basketball Diaries by Jim Carroll ( most of it isn’t actually about basketball ) Any of the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Author Conan Doyle Anything by Edgar Allan Poe

  53. no not without an agent. Trust me ive tried. The only was without an agent is too a small publisher that is unknown and ur book wont become popular. Big publishers wont let u ask them if they like ur book, an agent has to contact them and ask (for some unknown reason). But anyone can write a book even an 80 year old person. If they self publish thats even worse then a small publisher. I suggest an agent. They work for free tho, they just take a percent of ur royalties. Just do some research on Google and ull find wat ur looking for.AkelaTrue BelieverPrepRead that and if you love it (like most girls/women) then go out and buy New Moon.BalooFound by Margaret peterson haddix is a really good book tooMessage in a Bottle

  54. the Mercer series by Jack Du Brul

  55. The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba BrayHi, I am hoping to get published myself one day too.romance and actionThe Tale of Despereaux

  56. Running With ScissorsHomefree by Nina WrightStephenie Meyer

  57. The twilight SagaBy John Hersey

  58. KaaThe Pigman’s LegacyThe tale of emily windsnap is an easy readWicked by Gregory MacGuire

  59. -Hawksong(series) by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes(any book by her)PeepsShantiPoetry Festival!

  60. Julius CesearThe PigmanCrank by Ellen HopkinsHeaven And Earthwell, Despereaux was fun and entertaining. its been a while since i read eaither, but i’d have to say walk two moons was better. it was deeper, sadder, more interesting with the letters, and her problemsby Jake CoburnSookie Stackhouse from the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris. She’s telepathic. She lives in a world where mythical creatures exists. She has all kind of hot guys tripping over her. Especially Eric… forget the stuff I said before I would be Sookie Stackhouse just to have “gourmet sex” with Eric Northman.

  61. At First SightSilver is for SecretsTo Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

  62. -The Princess Bride by William Goldman*By Carol MatasAnatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowskyby Scott WesterfeldI would be Lucy Eyelesbarrow from 4:50 from Paddington by Agatha Christie, a Miss Marple mystery. As far as I recall, Lucy only appears in this one novel, but she is extremely intelligent and resourceful. She works as an exclusive housekeeper, caregiver and cook, with a high-end clientele from whom she can pick and choose the jobs she will take. Not only is she an impressive cook, she is also highly efficient and has extraordinary abilities.In this book, Miss Marple asks her to work at a certain estate as an extension of her eyes, because she thinks a certain murder is connected to the people of this place. Lucy turns out to be a good spy for Miss Marple and discovers the clues necessary for Miss Marple to solve the crime.Tale of Despereaux because its such a fun read. Walk Two Moons is good but very different and not a very fun book. (no offense to anyone who likes it) I would recomend Tales of Despereaux to anyone who wants a good book.

  63. BagheeraSpeakBlue is for Nightmares Series

  64. She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb1st book- A Great and Terrible BeautyBloomHiroshimaBy Patrick JonesSomeone Like You by Sarah DessenSweet Blood: Pete HautmanIn My Enemy’s HouseTo Kill a MockingbirdCatcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger-The Counte of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas****Note: Oops, I read your question wrong. Since you said from “your favorite book,” my answer would have to be Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. She was intelligent, full of good humor and an all around interesting character. Then there is Mr. Darcy…by Lois Lowry2nd book- Rebel Angels

  65. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom (sp?)I haven’t read either of them all the way actually for a few reasons. I never had the time to read Tale of Desperaux when i was in that age group (I’m 14) but my little brother did “book on tape/cd” so i listened to parts of it. it seemed…interesting. If i wasnt too old to read it, I know i would like it.The Pigman and MeBy Nicholas SparksThe Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowlingby Emily BronteI would be the Hatter Madigan from “The Looking Glass Wars”, because he is an amazing fighter (his hat turns into a Frisbee of swords!) and has a cool coat. Gotta love the cool coats. 🙂 He’s like the Mad Hatter from “Alice In Wonderland”, but in reality he’s like a knight, a member of the Millinery (the Queen’s armed forces).

  66. I got to go with Edmond Dantes, rough start to his life and same with the ending but everything he did in between is on my to do list for life, Dumas really knows how to make a character

  67. Gathering Blueby L.J. SmithCarrie by Stephen King

  68. =]

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