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How Many Books Has Sharon Creech Written

If you could be a character from your favorite book who would it be.

And, why?I would be Goldy Schulz, the caterer, from the culinary series that Diane Mott Davidson writes. Why? First reason, she’s an amazing cook. Her recipes actually are good. I have tried them!!! Second reason, every event she is involved with becomes a murder mystery. Continue reading How Many Books Has Sharon Creech Written

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How To Exchange Audible Books

What is the best AT&T phone.

Right now I’ve got a samsung solstice I like the 3G web browser but all the other cool features seem to require a subscription or payment of some kind. I don’t want to pay a hundred bucks a month for a iPhone. right now I’m on a family plan with unlimited everything so if that helps at all. Continue reading How To Exchange Audible Books

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How To Sell Books Online For Cash

What’s the best place online to sell things.

I have things around the house that I want to sell (books, video games, etc.). I want to know where to sell things (Ebay, Amazon, etc.) where I can get the most profit from the sales.

if you want to sell books and video games and other media items for most profit than amazon is the best choice for you. Continue reading How To Sell Books Online For Cash

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How To Purchase Books On Audible App

Can someone please explain Kindle to me.

I honestly don’t get it…Do I have to pay a monthly fee? How do I get books on my phone that aren’t samples? Are there audiobooks on it?

There are 3 Kindles of “Kindle” — Kindle Fire Tablet (color LCD tablets Fire HD, Fire HDX)- Kindle Ereader (grayscale eInk screen models Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage)- Kindle app (free ereader app available for most computers and smart mobile devices)All of the above can read Kindle ebooks from Amazon. Continue reading How To Purchase Books On Audible App