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How Much Are Comic Books Worth

How much is this comic worth.

first its a 1973 Dc comic captain marvel limited collectors editon with one magic word shazam summer edition c-21 32154…

Any comic book, or any other collectable, is only worth the best price you can get from it. The book you have isn’t that rare and it wouldn’t be in great demand, but there are dedicated Captain Marvel fans who might be willing to buy it.I’d say the best way to figure out an estimated value for that particular issue is to check its estimated value in the most recent edition of “The Overstreet Guide to Comic Book Collecting,” which does have a good explaination of various grades. Bear in mind that the prices listed are what you could expect to pay for the book if you were looking for one to buy; you would be lucky to get a quarter to a half of the value in the Overstreet Guide. To get a better idea of what the issue has actually been selling for lately, check and see if you can find bid histories for the same book on eBay. Using both methods should give you the best estimate.Seriously, I doubt you would be able to find anyone who would pay more than twenty to thirty dollars for that particular book, since it isn’t in traditional comic book size and format. Printing “Limited Collectors Edition” on anything usually turned out to be bad prophecy.

how much is this comic book worth..

I have batman vengence of bane its in good condition.

Depends on the comic books popularity, condition, and demand for it.Most comics from the 50s, 60s, and 70s are worth a lot because they are RARE.Comics from the 90s to current aren’t worth a Happy Meal at Mickey Ds for the most part. Free erotic’s books pdf

How much is my comic book worth.

I have an old West Coast Avengers comic book from 1986, Vol.2 No.10, and i am wondering if it is worth very much. It is also in mint, if not near mint condition, and is a Marvel 25th anniversary. How much would this be worth?

West Coast Avengers… my guess is a buck or 2. Comics are only worth what someone is willing to pay. WCA wasn’t a huge title, so not much. Comics are also worth more if they are milestones or first appearances of someone.

how much are my comic books worth.

What do i look for to identify a comic book so i can ask how much its worth? Is it the date it was made, the number on the top front cover or something else? If I can find out how to I.D. them then i can ask for price on a specific comic book. thanks for helping.

1) Complete title of the comic book2) Issue number3) volume # or copyright date.4) The physical condition of the comic book. Near mint-very fine is the condition of most new comic books any condition less than this brings a fraction of the price. Tears, rips, tape, any type of stain, wrinkles, wear and tear, or discoloration all detract from the value of the book.If you leave out physical condition most people will quote a price for a near mint/very fine condition.If a comic book is not a key issue, is lees than 25 years old and/or is worth less than $5, people may just say, it is worthless.

how much are comic books worth.

I have a bunch of magazines that are classics, and I was wondering if anyone knew a site or something that would tell me the price?Thanks!!!

it depends on the store. go to books in million . they have so many comic books.

How much is this comic book worth.

Hi,My mom and I found this old comic book she used to read all the time. Its the original “THE FLASH” comic book issue number 4 DC COMICS. How much do u think its worth?

1) What is the condition?2) What year what it issued?3) What is the need for it? (If there is no need or desire to have the comic, it has no value)EDITI would cross-reference on eBay for walues, but understand that a comic book store is going to offer between 15-25% of its value

How much are comic books worth.

I came across hundreds of comic books at my job that someone was throwing out. I was checking them out. Many of the comic books are still in the plastic and have not been open. Some are open but they are x rated comic books. A lot of the comic books are from the 90’s and some are from the 60’s. So how much…

The general rule of thumb says that books from 1980 to the present day are not worth very much, and can go for as little as pennies apiece in bulk. Before that, the further back you go the more their worth. Of course, it depends on what the specific issue is and what condition it’s in, but that goes for most or the overstreet price guide are just that, GUIDES. Just because they say a comic is worth $4 doesn’t mean anyone really pays that price. The best way to get an accurate idea of their value, search eBay, and find what people actually pay for specific issues.

how much are old comic books worth.

How much your comic books are worth is based on three factors:1) Their rareness2) The demand for them3) The condition of the issueThere’s also a fourth factor:4) How hard you’re willing to work to get top dollar for your booksThe stories of people having an old “Golden Age” Action Comics #1 and buying a house on the proceeds is true for a few folks, but there are an awful lot more people who have comics which, while they’re worth more than they were when you bought ’em, aren’t worth quite that much.There are several price guides – online and printed – which will give you a good ballpark figure for how much a *comic store* will sell the book for in a variety of conditions. If you’re planning to sell your comics, I would suggest taking the price quoted there and *halving* it. That’s how much a comic shop is generally willing pay to *buy* that book from you.One trick I’ve learned is to sell comics in batches – a particular storyline, miniseries, or “First Ten” (I don’t collect comics so much as amass them, so I don’t mind giving them up when storage gets tight). You can usually sell multiple comics for more on eBay or other auction sites than you can sell them individually, since you’re providing a service by gathering them up for the buyer.

How much is a comic book worth.

How would I find out how much a 1967 Beverly Hillbillys comic book is worth? Fair condition.

Which issue? There were at least 20 issues. They started being published in 1963 so you should have an issue toward the end of the run of the series.If you are sure about the condition (fair):#1 .. $16#2 .. $8#4 .. $6#5 .. $6#15 .. $4.50#20 .. $4.50These values are according to the Overstreet Price Guide.And remember, a comic book’s “worth” is not it’s listed value. A comic book is only worth what you can get for it. Be flexible.

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36 thoughts on “How Much Are Comic Books Worth

  1. i have some old buffalo bill comic books [from my dad] which are about 55-60years old and were popular. They are now collectors items and can be sold for £50-£100.

  2. There’s no blanket answer for your question. It’s based on an individual basis; rarity, subject(character), condition, year, etc., etc. Could be nothing to hundreds of $.

  3. Try Wizard or the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. You find Wizard in most comic book shops and even in grocery store.

  4. If the comics you are talking about are from the Gold and Sliver age You have at Least Ten thousand dollars worth. If the comics are from the early 1990’s they are at least a hundred dollars, late 90’s at least 50 dollars.

  5. dont know

  6. All I know is that if you post pictures or titles of the comics you have, report what you’ve found on comic boor oriented forums, they might be able to point you in the right direction or even give you an answer.

  7. You’d have to find a website or a person who can do appraisals and give you an estimate.

  8. Since most prices revolve around CGC-certified grades, you would not get that much money off of non-graded ones. If you want to identify the issues, then first identify title, issue, year. There is a big difference between volume 1 and volume 3, even if they both are labeled issue 1.

  9. If it is fifteen cents, take it to a comic shop or dealer right away. I noticed that all those old comics may not be in the new Wizard books anymore. I think that a dealer could assist you. At comic shops there are twelve cent comics from the sixties that may be in the same range of prices. Steve

  10. alot

  11. If it is fifteen cents, take it to a comic shop or dealer right away. I noticed that all those old comics may not be in the new Wizard books anymore. I think that a dealer could assist you. At comic shops there are twelve cent comics from the sixties that may be in the same range of prices. Steve

  12. I had that one too. I donated it.

  13. You are better off donating your collection and taking a writeoff on its book value.

  14. it depends on how old they are and how popular they were.

  15. I’m not experienced, but somewhere over $40, I would have your local comic shop look at it for you.

  16. That is rare and will go for a LARGE amount of money!

  17. do a search on Ebay. Very specific, then on the Lt. column, click on the “completed listings” box and click “show items”.Check Ebay.

  18. EVERYTING! EVERYTHING I HAVE! TAKE IT! TAKE IT ALL!!!To quote comic book guy.some that are special cost more than 20$ and others around 10$

  19. The comicbook market has collapsed. Nobody can get anywhere near book value. Worse, the comicbook market will probably never go back to the high point it was at in the late 80s and early 90s when there were a lot of speculators. The industry is actually falling apart.well sinse the beverly hillbillys aren very nown but since its a old commic probally 12 dollar and 54 cents

  20. They’re value is dependent upon how rare they are and the demand for them.If you want to know for how much they’ll sell for, go to an auction house like christies or simmons. They’ll tell you. And even if they aren’t worth much now, the pric will probably go up as the years go by. I say keep them just incase.

  21. sell it online

  22. check your local listings for a comic store nearby. they will tell you everything you need to know and you could sell it to them. in general, the value of “old” comics depends on supply and demand. if a comic is rare AND people desire to own it, the value increases. for most comics from the 1980’s onward, they are not rare, so they are not woth much money. i dont know about your 1967 beverly hillbillies cuz i usually dont see that much people purchasing those comics when i go into a comic book store. i mostly see ppl purchasing Spiderman, Batman, Xmen, etc… hope this information helps

  23. Well I would say it’s worth……

  24. Do you have some comics you are looking to get rid of? Contact me if so.try,

  25. That will give you a pretty good idea.

  26. all depends on what comic and how old, stuff from the 60,s might still have some value. The 1990’s were huge for the comic industry so these books are worthless because they made millions of them and many people did save them.

  27. i would like to know if it is for sale i collect comics as for the price i am not sure try a hobby store and the phone book for collectors

  28. Depends on the book and the condition of it.Whenever you are ready to sell them I would like for you to PM a list of what you have and I might make an offer on a few of them.

  29. They sell books that list the value of comics (check a comic store). Whatever price is listed in the sell book, a dealer will probably give you half of that. If you want the full price you will have to sell it yourself on EBay or something.

  30. Condition is vital! If they are all bagged and boarded, you stand a chance of making some cash. If not, then the title, volume and issue will dictate what you can make. Best bet would be to invest in an Overstreet price guide, determine exactly what book you have, grade it as best you can and go through ebay for any good ones. Rule of thumb at a comic store, buy at Overstreet price, sell at Wizard price. You will not get much going that route. If these books are from the 60’s, you could be looking at some good money. Later than that, not so much. Good luck! The Warlock

  31. Ebay is also a good place to look to see what comics may be going for or you can go to a local comic shop and have them appraised for sale.

  32. If it is fifteen cents, take it to a comic shop or dealer right away. I noticed that all those old comics may not be in the new Wizard books anymore. I think that a dealer could assist you. At comic shops there are twelve cent comics from the sixties that may be in the same range of prices. Steve

  33. The old comics are worth more money because no one took them seriously until the 80’s so anything pre 80’s got thrown away by mom, nowadays no one throws them away; markets flooded and you can’t get money like you used to. Same with most trading cards except garbage pail kids were so little kidish again no one took them seriously, so they got abused and thrown away, but now if you have good garbagepail kids you’re the man.

  34. normal mangas cost $9.99 per novel/volume/book

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